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Name : _________________________________ Date : _______________This exam paper consists of 5 sections. Answer all questions.Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 5 bahagian. Jawab semua soalan.

Section A ( 10 Marks )

Read the paragraph below and answer the following questions.Bacakan petikan di bawah dan jawab soalan berikutnya.

Hani and Arina enjoy doing art and craft. They especially like building things using ice cream sticks. Their family and friends know about their hobby. So, they keep the sticks for the girls whenever they eat ice cream. Hani and Arina first wash the ice cream sticks. Then, they paint them using water colours. They are now building a dollhouse. Later, they will decorate the dollhouse and put tiny furniture for their dolls.

A : Put a tick ( / ) for the correct statement. Put a cross ( x ) for the wrong statementA : Letakkan tanda betul ( / ) pada penyataan yang betul. Letakkan tanda salah ( x ) pada penyataan yang salah.

1Hani and Arina like to eat ice cream

2Hani and Arina want to build a dollhouse

3The girls wash and paint the sticks before they start building

4Their family and friends help them build the dollhouse

5The girls plan to put furniture for their dolls later

Section B ( 10 Marks )

Read the passage. Then match the words to their meaning.Baca petikan. Kemudian, padankan perkataan dengan maksudnya.

The life of a frog begins with a floating clump of eggs in the water. Six to 21 days later, the eggs begin to hatch. Now, they are tadpoles which have a gill, a mouth and a tail. They feed on the remaining egg yolk. After that, they attach themselves to floating weeds. About a week later, the tadpoles begin to swim. They eat algae.About six to nine weeks later, tadpoles grow feet. They feed on dead insects and plants. At the end of nine weeks, they look like a small frog but with a tail. At 12 weeks, their tails begin to shorten. Frogs live mostly on land but they swim too. They feed on worms and insects.

break openbegins

on the water surfacelittlestartseats smallfeed onhatchfloating

Section C ( 12 Marks )

Read. Then number the pictures correctly.Baca. Kemudian, nomborkan gambar dengan susunan yang betul.

One day, four friends see a cat stuck in a tree. They call out to the cat but it does not climb down. The frightened cat climbs higher up into the tree. The friends quickly call the fire station. A fire engine arrives and a fireman jumps down. He climbs up the ladder and rescues the cat.

Section D ( 10 Marks )

Rewrite the sentences using correct punctuationSalin semula ayat berikut dengan menggunakan tanda baca yang betul.

1) i love my country malaysia



2) rajus mother makes maruku for deepavali



3) where is mount kinabalu



4) kuda kepang is a malay traditional dance



5) the official religion of Malaysia is islam



Section E ( 8 Marks )

Write the preposition based on the pictures shownTuliskan kata ganti nama tempat bagi gambar yang ditunjukkan

- end of questions -