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JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU1. Tuliskan nama dan kelas di ruang yang disediakan.2. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi empat bahagian: Bahagian A, Bahagian B, Bahagian C dan Bahagian D.3. Jawab semua soalan.4. Jawapan hendaklah ditulis di ruang yang disediakan dalam kertas soalan ini. Sekiranya ruang yang disediakan tidak mencukupi, sila dapatkan helaian tambahan daripada pengawas peperiksaan. Helaian tambahan (jika ada) hendaklah diikat dan dihantar bersama kertas soalan pada akhir peperiksaaan.Untuk Kegunaan Pemeriksa

Kod Pemeriksa:

Bahagian Soalan Markah PenuhMarkah Diperoleh




C1 & 210





Disediakan oleh,Disemak oleh,Disahkan oleh,




Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 14 halaman bercetak termasuk muka surat hadapan.

SECTION A (Reading Comprehension)

Read the passage then answer the following questions as below.This is a story about a special man and his mission to protect all the children in Malaysia. He only wants to be known as Captain Malaysia. No one knows who he is and where he lives. Only he himself has the answers to the questions.Many people admire him for his strength and willingness to help those in need, his mission is to protect all the children around him from any evil or danger. Whenever they need help, he will know through his supersensitive hearing and bionic vision. He will be there to make sure every child is safe and sound.Captain Malaysia can run and fly as fast as lightning. He uses a titanium shield to protect himself from enemy attacks. Some people say he acquired his powers from the enemies he fought but no one really knows for sure, it will remain a secret forever.The children love Captain Malaysia as he is a kind and unselfish hero. He is willing to help any child without expecting any reward in return. He always reminds the children to take care of themselves. Despite being famous, he is never boastful. His best friend is Master Kiddo who helps him whenever needed.(Adapted from: Captain Malaysia, Year 5 Textbook)


1) State True or FalseegThe children love Captain Malaysia as he is an unselfish hero.True

iCaptain Malaysias mission is to protect children.

iiMaster Kiddo is Captain Malaysias enemy.

iiiMany people admire him for his titanium shield.

ivCaptain Malaysia can fly very fast from one place to another.

vCaptain Malaysia is willing to help with reward in return.

viBoastful means show too much pride.

(6 marks)

2) Choose and circle a correct answer.(2 marks)eg. Who is Captain Malaysias enemy?

AThe children.

BThe police.

CMaster Kiddo.

DThe accomplice.

i. Captain Malaysia knows someone is in trouble through his

ASuperpower car and bionic vision.

BSupersensitive hearing and bionic vision

CSupersensitive skill and bionic vision

DSupersensitive hearing and bionic car

ii. Why do the children like Captain Malaysia?

AHe is kind and unselfish.

BHe is strong and can fly.

CHe is boastful.

DHe wants to be rewarded.

3) Write the correct answer.

i. Why do many people admire Captain Malaysia? (2 marks)___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .ii. If you are the Captain Malaysia, what will you do and why? (3 marks)_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .iii. State two good moral values and give an example based on the story. (4 marks)a) __________________________________________________________________ .b) __________________________________________________________________ .

4) Choose and write the correct interrogative pronouns and answer the questions. (5 marks)


i. ______________ are you giving this gift to?ii. ______________ bag is that?iii. ______________ is her pet, the cat or the rabbit?iv. ______________ do you wear to school?v. ______________ is the boy wearing?

5) Construct a sentence for each word below. (8 marks)

i. famous_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .

ii. reward_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .

iii. attack_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .

iv. friend_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .

SECTION B (a)(Literature Component: Poem)

Read the poem below and answer the following questions.

Miss AntrobusWhy do you love your octopus?Miss Antrobus, Miss Antrobus?Why do you love your octopus?Miss Antrobus, my dear?

I love my octopus becauseIt hugs me and it wriggles.I love my octopus becauseIts wriggles give me giggles.I love my octopus becauseIt juggles jars of pickles.I love my octopus because It tickles, oh, it tickles.

Richard Edwards

1) What is the title of this poem? (1 mark)___________________________________________.2) Who is the author? (1 mark)___________________________________________.3) Who is the main character of this poem? (1 mark)___________________________________________.4) Match the word below with correct meaning. (5 marks)

wrigglesto throw and catch three ball one at a time quickly

gigglesto touch lightly with soft so that they laugh

jugglesto move a part of your body, with short and quick movements

picklesfruit or vegetables that is put in salt water or vinegar so that it can be kept for a long time before being eaten

ticklesto laugh in a silly way that you cannot control

5) Miss Antrobus loves octopus so much. What type of pet do you love? Why? (2 marks)

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .

SECTION B (b)(Literature Component: Novel/Short Story)

Based on Gullivers Travels book, answer the following questions.

(Adapted from, Gullivers Travels: page i)

1) Complete the map below. (4 marks)

2) According to Chapter 1: Voyage to Lilliput, rearrange the sentences below in correct order. (5 marks)Later on, he washed up on a distant shore and fell asleep.

Suddenly, they were stranded and their ship sank.

When woke up, it was daylight. He tried to rise but could not get up.

Lamuel Gulliver set sail with Captain Prichard and crew.

He saw at least 40 small tiny creatures around him.

3) Write in cursive writing the paragraph below. (5 marks)My name is Lemuel Gulliver. Even as a young boy, I believed I would sail across the seas. Yet, I never could have imagined the places my travels have taken me.


4) Based on the picture, answer the questions that follow.

(Adapted from, Gullivers Travels: page 14)

i. Imagine that you are suddenly shrunk up to the size of a giant. What would your lunch be like? (3 marks)

a. ___________________________b. ___________________________c. ___________________________ii. Who is the big creature? (1 mark)___________________________iii. State one of the moral values of this story. (1 mark)___________________________

iv. On page 14, Gulliver says, If you understand me, I am very hungry and would be thankful for something to eat.

What do you think he meant by this statement? (1 mark)

SECTION C(Information Transfer)

Study the pictures and the information given below. Then answer the questions that follow.

A bouquet of flowers RM25.00 Available in Jenny Florist opposite the school Two stalks of roses for free

Shawl RM15.00 Pashima Shawl Centre 10 km from school Buy one free one

Brooch RM20.00 Crystal Bling Bling 5 minutes walk from school Discount 70%

i) Complete the table below with the correct answers. (5 marks)

Type Shawl

Price RM25.00

Distance5 minutes walk from school

Available inPashima Shawl Centre

Promotion Two stalks of roses for free

ii) You want to choose a suitable gift for your teacher. Which of the gift would you choose? Give reasons for your choice. (5 marks)

I would choose __________________________________because____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________