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    Worm Jelly/Cendol with Mung Bean Sweet Soup Recipe (Ch Bnh L t u Xanh)

    Date: 2013-04-07

    One of my favorite Vietnamese Dessert Recipes is Worm Jelly/Cendol with Mung Bean Sweet

    Soup (Ch Bnh Lt u Xanh). Its combination is really simple but will create a spectacular

    in your mouth when eating. In hot days, even I am at home or hang out with friends; I

    usually cook or order this dessert for myself. It is really fresh and amazing. Have you ever

    thought that you guys can combine grinded mung bean, cendol, water chestnut in tapioca

    pearl, basil seeds, coconut milk, sugar syrup together before?

    Are you curious about one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like this one? Are you

    ready to make it with us? When you do want, please follow my instruction below and let us

    start together right now.


    Cendol: 300g rice flour, 50g tapioca starch, 1 bowl pandan leaves (the 1st water)

    Sugar syrup: 1 bowl sugar, 1 bowl water

    Coconut milk: 500g dried coconut meat, 1 liter warm water, 5g vanilla starch

    100g mung bean (no cover)


  • 7/28/2019 Resepi Vietnam



    Step 1: Mix tapioca starch and rice flour together. Separate into 2 equal parts. One part is

    mixed with pandan water (add 1 tablespoon water). The left part is mixed with water to

    have white cendol. Filter to eliminate impurities in these mixtures. Pour 2 mixtures into 2

    different pot and cook in small heat. Stir until they become thick.

    Step 2: Here is the important step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes.

    Use a basket have many small holes on bottom. Put it in front of cold water (better is ice

    water). Pour one by one mixture into basket. Press firmly to create cendol. Their length

    depends on you. Soak cendol in cold water about 30 minutes.

  • 7/28/2019 Resepi Vietnam


    Step 3: Making sugar syrup: Cook sugar and water until it is melted all.

    Step 4: Making coconut milk: Pour warm water into dried coconut meat and mix well. Then,

    use your hand to press out all coconut water. Filter to throw away impurities. Bring to cookin small heat with a little tapioca starch until it become thick. Finally, turn off the heat and

    add more vanilla starch.

    Step 5: Soak mung bean until it is soft. Bring to steam and grind well.

    Finally, your dessert is basically finished. Add cendol into glass; add more grinded mung

    bean, sugar syrup and coconut milk. Mix well and add grinded ice before eating. If you love

    basil seeds or water chestnut in tapioca pearl, you can add them more to create one of

    special Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Hope you have a good appetite and Good Luck for your


  • 7/28/2019 Resepi Vietnam


    Cendol: tepung 300g beras, 50g kanji ubi kayu, 1 mangkuk daun pandan (air 1)

    Sirap gula: 1 mangkuk gula, 1 mangkuk air

    Santan: 500g daging kelapa kering, 1 liter air suam, 5g vanila kanji

    Kacang hijau 100g (perlindungan tidak)


    Langkah 1: Campurkan ubi kanji dan tepung beras bersama-sama. Asingkan kepada 2

    bahagian yang sama. Satu bahagian dicampurkan dengan air pandan (tambah 1 sudu besarair). Bahagian kiri dicampur dengan air untuk cendol putih. Penapis untuk menghapuskan

    kekotoran dalam campuran ini. Tuangkan campuran ke dalam 2 2 periuk yang berbeza dan

    masak pada musim panas kecil. Kacau sehingga ia menjadi tebal.

    Langkah 2: Berikut adalah langkah yang penting untuk mewujudkan satu menakjubkan

    Resipi pencuci mulut Vietnam. Gunakan bakul mempunyai banyak lubang-lubang kecil di

    bahagian bawah. Meletakkannya di hadapan air sejuk (lebih baik air ais). Tuangkan satu

    demi satu campuran ke dalam bakul. Tekan tegas untuk mewujudkan cendol. Panjangmereka bergantung kepada anda. Rendam cendol dalam air sejuk kira-kira 30 minit.

    Langkah 3: Membuat sirap gula: gula dan air Masak sehingga ia cair semua.

    Langkah 4: Membuat santan: Tuangkan air panas ke dalam daging kelapa kering dan gaul

    rata. Kemudian, gunakan tangan anda untuk tekan semua air kelapa. Menapis untuk

    membuang kekotoran. Bawa memasak di haba kecil dengan kanji ubi kayu sedikit sehingga

    ia menjadi tebal. Akhir sekali, tutup api dan menambah kanji lebih vanila.

  • 7/28/2019 Resepi Vietnam


    Langkah 5: Rendam kacang hijau sehingga ia lembut. Membawa kepada wap dan mengisar


    Akhir sekali, pencuci mulut anda pada asasnya selesai. Tambah cendol ke dalam gelas;

    menambah kacang hijau lebih kisar, sirap gula dan santan. Gaul dan tambah ais kisar

    sebelum makan. Jika anda suka benih selasih atau chestnut air dalam ubi mutiara, anda

    boleh menambah mereka yang lebih untuk mewujudkan salah satu khas Resipi pencuci

    mulut Vietnam. Berharap anda mempunyai selera makan yang baik dan nasib yang baik

    untuk memasak anda.

  • 7/28/2019 Resepi Vietnam


    This Fried Sticky Rice (Xi Chin

    Phng) is one of my favourite

    Vietnamese Food Recipes which is

    normally used with grilled chicken to

    enhance the flavour. The

    preparation for the dish is quite easy,

    just around 30 minutes for

    preparing and another 30 minutes

    to process. As the dish can be easily

    addicted, hence, Vietnamese food

    team suggest you to make 20 pieces

    for 5 6 people. The beans need to

    be doused in water for 3 6 hours in


    So, are you ready to create one of stunning Vietnamese Food Recipes with us? If you do

    want, please follow our instructions below and let us start cooking right now.


    - 300gr sticky rice

    - 90gr green beans (mung bean)

    - 40gr sugar

    - 30-50ml cooking oil

    - Coconut milk (as much as you like)


    Step 1: Green beans (mug bean) & sticky rice need to be doused in water for 4 6 hours. In

    case you do not have much time to prepare then you can use warm water to push up the


    Soak Mug Bean (Green Bean) in water

  • 7/28/2019 Resepi Vietnam


    Soak Sticky Rice in water

    Step 2: Next, Green beans are steamed

    thoroughly and mashed. Mix sticky ricewith green beans.

    Step 3: Steam the mixture. You can add some coconut milk if you like it to have buttery


    Step 4: After steaming the mixture, you spread it on a flat surface; add sugar on top of it.

    You need to quickly mix the sugar with the green beans & rice.

    Step 5: Continue to knead the mixture until it attach into each other as shapes. Use your

    palms to knead it as add some fat into the mixture. Stop kneading when the mixture does

    not stick on your hands but the surface (about 10 mins).

    Step 6: Roll the mixture and cut it into small round pieces (0.5 cm of thick).

    Step 7: Add cooking oil to your pan, wait till you hear the sizzling sound then add the sticky

    rice pieces in. You will see it sink to the bottom at first but it will float to the surface later

    when it is cooked and start bloating.

  • 7/28/2019 Resepi Vietnam


    Step 8: Use a large spoon to push it back to the bottom. Push it gently at first but increase

    the intensity later. Do not put too many pieces at once as they will stick together.

    Step 9: Cook it till you see its colour turns to something like straw colour. Here is also theimportant step to create one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes for yourself and family.

    Finally, you can enjoy one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes. It is best served when it isjust cooked as you can feel the crunchiness. You can find it almost everywhere in Vietnam

    and the price is unbelievable cheap (just US 1$ and you can have a plate full of it. Serving

    this dish with Roasted Duck (Vt Quay) is a best choice. Make sure you try it when visiting

    Vietnam and good luck to your trip.

  • 7/28/2019 Resepi Vietnam


    When Lunar New Year is coming, most Vietnamese people is really busy for buying food

    and decorations in house. They do not have much time for cooking. However, today I will

    introduce one of Easy Vietnamese Recipes for you guys which can save your time much

    more you thought. It is Grilled Eggplants with Pork and Shrimp (C Tm Nhi Tm Tht

    Nng). You should use with boiled rice to know the true Vietnamese flavour.

    This dish is not only require short time for cooking, but also really delicious. It contains

    enough energy for all members in your family. If you want to cook one of Easy Vietnamese

    Recipes like this dish, please follow carefully our instruction below. Let us start cooking

    right now.


    2 3 eggplants

    200gr shrimp

    300gr grinded pork

    5gr dried cassava vermicelli (Min Kh Buy at Vietnamese Markets)

    Purple onion, salt, pepper, salt, sugar, fish sauce, Maggis stuff.


    Step 1: Cut in half eggplants and bring to clean. Use spoon to scoop away all seeds. Next,soak them into cold water added a little salt in 30 minutes.

  • 7/28/2019 Resepi Vietnam


    Step 2: Soak dired cassava vermicelli unti it is soft. Next, cut it short. Peel off the cover of

    shrimps, pull out the black line on their backs. Smash well. Mix smashed shrimp + grinded

    pork + sliced purple onion + cassava vermicelli + teaspoon salt + pepper + maggis

    stuff. Marinate in 15 20 minutes.