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calendar Malasia (Kuala Lumpur): 22-24 de march Spain (Catalunya): 12-10 de may Canada (Montreal):7-9 de june Gran bretaña(Silverstone):28-30 june Singapour(Singapore):20-22 de september Unites States (Indianápolis):15,16,17 november

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Malasia (Kuala Lumpur): 22-24 de march

Spain (Catalunya): 12-10 de may

Canada (Montreal):7-9 de june

Gran bretaa(Silverstone):28-30 june

Singapour(Singapore):20-22 de september

Unites States (Indianpolis):15,16,17 november


Fernando AlonsoNickname: ''MagicRaces: 198Victorys: 30Podiums: 87Poles: 22Fast laps: 19Championships: 2 (2005,2006)First race: GP Australia 2001First victory: GP Hungra 2003

Felipe MassaNickname: -Races: 161Victorys: 11Podiums: 35Poles: 15Fast laps:14Championships: -First race: GP Australia 2002First victory: GP Turqua 2006

Technical improvements

Ferrari F138 - chassis hole comparisonArguably one of the most relevant technical stories in Melbourne was Ferrari's choice not to use the inlet in the F138's nose and chassis (see main drawing). The Australian track is not considered to be as aerodynamically demanding as other circuits. The inlet (see inset) they could have used is...Ferrari F138 - bodied driveshaftThe bodied driveshaft is another F1 trend set by Red Bull's Adrian Newey in 2012 and followed by all the top teams - including Ferrari - for 2013. The rules allow for wing profiles (of a limited size and length-thickness ratio) on suspension arms, but not the driveshaft. What Newey did was cleverly...Ferrari F138 - duct under nose sectionLike Sauber and Red Bull, Ferrari's new car, the F138, has a duct underneath the nose section of the chassis. But unlike Sauber and Red Bull, Ferrari do not have a further hole on top of the chassis. The destination of the air going into the duct is unclear. The official answer is to cool the...




Cultural trip

Alive @ Delapre feat Paul Weller, James Morrison and tbc 19-21 July - Delapre Park

See Paul Weller (tickets now sold out), The Wanted & James Morrison at a purpose-built open-air arena in the historic parkland setting of Delapre Park, a beautiful heritage site right in the heart of Northampton.

Our opinion

We thinking that Ferrari this year will have got the best team because they have got a lot of technicals improvements. And Fernando Alonso will win because he has a lot of qualities.

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