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Page 1: Brochure Melaka

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Page 2: Brochure Melaka















What is the time?

{x} o’clock


















Sekarang pukul


Pukul {x}




Bahasa Malaysia or Malay is the oicial

language and many words are phoneti-

cally similar to English. The letter ‘c’ is

pronounced ‘ch’.


Good Morning

Good Afternoon

Good Evening

Good Night


Please come in

How Are You

I’m Fine

My name is {name}

I’m from ….

What is your name?

This is {name}







Child / Children


Selamat Pagi

Selamat Tengahari

Selamat Petang

Selamat Malam

Selamat Datang

Sila masuk

Apa khabar

Khabar baik

Nama saya ….

Saya dari ….

Siapa nama awak?

Ini {name}







Anak / Anak

Goodbye(if you’re the

one who’s leaving)

Goodbye(to someone

who’s leaving)

See You Again

Selamat Jalan/

Selamat Tinggal

Selamat Jalan

Jumpa Lagi

How do I get to .. ?

Please draw me a map



Straight ahead





Bagaimana saya

ke ..?

Tolong lukiskan

saya peta




Di sini

Di sana



Asking Questions








Di mana?





Yang mana?


Time and Day

Common Words




Thank You

You’re welcome




Terima Kasih




Essential InformationMelaka the Guide

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Page 3: Brochure Melaka

Essential Information

Foreign High Commission and Embasies








New Zealand



Papua New Guinea







Sri Lanka




















Canada (Mon-thurs)






















Saudi Arabia

South Africa














Bosnia and Herzegovina


Brunei Darussalam




Czech Republic


European Commission













Korea, North

Korea, South


03-4256 9400/ 03-4256 6400

03-2146 5555/ 03-2141 5773

03-4252 6800/ 03-4257 1800

03-2148 7940/ 03-2141 3381

03-2718 3333/ 03-2718 3315

03-2161 6203/ 03-2162 2219

03-2142 8495/ 03-2141 4552

03-2164 5488/ 03-2164 5487

03-2032 2001/ 03-2032 2012

03-2163 5094/ 03-2163 5096

03-2732 3335/ 03-2732 7555

03-4257 7746/ 03-4257 7793

03-2053 5500/ 03-2053 5501

03-2161 2963/ 03-2161 3427

03-2142 7044/ 03-2141 3443

03-2163 6306/ 03-2163 6294

03-2161 0701/ 03-2162 3081

03-2164 6520/ 03-2168 8790

03-2164 5934/ 03-2164 8659

03-2168 6200/ 03-2168 6240

03-2175 0300/ 03-2175 0308

03-4257 7378/ 03-4257 1400

03-2161 8877/ 03-2164 5958

03-2163 3034/ 03-2163 3039

03-2148 9989 /03-2148 4682

03-4256 7252/ 03-4257 6091

03-4257 9825/ 03-4257 8751

03-2164 3742

03-2142 8776/ 03-2142 4582

03-2148 062203-2163 2511

03-2052 2550/ 03-2148 6325

03-2148 8222/ 03-2148 6527

03-2170 2200/ 03-2170 2303

03-4253 3406/ 03-4253 5406

03-2163 3444/ 03-2163 6819

03-2148 4534/ 03-2148 3270

03-2093 7808/ 03-2093 7359

03-2145 9604/ 03-2148 8154

03-2144 1451/ 03-2144 1428

03- 2057 0020/ 03-2057 8969

03-2162 0025/ 03-2162 0023

03-2144 0353/ 03-2142 6025

03-2171 1420/ 03-2171 1427

03-2161 2828/ 03-2163 1302

03-4257 1150/ 03-4257 1157

03-4253 5340/ 03-4253 5217

03-2691 1066/ 03-2691 1141

03-2142 7185/ 03-2141 2727

03-4256 8184/ 03-4257 3515

03-2723 7373/ 03-2723 7337

03-2170 9666/ 03-2161 9800

03-4252 6995/ 03-4257 8698

03-4257 6500/ 03-4251 1500

03-2163 7914/ 03-2163 7918

03-2093 3504/ 03-2093 3507

03-2145 2011/ 03-2141 7908

03-4251 4824/ 03-4256 2904

03-2148 0555/ 03-2141 4331

03-4256 5122/ 03-4257 3199

03-4252 1268/ 03-4252 8610

03-4252 2999/ 03-4252 3999

03-2146 1163/ 03-2145 1087

03-4256 9913/ 03-4256 9933

03-4251 2336/ 03-4252 4097

03-2141 0033/ 03-2145 6121

03-2163 2012/ 03-2163 2024

03-2148 7059/ 03-2145 0080

03-4251 6690/ 03-4260 3426

03-2141 1293/ 03-2141 3549

03-2163 7244/ 03-2164 7244

03-2164 6362/ 03-2164 0964

03-2148 7650/ 03-2142 7954

03-2078 2533/ 03-2078 0387

03-4251 8512/ 03-4252 4302

03-4256 8905/ 03-4252 9711

03-03-4257 5405/ 03-4257 6203

03-4257 6733/ 03-4257 0123

03-4256 5552/ 03-4256 5553

03-2142 3172/ 03-2144 8713

03-4256 7343/ 03-4256 3205

03-2161 6277/ 03-2161 6343

03-2115 0016/ 03-2115 0014

03-4256 8987/ 03-4253 2497

03-4226 9104/ 03-4256 8107

03-2166 9552/ 03-2166 4371

03-2164 5636/ 03-2164 5680

0 03-2163 4110/ 03-2163 4199

03-4256 2046/ 03-4256 2016

03-4257 2225/ 03-4257 2227

03-2095 9122/ 03-2095 2870

03-2141 1322/ 03- 2141 1780

03- 2095 9154/ 03-2093 0582

03-4253 5221/ 03-4253 5220

03-2168 5000/ 03-2142 2207

03-2179 8000/ 03-2161 1186

03-4251 1793/ 03-4251 1794

03-4251 6779/ 03-4251 7252

03 - 4253 3406/ 03 -4253 2406

Melaka the Guide

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Page 4: Brochure Melaka

Menara Taming Sari Welcomes You,

Enjoy a breathtaking view

110m from the top! The only Gyro Tower in Malaysia

Harga Ticket / Ticket Price

Dewasa / Adults : RM 20.00

Kanak-kanak / Children : RM 10.00

* Special Discount for MyCard Holders

Fax: 06 - 288 1551

Melaka Taming Sari BerhadJalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000 MelakaTel : 06 - 288 1100 / 281 3366

Website : www.menaratamingsari.comOperation Hours : 10.00 am - 11.00 pm daily

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Page 5: Brochure Melaka


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Page 6: Brochure Melaka


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Page 7: Brochure Melaka


What to See

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Page 8: Brochure Melaka


HistoricalThe Stadthuys

The legacy of the Dutch is still very

much alive and felt in Melaka in a form

of a building called the Stadthuys.

It was the oi cial residence of the

Dutch Governor, built in 1650, built in

4 stories on a terrace of St. Paul’s hill

covering 49,200 sq. feet in area. It had

been the Governor’s residence until as

early as the 18th century. It also was

the Dutch Administrative Centre until

1824. Why, even the British made this

building their administrative centre

too. The Stadthuys continued to be

the State Governing Centre until the

end of 1979. The original colour of this

building was white. It was changed to

red during the 1820’s and then came

to be known as ‘The Red Building’ to


Proclamation of Independence Memorial

Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka.

Jalan Parameswara, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka.06- 28412319am- 6pm (Tue - Thu)3pm to 6pm (Fri)(Closed on Mondays)

This Memorial Hall was formerly

known as Melaka Club. It is

a gold-domed, built in 1912,

and renovated in 1985. Today

it houses pictures that portray

events leading to the attainment

of Malaysia’s Independence and

historical documents, maps,

treatises, video tapes, i lms,

minutes of meetings, news scripts

and other that relates to the

independence struggle. Apart

from the exhibition items, visitors

can also witness the uniqueness

of the memorial building which

combined the elements of both

locals and British architecture.

Melaka Tengah

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Page 9: Brochure Melaka


Porta de Santiago

Porta de Santiago, which means The Famous, is a

Portuguese fortress located in Melaka. This is the

best evidence of Portuguese occupation hundreds

of years ago. Located at the foot of St. Paul’s Hill,

was built in 1512 under the command of Alfonso

de Albuquerque. Its signii cance started to fade

when the British settled here in the early 19th

century. The British had almost destroyed the

whole complex when Sir Stamford Raffl es arrived

in 1808. He was able to stop the destruction, but

unfortunately what is left until today is nothing

more than a gateway called Porta de Santiago.

Jalan Parameswara, Melaka 06- 231 4343

Bukit Cina is situated southeast of Melaka

Town, about 148 metres above sea

level and covers an area of 42 hectares.

There are more than 12,500 graves on

Bukit China including approximately 20

Muslim tombs. Bukit Cina is also believed

to be the oldest and largest traditional

Chinese cemetery outside China. The

weather had taken a heavy toll on the

tomb, and in 1933 Cheng Hoon Teng

Temple had undertaken to repair it. A

stone inscription was erected to mark

it. The tomb was again restored in 2001.

Bukit Cina

Jalan Puteri Hang Li Poh, Bukit Cina, Melaka.

Jalan Kota, Bandar Hilir,75000 Melaka.

Historical Melaka Tengah

This fort was built by the Portuguese between

year 1512 to 1550. However in late 1660 to 1670,

a structure that is named “Middlesburg” was

added by the Dutch. Up to today, the Heritage

Department of Melaka still conducts research on

this fort. Several things have been discovered,

such as the six bastions and a huge sewerage pipe

dated 1895. Other than reconstructing the fort,

the department makes sure that the structures

within the fort are restored and preserved.


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Page 10: Brochure Melaka


Malaysia took the i rst step into heavy industry especially in the manufacture

of commercial vehicles with the establishment of HICOM (Heavy Industries

Corporation of Malaysia) in 1980 and PROTON (the National Automobile Industry)

in 1983. Subsequent to that, PERODUA (the second National Automobile Industry)

was formed in 1993, and this was followed by MODENAS (National Motor-cycles

and Engines) in 1995. The Malaysian Motor Industry has since developed by leaps

and bounds. As an adjunct to the development of the motor industry, YAB Datuk

Seri Haji Mohd Ali bin Mohd Rustam, the Chief Minister of Melaka, initiated the

Autocity Site which was oi cially declared open 2 January, 2010. He also proposed

that the Melaka Museums Corporation to establish a ‘Melaka Transportation

Museum’ in this Autocity to exhibit cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other such

means of transportation, each with its own antique and unique features.

Transportation Museum

Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum

The Melaka Sultanate Palace is a replica of a

Sultan’s palace during the era of the Melaka

Sultanate. This replica was built from records

obtained from the ‘Malay Annals’ depicting

the unique architecture of a palace during the

ruling era of Sultan Mansur Shah. Apart from

the unique building design and ornate wood

carvings, visitors will also be able to obtain

insights on the institution of the Melaka Malay

Sultanate and the opportunity to experience

a true palace atmosphere via dioramas of a

Royal Dias, a visiting trade delegation, diorama

of the feud between Hang Tuah and Hang

Jebat, as well as the Royal Bedroom. There

are also scale models of other Malay palaces

and a collection of traditional costumes,

accessories, weapons, and earthenware.

Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka06- 282 6526 / 06- 282 74649.00 am - 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

HistoricalMelaka Tengah

Melaka Autocity, Taman Tasik Utama 75350 Melaka.06- 282 6526 / 06- 283 09269.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

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Page 11: Brochure Melaka


The King’s Well is also known as the ‘Hang Li Poh Well’. Sultan Mansur Shah (1458-

1477) ordered the well to be dug for the exclusive use of his wife, Hang Li Poh,

who came from China. The water

was used for their daily needs and

surprisingly, the never dried up, even

in the severest droughts. According

to folklore, whosoever drinks from

the well will return to Melaka.

In 1511, Johor warriors poisoned

the well, killing many Portuguese

who drank the water in 1606, the

Dutch committed the same act and

the Acehnese followed suit between

1628 and 1629. Their intentions

were to covertly kill of their

enemies. When the Dutch realized

the importance of the well, they build a

wall, resembling a small fort; complete

with cannons and a guard-house to

safe-guard it. However, during the

British occupation, the well fell into

disuse and the guard-house became


Hang Tuah Well

Hang Tuah himself was said to have

dug this well and it has never dried-

up even in the most severe droughts.

Water from this well is said to be

sacred and has healing properties.

Local believe that Hang Tuah’s soul

which takes on the apparition of a

white crocodile dwells in this well. The

presence of this well also gives rise to

the notion that Hang Tuah was from

Duyong. The locals however dispute

the belief and said that he was from

Duyong, in East Sumatera where

a similar well also exists. The Hang

Tuah Well was gazetted as an old

monument and heritage site under

National Heritage Act 2005.

Kampung Duyong, Melaka,Malaysia 75460

Hang Li Poh Well (The King’s Well)

Jalan Puteri Hang Li Poh, Bandar Melaka, Melaka.(Driving Distance: About 6 mins from Garden City Service Apartments)

Historical Melaka Tengah

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Page 12: Brochure Melaka


Hang Kasturi Mausoleum

Hang Kasturi is one of i ve great warrior

brothers is Hnag Jebat, Hang Tuah,

Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu. The i ve

brothers were great warrior during the

reign of the Melaka Sultanate especially

during the regime Sultan Mansur Shah

(1456-1477). The courage and strength

of the i ve great warrior plus the

wisdom of the Bendahara Tun Perak to

back up and help Melaka Sultanate to

expand the Melaka empire up as far as

the Malay Archipelago and thus Melaka

empire maintained the respect friends

and foes.120 Jalan Hang Jebat Melaka

Hang Jebat Mausoleum

Here lies Hang Jebat, a worrior labeled a traitor, all for the love of a friend. During

the rule of Sultan Mansor Shah (1456-1477 A.D), there lived young men who grew

up together. Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu

were inseparable and became known as the ‘Five Companions’ in the epic ‘ Hikayat

Hang Tuah’. Sultan Mansor Shah was so impressed with the skills of the i ve that he

immediately gave them positions at his court. and Hang Tuah became his favourite.

Hang Jebat, who was beside himself with grief, could not understand why the

Sultan summarily ordered his brother’s execution without i rst giving him a chance

a prove his innocent. Disillusioned and broken-hearted, Hang Jebat ran amok and

sought revenge, killing everyone that

tried to protect the Sultan. The battle was

said to last for three days until Hang Jebat

was stabbed and died in his friend’s arms.

Hang Tuah is synonym to Melaka and he is

well known for his bravery and loyalty to the

Sultan. His outstanding performance as a

military oi cer made him a legend that has

graced many in the history of Melaka. His

valiant act caught the Sultan’s attention and

he was called to the palace and conferred a

knighthood the youngest ever to be knighted.

Makam Hang Tuah, Jalan Tanjung Kling, Tanjong Kling, 76400 Melaka.

Hang Tuah Mausoleum

Jalan Kampung Kuli, Melaka

HistoricalMelaka Tengah

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Page 13: Brochure Melaka


Maritime Museum (Flor de La Mar) & The Maritime Museum Phase II

The Maritime Museum or the Flora de

Lamar is a replica of the Portuguese ship

which sank in the coast of Melaka while

on its way to Portugal. The structure of the

ship is actually a replica built according to

the former Portuguese ship named “Flor

De La Mar”. You will get to see framed

paintings and pictures that illustrate how

Melaka played its role as emporium for

traders from all around the world. Apart

from showing the signiicant history of

Melaka Maritime, Maritime Museum also

showcases the diferent eras that Melaka

has gone through, from the Melaka

Sultanate era, to Portuguese era, Dutch era

to British era. The Maritime Museum Phase II

which is located right beside complements

the Maritime Museum by showcasing

exhibition with the theme of ‘Ocean and

the Mankind’ to depict position of Melaka

in the maritime history and the seaborne

trade as well as how human being perceived

and derived beneits from the seas.

Jalan Quayside, 75000 Melaka 06- 282 6526 / 06- 283 09269:00 am – 5:30 pm(Daily. Fri, Sat, Sun closed 9.00pm)

Melaka Chief Minister Gallery

This gallery is located in the previous Seri Bendahara, the oicial residence of the

Chief Ministers since 1972. After the completion of the new Seri Bendahara at Ayer

Keroh in 2005, this building in Bukit Peringgit was renovated and transformed into

gallery archiving and providing information

on the past and present Chief Ministers,

about their background and contribution

to the state. It has also become the main

reference on the institution of the Chief

Ministers which has played an important role

toward the development of the Melaka state.

Historical Melaka Tengah

Bukit Peringgit,75400 Melaka06- 282 6526 / 06- 282 74649.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

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Page 14: Brochure Melaka


The Dutch Graveyard

This graveyard was irst used at the last

quarter of the 17th Century. Presently, 5

Dutch and 33 British graves are sited within

its compound. This cemetery was used in

two stages that is between 1670-1682 and

later between 1818-1838. When the British

took over Melaka in 1795, they initially used

st paul’s hills as their burial ground and only

in 1818 they did they began to make use of

this cemetery. The irst British person to be

buried here was captain John Kidd, captain

of the ship while the last British person to

be buried was the wife of a British army

oicer 1838. Most of the British buried here

were army or naval personnel. A number

of wives of army oicers were also buried

here. The grave that attracts the attention

of the most visitors is the one that has a tall

column on it in which two army oicers,

who were killed during the war between

the British and Naning in the interior of

Melaka in 1831, were buried. This graveyard

has been gazette as national monument

under the Antiquities Act 1976.

Victoria Fountain

Jalan Gereja, 75000 MelakaN 2.194712, E 102.249284


Next to Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum,Jalan Gereja, 75000 Melaka.N 2.193795, E 102.25066GPS

HistoricalMelaka Tengah

The Queen Victoria Fountain was built

in 1901 by the British to commemorate

Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. It

is probably one of the last traces of

the British colonial era in Malaysia

which symbolizes the glorious days

of the British colonization in Malaysia

in the yesteryears. Made of English

marble, the Queen Victoria’s Fountain

is still functioning well today, and

is considered as one of the most

frequently photographed landmarks

in Melaka.

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Page 15: Brochure Melaka


Lebuh Ayer Keroh

Lebuh Ayer Keroh






























Orang Asli Museum

Philea Resort


Melaka Butter�y & Reptile Sanctuary

Serama Park

Garden of a Thousand Flowers

Ayer Keroh Country Resort

Youth Hotel

My Din

Melaka Batik House

Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh


Melaka Planetarium

Ayer Keroh D’Village

Puteri Resort

Places of Interest

The World’s Bee Museum

Botanical Park

Mini Malaysia & Asean Cultural Park

Zoo Melaka

Crocodile Farm

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park

Hotel Seri Malaysia

Melaka Mall

Jaya Jusco Shopping Complex

Kings Hotel Melaka

MBMB Dataran Bandaraya

Ayer Keroh Country Club

Tiara Melaka Golf & Country Club

Orna Golf & Country Club








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Page 16: Brochure Melaka






r K



Durian Tunggal


















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Page 17: Brochure Melaka


Christ Church

When the Dutch took over Melaka from the hand of the Portuguese, they built

the Christ Church as a place of worship. This Church, completed in 1753, is the

oldest functioning Protestant church in

Malaysia and has gone through several

stages of change under the domination

of dif erent colonials. The church

is painted in red which remained

the hallmark of Melaka’s Dutch-era

buildings. Surrounded by beautiful

landscape, will probably feel like

visiting a vintage church somewhere

in Europe. Christ Church Melaka now

belongs to the Anglican Church, which

Christ Church handed to British and

consecrated to use as Anglican service

from 1838 until today.

Christ Church, Jalan Gereja, 75000 Melaka.06- 284 8804

St. Paul’s Church

This church was formerly a chapel

built by a Portuguese captain by

the name of Duarte Coelho in

1521 as ‘the small Our Lady of the

Hill chapel’. This is probably the

oldest church in Melaka. When the

Dutch wrestled Melaka from the

Portuguese in 1641, they took over

the Portuguese chapel, repaired

and transformed it into a Dutch

Reformed Church, calling it St. Paul’s


Gereja St. Paul Jalan Kota75000 Melaka.

Historical Melaka Tengah

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Page 18: Brochure Melaka


St. Francis Xavier’s Church

Gereja St. Francis Xavier Jalan Laksamana, Melaka06-

HistoricalMelaka Tengah

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church’s facade and

decorations is a combination of

eastern and western architecture.

One of its bells was cast in Goa in

1608. Now it qualii es as the oldest

Catholic Church in Malaysia and still

serves resident worshippers of the

Catholic faith. There is also an alabaster

statue depicting the Lord before the

resurrection. Former Parish Priest The

late Rev Fr. M.J. Pintado writes that St.

Peter’s Church was built in 1710 and

for a century it was the only Catholic

church in Melaka.

166 Jalan Bendahara75100 Melaka06- 282 2950

St. Francis Xavier’s, also known as ‘the

apostle of the East’, was a famous

missionary in large parts of Asia.

He travelled to many countries and

stopped in Melaka in 1545 to serve

the sick and the children. In 1574, the

saint died in a ship, which left people in

Melaka in deep mourning. In honour

for him, they built the St. Francis

Xavier’s Church in 1856. Boasting

twin bell towers and a Gothic interior,

the Saint Francis Xavier Church also

has some wonderful stained glass

windows. . These colourful additions

to the church depict scenes from

the life of St Francis Xavier and also

some of the history of the church.

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Page 19: Brochure Melaka


The establishing of UMNO Museum

in Melaka is a rational step in the

history of the Malays since everything

signii cant within its scope originated

from there. The Melaka Empire is

acknowledged throughout the world

as the catalyst and core of Malay

civilization in Malaysia. It has been a

model for the past and present Malay

state and society in the aspect of

establishing the system of the country,

politics, economy, culture, literature

and upholding Islam as the system

of belief and lifestyle of the Malays.

UMNO Museum

Jalan Kota, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka9am-5.30pm (Daily), 9am-12.45pm / 2.45pm-5.30pm (Fridays)

Malaysia Youth Museum

Malaysia Youth Museum is located at Jalan Laksamana, Melaka. This building was

formerly used as the priest’s quarters during the period of Dutch colonisation, Melaka

High School and the Melaka General Post Oi ce. Currently it has been transformed

into a museum documenting the youth

activities in Malaysia and international

platforms. The primary focus is exhibitions

about the youth associations in Malaysia

under the Malaysia Youth Council, Ministers

of Youth and Sport, oi cial uniforms of

the various societies, their logos, and

diorama on the reading of pledge during a

celebration on National Youth Day.

Melaka Stamp Museum

To collectors, stamps are treasured for

their artistic intricacies, i nancial and

historical values. Hobbyists normally

invest a lot of money, ef ort and time to

obtain rare stamps. Based on this fact,

the Melaka State Government with the

cooperation from Pos Malaysia Berhad

decided to set up the Melaka Stamp

Museum in 2007 at the old building

of the previous Melaka Museum to

exhibit the early and latest stamps

of Malaysia and those from overseas.

Historical Melaka Tengah

Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka.06- 282 6526 / 06- 282 13039.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

Jalan Laksamana, 75000 Melaka.06- 282 6526 / 06- 284 19349.00 am – 5.30 pm (Closed on Monday)[email protected]

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Page 20: Brochure Melaka


Melaka Islamic Museum

The Melaka Islamic Museum is located

at the old building of Melaka Islamic

Religion Council (MAIM). This building

is the heritage remains of Dutch with

its interior renovated in adaptation to

the concept of the golden era of Islam

in Melaka and Archipelago. Amongst

the interesting collections on display

are the replica of an early Al-Quran,

historical records of mosques in

Melaka, a sword replica owned by the

Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the holy

books, eminent religious igures and

theologians from Melaka and Malaysia.

Democratic Museum

The foundation stone for the building of Melaka State Legislatives Assembly was

laid on 31st August 1961 by the Gabenor of Melaka, H.E. Tun Haji Abdul Malek

bin Yusof S.M.N., D.M.K. The building

was transformed into a museum

achieving the history of administration

in Malaysia including the practices of

parliamentary democracy via elections.

This museum also exhibits chronology

about the early history of the Malaya

towards the achievement of its

independence as well as other notable

successes achieved by the country

through its governance system.

HistoricalMelaka Tengah

Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka.06- 282 6526 / 06- 284 19349.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka.06- 282 6526 / 06- 282 13039.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

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Page 21: Brochure Melaka


The history and development of the

governor’s institution are now kept

for posterity in this beautiful building

which was known as Seri Melaka. Before

transformed into a museum, this building

served as the oi cial residence of the

Governors of Melaka up to the year 1996.

The main focus of this museum is to

achieve the roles and contributions by

the i rst Governor of Tun Leong Lew Koh

till the present His Excellency, Tun Datuk

Seri Utama Mohd Khalil bin Yaakob in

leading the state. The rooms within this

building have been retained for exhibiting

various personal collections of each former


The Folks Art Gallery

The Folks Art Gallery, which is situated

at the premise of Lot 74, Jalan

Laksamana, Melaka, is realisation of the

idea inspired by Tun Datuk Seri Utama

Mohd Khalil bin Yaakob, the Governor

of Melaka. The gallery is oi ciated

by YAB Datuk Seri Haji Mohd Ali bin

Mohd Rustam, the Chief Minister of

Melaka on 28 June 2008. It is divided

into two fl oors, exhibiting paintings,

artworks and traditional carvings from

the dif erent races in Melaka such as

Malay, Chinese, Indian, Baba Nyonya,

Portuguese, Chitty, and Orang Asli.

Governors Museum

Literature Museum

This building designed in British

architectural styles is transformed

into the Museum of Literature and

oi ciated in 1984 by the then Chief

Minister of Melaka, YAB Datuk Seri

Mohd Zin bin Ab. Ghani. The history

of literature and creation of its work

beginning from the early era of writing,

folklore, the distinguished writers from

Melaka, the development of modern

Malay literature, in addition to the

various original collections of hand-

written manuscripts, as well as the

literary works of local writers, becomes

the main focus of the museum.

Historical Melaka Tengah

Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka.06- 282 6526 / 06- 284 19349.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka.06- 282 6526 / 06- 284 19349.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

Jalan Laksamana, 75000 Melaka.06- 282 6526 / 06- 284 19349.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

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Page 22: Brochure Melaka


The building of the Melaka Education Museum was constructed by the British in

1884. The main focus of this museum is about the historical development of the

Melaka education system tracing back

to the Malay Sultanate era, the British

colonial era, the Japanese occupancy,

post-independence period up to the

present day system. It includes the roles

of the teaching institution and the Melaka

State Education Department in driving

the state education system forward.

The Melaka Al-Quran Museum is a glorious

landmark dedicated to the spread of Islam

in Melaka. It is located in the Phase II building of the Al-Azim Complex in Bukit Palah,

Melaka. The museum displays the historical past of Islamisation beginning from the

divine revelation through the growth of Islam in the era of the Prophet Muhammad

(SAW) and his companions which has spread throughout the Middle East, India, China

and the rest of the Malay world. It is the ultimate destination to any visitors who would

like to learn more about the Al-Quran and its historical development in Malaysia.

Submarine Museum

FS Ouessant Agosta 70 Submarine is a training

submarine for the crews of Royal Malaysian Navy –

Prime Minister Class. This submarine is previously

owned by the French Navy. It was brought home

to the country by the Malaysia Ministry of Defence

and handed over to the State Government of

Melaka to be immortalised as a museum at the

Maritime Museums Complex, Klebang, Melaka.

Work to bring home the FS Ouessant Agosta 70

submarine from the base in Brest, France started

in 9 October 2011 and arrived of the coast of

Melaka in 12 November 2011. The main focus

of FS Ouessant Agosta 70 Submarine Museum

is the history and development of submarine,

especially in our country.

Education Museum

Melaka Al-Quran Museum

HistoricalMelaka Tengah

Kompleks al-Azim, Bukit Palah, 75400 Melaka.06- 282 6526 / 06- 283 09269.00 am to 5.30 pm(Closed on Monday)[email protected]

Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka.06- 282 6526/ 06- 284 19349.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

Dataran 1 Malaysia, Pantai Klebang 75200 Melaka.06- 282 6526/ 06- 283 09269.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily. Fri, Sat,Sun closed 6.00pm)[email protected]

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Page 23: Brochure Melaka


Bukit Peringgit , Melaka.9am - 5pm (Mon-Fri)

“Macau Gallery” is located only ten minutes from the central Melaka. The original

house was a Pre-War English bunglow in typical Siam style. It was later used

as a governmental department of the authority of Melaka and now it’s part of

the historical heritage in Melaka. “Macau Gallery” is divided into dif erent zones

namely Macau World Heritage, Maritime Routes, Macau Events, Origins and

Cultures where Macau’s history, culture, economy and intangible cultural heritage

are displayed through multimedia, images, models, ceramic and handicrafts. The

gallery also features an information counter, library, esplanade and multifunction

room. In addition to the exhibits, the gallery of ers various interactive activities to

heighten the learning experience for visiting schools or organisation.

Macau Gallery

No.6, Bukit Peringgit, 75400 Melaka Malaysia06 -286993906 -282993910am - 5pm (Daily)(Monday Closed)Admission Free

[email protected]

Casa Cuba

Historical Melaka Tengah

The Cuban Embassy is giving Malaysians

a taste of the unique blend of its culture

through Casa Cuba, an exhibition

gallery in Bukit Peringgit. Cuba is a

well-known country in producing

cigars and its unique culture because

of African, Spanish and North American

infl uences. The gallery was built in June

2007, is located inside a former senior

government oi cer’s residence during

the British rule. This gallery will bring

more foreign and local visitors to the

gallery and awake their interest in the

republic. Casa Cuba exhibits many

paintings, including portraits of Fidel

Castro, the President of Cuba.


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Page 24: Brochure Melaka



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Page 25: Brochure Melaka


Kuala Linggi, Alor Gajah, Melaka06 -283 6538

The second Naning

War in 1929, a battle

between the British and

Dol Said, was won by

the British. Their victory,

however, was at the

cost of the lives of many

British oi cers, including

that of George Holford

Walker together with his

horse and dog. Today

the British Graveyard

has been gazetted as a

national monument by

the Antiquities Act of


British Graveyard

Dol Said Mausoleum

Dol Said Mausoleum is one

of the must visit places

with much historical value.

Datuk Dol Said was the

ninth ruler of Dearah Naning

who dei antly opposed the

imposition of tax by the

British. His valiant resistance

against British intervention

in Naning brought about the

infamous Naning War, which

occured in 1831–1832. The

Naning war had made Datuk

Dol Said a hero and earned

him a permanent place in

the history of Melaka.

Dol Said Masoluem78000 Alor Gajah06 -2836538

Historical Alor Gajah

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Page 26: Brochure Melaka


Dataran Keris

The Keris was the main weapon used

by the Malay community during the

colonisation of the British, Portuguese

and the Dutch. For the people of Alor

Gajah, the Keris represent the pride of

the Malays, especially during the Naning

War. As such, the replica of the Keris

has been installed as the main identity

for the Alor Gajah district. The giant

replica is located at Dataran Keris while

the smaller replica is found at several

gateways to the district at Simpang

Empat, Simpang Ayer Keroh - Durian

Tunggal and Simpang Lubuk Cina.

Dataran Keris, Bandar Alor Gajah




Welcome to Melaka Museums Corporation Melaka World Heritage City

Sebarang pertanyaan sila hubungi : PERBADANAN MUZIUM MELAKA Kompleks Warisan Melaka, Jalan Kota , 75000 Melaka.

Talian Utama : 06-333 333 Pejabat Am : 06-2826526/ 06-28811289/ 06-2818784 Faks: 06 2826745

Website : Email: [email protected]


RM 180 4 person Dinner & Bfast N.AT-shirt & capPolo t-shirt, cap & group photo

Dinner, Supper & BfastDinner, Supper & Bfast

4 person2 person

RM 150Pakej A

Per Personweekdays weekend


Room Meals Souvenier

Pakej BPakej CPakej D

RM 230RM 200

RM 280RM 250

Polo t-shirt, cap, amenities group photoDinner, Supper & Bfast2 personRM 330RM 300


Tiada bilik dan makan di Hotel Naza Talyya. Hanya bermalam di Muzium Samudera

No room and food at the hotel. Only Sleepover at Samudera Museum

Pakej B: RM 145

Disediakan bilik dan makan di Hotel Naza Talyya

Include room and food at Naza Talyya Hotel


Makan dan kemudahan bilik mandi

Food and bathroom amenities


Tiada bilik dan makan di Hotel Naza Talyya. Hanya bermalam di Muzium

No room and food at the hotel. Only Sleepover at Istana Kesultanan Melaka Museum

Pakej B: RM 130

Disediakan bilik dan makan di Hotel Naza Talyya

Include room and food at Naza Talyya Hotel

Alor Gajah

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Page 27: Brochure Melaka


Pulau Besar

HistoricalAgricultural Museum

The setting up of the Agricultural Museum in Jasin

parallels the importance of the Jasin District as

the main tin producer and the earliest producer

of cultivated farming in Melaka’s history. The

museum is intended to disseminate information

on the history of the economic activities of the local

villages specii cally in the farming sector focusing

on main commodity activities such as producing

rubber, palm oil, coconuts, manufacturing of

‘gula Melaka’ and i shery. Dioramas show the

traditional ‘membanting padi’, where the paddy

stalks are separated from the paddy, the process of

extracting ‘gula Melaka’, the atmosphere of a palm

oil estate, explanation on rubber tapping and the

display of the various traditional farming tools.


About Pulau Besar:

Pulau Besar is an island located approximately

15 km from Melaka and could be reached by

speedboat or ferry. As the name suggest it is

a large island (168 hectares) and is said to be

shaped like a pregnant women lying on her

back. Pulau Besar is best known for its ancient

Islamic graves, tombs and mausoleums. Which

are scattered around the island. The island has

a number of other attractions like: old wells,

interestingly shaped rocks, a village of elves

and an elves place and a cave.

The beaches on the island are very clean,

attractive and the sea is calm, inviting and

suitable for swimming. Since the island is also

a Muslim pilgrimage site this is not a place for

lying on the beach in a bikini, but swimming

wearing a t-shirt and shorts (i.e. Malaysian

style) is acceptable.
























Historical Sites in Pulau Besar:

Jalan Chinchin 77000 Jasin, Melaka06- 282 6526 / 06- 282 13039.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

2_Sightseeing.indd 52 6/14/2013 4:30:33 PM

Page 28: Brochure Melaka


Located along Jalan Tukang Mas or Jalan

Harmoni, the mosque was built by Che

Mat Bin Kecut in 1748 on a part of land

that belonged to Dato Shamsuddin bin

Dato Aroon. Rumours say that it was

constructed because the land where

Kampung Hulu Mosque was standing

had to be auctioned of by Hajah Aminah

Shamsuddin who inherited it, though the

process was stopped on time. Since these

two mosques are close to each other, Friday

prayers for Muslims have to be performed

in turns. Being on the same road of Cheng

Hoon Teng Temple for the Chinese and Sri

Poyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple for the

Indians, Kampung Kling Mosque provides

harmony for these races until now.

CulturalPeople’s, Enduring Beauty and Kite’s Museum

This three-storey building was built in the 1960s which houses the

Melaka Central District Municipal Council (MPMT) and was in use until

the 1990s. It is believed to be built on the ruins of the Dutch buildings.

The ground fl oor of the People’s Museum is divided into three part, which focuses

on the development carried out for the people’s benei ts and the success attained

by Melaka state. In addition, it also houses Melaka Sport Gallery, Community and

UNESCO section to provide relevant information to the public. The i rst fl oor displays

the exhibits of the Kite Museum which was inaugurated in September 1995 by

YAB Datuk Seri Mohd Zin bin Abdul Ghani, the former Chief Minister of Melaka.

The second fl oor displays the Beauty exhibition which was opened to the public

in 1996 in conjunction with the Exhibition of Beauty Through Tortures, which was

organized by Melaka Museum’s Corporation

(PERZIM) in collaboration with the Department

of Museums and Antiquities Malaysia.

Kampong Kling Mosque

Jalan Tukang Mas, Melaka.06 - 2837416

Melaka Tengah

Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka.06 282 6526 / 06- 282 13039.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

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Page 29: Brochure Melaka


Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka.06- 282 6526 / 06- 282 13039.00am to 5.30pm (Closed on Mon)

Orang Asli Museum

The Orang Asli Museum, a replica of

the Orang Asli’s house generally found

in Malaysia, is located besides the

Crocodile Farm in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. It

was opened on 3rd February 1997 and

specializes in the exhibition of working

tools used by the aborigines in Malaysia,

namely the Senoi, Jahut, and the Mah

Meri. One of the main attractions of this

museum is the exhibition on the wedding

customs and the funeral ceremonies of

these indigenous tribes. Also, visitors will

be able to view their unique handcrafts

such as wood carvings and plaited mats.


Melaka Straits Mosque

This mosque is built on the man-made

island of Pulau Melaka near Melaka Town

in Melaka state, Malaysia. It looks like

a fl oating structure if the water level is

high. Construction cost of the mosque

is about MYR10 million. Selat Mosque is

among the modern icon of Melaka now. It

somehow had become among the subject

that most visiting photographers would

like to capture especially during sunset.

Pulau Melaka, Bandar Hilir, Melaka.N2 10.770 E102 14.934GPS

Melaka Tengah

The Chitty Museum

Jalan Gajah Berang, Melaka06- 282 6526 / 06- 283 09269.00 am-5.00 pm (Closed on Mon)

The location of the Chitty Museum

within the Chitty Settlement in Gajah

Berang, Melaka is very strategic in

attracting more tourists into Melaka

state. This museum exhibits the culture

and customs in the daily life of the

Chitty community. Information about

the history and chronology of this

community can also be found here.

Tools and accessories used by this

community during special occasions

such as in religious activities, wedding

ceremonies, cooking and costumes are

the main attractions in this museum

dedicated to this small but resilient

minority community in the state.

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Page 30: Brochure Melaka


Sentosa Villa is also known as the Malay Living Museum as it exhibits the typical

lifestyle of a rich Malaysian family in the early 20th century and showcases a

traditional Malay house setup. Though Melaka town has developed rapidly in the

last decade, it is carefully preserved in its traditional style as Rumahku Muziumku.

Kampung Morten was named after F.J Morten, the land commissioner of Melaka

during the British colonial era in 1920. There are more than 100 traditional Malay

houses in Kampung Morten. It’s an opportunity to wander through a genuine

kampung house and witness the tradition and culture of Malaysia.

Al-Azim Mosque is the state mosque of Melaka and it is located next to the Melaka

General Hospital in Melaka town. The state mosque follows typical Melakian

mosque architecture which resembles a Chinese pagoda from the exterior. The

mosque was constructed between 1989 and 1990. It was oi cially opened on 13

July 1990. The interior of the mosque also shows Chinese infl uence and appears

like the interior of a pagoda. It

also has infl uences from local

Melakian Malay architecture.

Should there be an urge to enter

the mosque; decent attire is

advisable to respect the Malay

culture entering a sacred place.

Villa Sentosa

Al-Azim Mosque

Villa Sentosa 138 Jalan Kampung Morten, 75300 Melaka06 -2823988Daily - 9am-5pm (Closed from 1pm-2pm)Friday - 2.45 pm-5 pmN2.202487, E102.251511GPS

Jalan Bukit Palah,75400 Melaka.06 -284 1142

Cultural Melaka Tengah

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Page 31: Brochure Melaka


Jalan Kampung Hulu, 75200 Melaka.

This building was built by Dato Shamsuddin

not very far from Tengkera Mosque, believed to

be built in 1728, while some say it was actually

built in 1720. The style of this mosque follows

the same pattern of other mosques of its age,

by keeping the original wooden structure even

though it has been renovated several times.

This mosque is claimed to make anyone feel

at peace while performing their prayers in it,

thus it is considered unique compared to the

newer mosques. Some parts of this building

have Chinese writings on them because Dato

Shamsuddin’s father, Dato Aroon or Haron was

a man from China who embraced Islam.

This mosque is located along

JalanTengkera (Tranquerah) and was

constructed in 1728. Its roof was made

to be identical to Melaka traditional

architectural style, with a 50-feet

pagoda-shaped tower built right on

its side. The compound is i lled with

hundreds of old graves including the

one of the late Sultan Hussein Shah

Johor of Singapore that passed on in

1835. It was once recognized as State

Mosque until Al-Azim Mosque took

over in 1993. However, it is still the i rst

mosque gazetted as heritage building.

Kampung Hulu Mosque

Tengkera Mosque

Jalan Tengkera, 75200 Melaka

Portuguese Settlement

This area was formed in 1931 with

assistance from the British. After

the Dutch defeated the Portuguese

with help from Malays of Johor, the

remaining Portuguese people that

survived were allowed to stay in

Melaka. They managed to live without

relying on anybody for almost 300

years until in 1931, the British colonial

government gazetted an area by the

sea at the end of JalanMerdeka as an

exclusive place for the Portuguese that

lived in Melaka. The area is in Ujung

Pasir, and almost 2000 Portuguese

descendants are living there today. They

have Portuguese lifestyle, especially in

art, food, clothes, speech, and culture.

It can be hard to dif erentiate them

from local Malays just from the looks,

but they always keep their Portuguese

last names such as Gomez, Rodriguez,

DeSilva, and Lazarus.

Perkampungan Portugis, 75050 Melaka.N 2.184063, E 102.267308GPS

Cultural Melaka Tengah

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Page 32: Brochure Melaka


The gallery was inspired by the

eminent Chinese voyager, Admiral

Cheng Ho who was born in 1371 at

the Hodai Village in Yunnan Province.

This gallery exhibits the history of his

voyages and achievements in forging

diplomatic relations and commercial

ties between China and the Asian and

African countries. Collections exhibited

include porcelains, ship models, books

and articles about this great voyager.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Inc. 25 Jalan Tukang Mas, 75200 Melaka.06 -282 9343

Sam Po Kong TempleBuilt in 1754 at the foothill of Bukit Cina, this

temple provides shelter for those who come to

pay a visit to their rested family members and

relatives at the Chinese cemetery on the same

hill. Legend says that when Admiral Cheng Ho

was on his way to Melaka, his ship had a crack

from the storms and the leakage caused the ship

to start sinking. The people who sailed on the ship

had given all their hopes up and just called God

for help. All of a sudden, a i sh known as Sam Po

jumped onto the ship and covered the crack with

its body, preventing the ship from leaking much

further. This is how the temple got its name.

Jalan Puteri Hang Li Poh, 75100 Melaka.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

Admiral Cheng Ho Gallery

It is reported as the oldest Chinese

temple ever built in Melaka, and some

believed it can also be the oldest in

the Peninsular. This temple existed

since 1654, built by Chan LakKoa, and

upgraded by Kapitan Cina Tan Kup in the

1850’s. In front of this temple is a stage

where Chinese community of Melaka

will gather for religious purposes and

to recollect stories of the past. Literally

translated as “Temple of Green Cloud”,

this building serves as a religious

constitution that combines Buddhism,

Confucius, and Taoism philosophical

traditions into one.

Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka.06 282 6526 / 06- 284 19349.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

Cultural Melaka Tengah

2_Sightseeing.indd 57 6/14/2013 4:30:45 PM

Page 33: Brochure Melaka


Sri Poyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple

Not long after the Dutch announced

their permission for the people of

Melaka to have their places of worship,

the Indians began building the i rst

Hindu temple in 1781. Located along

Jalan Tukang Mas, this temple is unlike

any other temples in Malaysia. Other

than having simple architecture, it also

has very few decorative statues of Hindu

Gods and Goddesses. One thing that

makes this temple very special is the

fact that it was built with the same tiles

of the fl oor of Kampung Kling Mosque,

which is just a few steps away. The

temple name is formed from the words

“Sri” as an introduction, “Poyatha” as a

respectful title, and “Vinayagar Moorthi”

as the name of a Hindu God.

Jalan Tukang Mas, MelakaN 2.196631, E 102.247683GPS


Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum

The Peranakan community began from as early

as the 16th century when migrants came to the

shores of Malaya and intermarried with the locals.

The men were known as Babas and the women

Nyonyas. The Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum was

once home to a Peranakan-Chinese Baba planter

named Chan Cheng Siew who lived in Melaka in

the 1900’s. A family-run private museum, the house

is now open as a living museum and rumah abu

(ancestral home). Teeming with personal treasures

of a bygone era, each room unlocks the cultural

times and living style of the Peranakan-Chinese

community. Today, it is a home to celebrate our

unique cultural diversity of Malaysia.

48 & 50 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka06-283 127310am-1pm, 2pm -4:30pm (Mon-Thu) 9:45am-1pm, 2pm -4:30pm (Fri-Sun)Adults: RM12 Child(5-12 years old): RM5N 2.195529, E 102.246604


Cultural Melaka Tengah

2_Sightseeing.indd 58 6/14/2013 4:30:49 PM

Page 34: Brochure Melaka


This traditional house is believed to be built by Penghulu Abdul Majid, a tycoon

whose descendants came from Palembang in 1831. Penghulu which means

Village Headman is a ‘small king’ highly respected by the society at that time.

This house is built without using nails, and has six main rooms, which are porch,

verandah, the main room, bedroom, platform, kitchen and also two attics that

are specially reserved for the use of women. This house is the administrative

centre of the village and is often used as a meeting place to discuss community

afairs. Three generations of the village headman had inhabited this house; they

arePenghulu Abdul Majid (1831-1834), Demang Abdul Ghani Bin Abdul Majid

(1834-1934), and Penghulu Mat Natar bin Abdul Ghani (1934-1978).

Jalan Datuk Naning, 78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka.06 -2826526Tuesday – Sunday (9am-5.30pm)Closed on Monday.

Kg. Merlimau Pantai,77300 Melaka.06- 282 6526 / 06- 284 19349.00 am – 5.30 pm (Closed on Mon)

Demang Abdul Ghani Gallery

Traditional Custom Museum

The Traditional Custom Museum has become a resource centre for information

related to the customary practices of the local Malay wedding ceremony as well

as wedding practices through the archipelago. Various diorama have been set

up on important wedding ceremonial events such as akad nikah, bersanding,

wedding dais, display of a bridal room and

traditional costumes. These have become

the main attractions of this museum.

CulturalAlor Gajah


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Page 35: Brochure Melaka


The Mini Malaysia Park, which can be

considered as a theme park of sorts,

is perhaps the best place to witness

and learn about the unique cultures

of people from the various states in

Malaysia.The main feature of the park

is the replica of traditional houses

which are individually constructed

and represents the architectural style

and splendour of the 13 states in

Malaysia. Inside each of these houses,

visitors will i nd various handicrafts

which originate from each of the state.

Lebuh Ayer keroh, 75450 Melaka06 -2349988 /

Mini Malaysia & Asean Cultural Park


Golf Gallery

The establishment of the Melaka Golf Gallery was inspired by the Governor of

Melaka, His Excellency Tun Datuk Seri Utama Mohd Khalil Bin Yaakob, who has a

deep passion for the game. With his full support, his aspiration was fuli lled by the

Melaka State Government through the Melaka Museums Corporation (PERZIM) in

2011. People in general are not very familiar with golf. In Malaysia today, golf are

still considered rarely played and coni ned to the elites. This gallery is the i rst of

its kind in Malaysia and is likely to become a centre of reference, information, and

exhibitions relating to golf, especially in Melaka. The establishment of the Melaka

Golf Gallery is in line with the government’s aspiration to develop golf as sport

in Malaysia while providing the opportunity for the public to learn more about

the game. Besides, ef ort is being done to further assist the Federal Government

and Melaka State Government to

make Melaka as the choice of

destination for golf in this region.

Melaka Tengah

Jalan Bandar Kaba, 75000 Melaka.06- 282 6526 / 06- 282 74649.00 am – 5.30 pm (Daily)[email protected]

2_Sightseeing.indd 60 6/14/2013 4:30:50 PM

Page 36: Brochure Melaka


The Melaka River Cruise is a great way to

see the sight of Melaka. You can choose to

take the normal cruise, just enjoying the

scenic view of Melaka River. Melaka River

Cruise also of ers Hop On Hop Of package

where passengers can hop on and of the

ride to stop by any interesting places for

shopping or simply to try out the local

delicacies throughout the day. Visitors

can also make reservation for parties or

have their wedding while viewing the

beautiful scene of Melaka River through

Wedding On Boat package.

RecreationMelaka Tengah

Melaka River Pirate Park is located

on the banks of Melaka River just

opposite the old Cathay Cinema

near Jalan Hang Tuah bridge. This

pirate park consists of a Ferris Wheel

named Eye on Melaka, Pirate Ship,

Trampoline Bungee, Mad Cow,

Rock Climbing, Haunted Castle, and

Flying Fox. The Ferris Wheel stands

at 25 meter high and is a permanent

structure compared to the bigger Eye

on Malaysia (60 meter). Each pod can

accommodate 5 adults at one time. It

is recommended to go at night time as the neon lights and colourful lightings

will give you a spectacular view of the

Melaka town.

Melaka River Cruise

Melaka River Pirate Park

Jalan Tun Ali, 75300 Melaka.013-2341004 (Mr Fariz)019-3999989 (Mr Hasrul)4pm- 12amTicket prices depending on


Jalan Laksamana, 75000 Melaka. 06-2814322/ BoatAdult: RM15Child: RM7

Hop On Hop Of PackageAdult: RM30Child: RM15

VIP BoatAdult : RM30.00Child : RM 15.00*Special rates for MyKad holders.


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Page 37: Brochure Melaka



There is no other better way to explore

Melaka than the Duck Tour. This is dubbed

as Malaysia’s i rst land-and-sea-escapade.

Visitors are able to enjoy a 40 to 50

minutes amphibious adventure around

Melaka. The on land tour route would

cover several interesting sites such as A’

Famosa Fort, Melaka Sultanate Palace,

etc. The craft will then enter the sea at

Pulau Melaka and cruise towards famous

Sungai Melaka. This duck tour will give

a unique view of the city’s history and

charms without taking two separate rides.

Melaka Duck Tours

Recreation Melaka Tengah

This is a two-hour ride that will let you view the beautiful islands along the straits of

Melaka; Upeh Island, Undan Island, Nangka Island, Hanyut Island and Besar Island;

following this order. It costs Rm600 per trip with maximum of 12 passengers at

i xed times of 10am, 1pm and 5pm. It is indeed an experience that you must not

miss because Melaka is special for its wonderful coasts and sea breeze.

Melaka Water Taxi

06-2814322/2306-281432510am, 1pm, 5pm

RM600 Per Trip (mak 12 passengers)


Melaka Panorama Bus

Panorama Melaka Sdn Bhd (formerly known as PM Cultural & Tourism Sdn Bhd)

is a privately held company and owned by the State Government of Melaka. The

company provides comfortable public bus services in and around Melaka for all

tourists and local passengers who want to tour the city. Most of the buses will

depart from Melaka Sentral bus terminal. The most popular bus route for tourist is

route No 17 to Bandar Hilir the centre of shopping activities and historical sites that

not to be missed during your visit to Melaka. Panorama Melaka buses operates from


Lot 19B & 19C Zone B, BangunanTerminal, Melaka Sentral, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Peringgit, 75300 Melaka.06-282 646606-282 [email protected]

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Page 38: Brochure Melaka


Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka.06-2814322 / 23

The construction of the replica Water Wheel of the Melaka Sultanate represents

the greatness of Melaka and its technological feat for tourist to view up close.

This wheel faces the Melaka River where the International ports were located that

connects the eastern and western countries ages ago. The Water Wheel, usually

located in fast moving waters, was used to channel water for the large number of


Melaka Sultanate Water Wheel

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Page 39: Brochure Melaka


Malacca Butterfl y and Reptile Sanctuary

If you are a butterfl y lover,

or love to get in touch with

nature, Malacca Butterfl y &

Reptile Sanctuary is a must

visit destination. Beautifully

landscaped and occupying

jungle site of more than 11 acre

in Melaka, this is now home

to a huge variety of animals,

from insects to reptiles, and

birds to mammals. With more

than thousands of butterfl ies

and moths fl ying around, the Butterfl y Aviary makes one feels like living in a

mystical world.


Dataran 1 Malaysia Melaka

Due to the beauty, 1Malaysia

Square Coast will take many visitors

advantage of a break and play a

kite. Factors like the open area

on the beach and the wind that

always blows can give comfort

to kite enthusiasts to show their

skills and expertise of fl ying a kite

respectively. If you want to make a

change, take some time to get the

experience of fl ying a kite on the


Melaka Tengah

Jalan Klebang Besar Tanjung Kling, Melaka 76400.

Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka, Malaysia06 -232 00338.30am - 5.30pmwww.butterfl

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Page 40: Brochure Melaka


2_Sightseeing.indd 65 6/14/2013 4:31:01 PM

Page 41: Brochure Melaka


The Botanical Garden or formerly

called the Hutan Rekreasi Ayer Keroh is

surrounded by a woodland containing

over 300 species of one-of-a-kind fauna

and fl ora. A botanical garden is a place

where plants, especially ferns, conifers

and fl owering plants, are grown and

shown for the purposes of education

and learning, research, and preservation.

Botanical gardens that specialize in trees

are often referred to as arboretums.

Recreation Melaka Tengah

Botanical Garden

If you feel not in the mood for

jogging or your kid doesn’t want

to walk far enough, your trip at

Melaka Botanical Garden can be

done with a buggy car.

For some more action, you can

enjoy the Canopy walk. With this

walk you can see something more

from the Botanical gardens on a

higher level.

Lebuh Ayer Keroh,Melaka, Malaysia 06 - 232

Melaka Zoo & Night Safari

Melaka Zoo & Night Safari is situated in Ayer Keroh, a well-known tourism destination

in Melaka. It is the second largest zoo in Malaysia with the built up size at 21.2 acres.

The major attractions are the Malayan Tigers, Serow and Malayan Gaur.

Hang Tuah Jaya, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka1300-22-3000 / 06-2324054Day Zoo: 9 am - 6 pm (Daily) Night Zoo: 8.00 pm - 10.30 pm (Fri, Sat, School Holiday & Eve of Public Holiday)

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Page 42: Brochure Melaka


For the i rst time ever in Melaka, Wildlife Theatre presents adorable sea lions,

colourful soaring birds, fascinating reptiles and

a mysterious tribe from the tropical rainforests

of Borneo. You can meet the intelligent

South American sea lions as they dazzle and

charm you with their exuberant liveliness and

enthusiasm. The cultural splendour of the

native Borneo tribe will tantalize your appetite

with their pulsating jungle rhythms and

journey into their life, the grandiose rainforest

of East Malaysia. Be fascinated with the

perplexing wildlife friends which will surprise

you when you least expect them to!

Melaka Tourism Monorail

Wildlife Theatre Melaka

The monorail is a great way to see a little

bit more of the city that you may not

have already visited, and can also boast

a unique perspective that you may not

get from simply travelling in a taxi or

on a bus. The route of Monorail Melaka

stretches from the Hang Jebat station,

which is at Taman Rempah, and follows

the course of the river until it reaches

the Hang Tuah station near Jalan Bunga

Raya. The ride itself takes about twenty

minutes, and gives people a good look

at the river and the areas of the city near

the water.

Jalan Mutahir, 75300 Melaka06- 2814322 / 2306- 28143254.00 pm - 11.30 pmAdult : RM10, Child: RM5 N 2.207864, E 102.251778GPS

RecreationMelaka Tengah

Lot 101, Kawasan Bandar XLII, Daerah Melaka Tengah, Pulau Melaka, Melaka.016 - 661 2268 / 2998Adult – RM20Child & Senior Citizen – RM15Show time:Sat, Sun, School & Public Holiday : 3pm & [email protected]



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Page 43: Brochure Melaka



Melaka Bird Park is the i rst open aviary bird

park in Melaka. Be welcomed by the chirping

lovebirds as you walk through the open

aviary. Aside from the free fl ying birds, giant

aviary and canopy walk, Melaka Bird Park

of ers beautiful and natural surroundings of

the Ayer Keroh rainforest, a perfect place to

relax and unwind.

New Attractions:

Bird Feeding

Waterfall Aviary

Cockatoo Kopitiam



Melaka Planetarium Adventure Science Centre, Kompleks MITC, Hang Tuah Jaya, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka.06 -232 2424 9.15 am - 6

Taman Botanikal, Lebuh Ayer Keroh, Hang Tuah Jaya,75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka.06 -233 03339am - 6pm (Daily)

Melaka Tengah

Melaka Wonderland

Melaka Planetarium

Melaka Bird Park

Lot PT 17178, Lebuh Ayer Keroh, Hang Tuah Jaya, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia. 06 -231 3333 / 06 -231 [email protected]

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park &

Resort located in Ayer Keroh Melaka.

This unique water theme park

surrounded by 360 hectares of natural

forests features attractions from high

speed water slides, Dinosaur Park,

Paintball, Personal Transporter, Arcade,

and Fun Fair to excite you! It would be

a great place to chill on a hot and sticky

day in Melaka.

Movies :

Cosmic Collisions (20 min)

Two Small Pieces of Glass (30 min)

Universe (25 min)

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Page 44: Brochure Melaka


Coral Wonderland Melaka

Coral Wonderland Melaka is i rst Coral Park in Malaysia. It is located at 4th fl oor

of Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, right in the heart of the historical city

of Melaka, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia. It is the most touchable

aquarium in Malaysia with the longest touch pool in Asia where you can feel

the skin of star i sh, sea cucumber, sea urchin, bamboo shark and even the

Stingless Jellyi sh, before continuing to the enchantment of animals from

various depths and ocean regions around the world. A few hours spent at

the Coral Wonderland will be as educational as it is fun and memorable.

4th Floor, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka.06-2829966 06-281996610:30 am – 9:00 pm (Monday to Friday)10:30 am – 9:30 pm (Weekend, Public & School Holidays)

RecreationMelaka Tengah

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Page 45: Brochure Melaka


Tanjung Tuan or Cape Rachado (as named by the Portuguese, means Broken

Cape) is an exclave of the state of Melaka, Malaysia. It is a cape with a lighthouse

facing the Strait of Melaka. In 1921, the area was gazetted as a permanent forest

reserve with 809,700 square metres under the name of Hutan Rekreasi Tanjung

Tuan. However, in 1969 an area of 161,900 square metres was degazetted from

the permanent forest reserve status

for the purpose of public use. The

remaining of the 607,000 square metres

of the Cape Rachado forest reserves was

gazetted as a wildlife sanctuary under

the jurisdiction of PERHILITAN (forestry

and wildlife protection department)

under the Birds and Wild Life Protection

Ordinance, 1955 (Ordinan Perlindungan

Binatang-Binatang Liar dan Burung-

Burung, 1955).

Hutan Rekreasi Tanjung Tuan

Tanjung Tuan, Melaka 06 -23278807am-6pmN 2.41232948, E 101.8559954

Recreation Alor Gajah

Turtle Management Centre

Padang Kemunting Turtle Management

Centre was established in 1990 and

is managed by the Department of

Fisheries Melaka. Padang Kemunting

Turtle Management Centre was

set up as an ef ort towards turtle

conservation and to monitor the

landing of turtles in the Melaka beach.

Padang Kemunting Turtle Management

Centre houses an exhibition gallery

and an audiovisual room. Padang

Kemunting Turtle Management Centre

now serves as a hatchery and also an

information centre to raise awareness

among the general public. As their

numbers have been declining, Padang

Kemunting Turtle Management

Centre together with World Wildlife

Federation undertakes great ef ort

to save these turtles from extinction.

Pusat Konservasi dan Penerangan Penyu, Pantai Padang Kemunting,78300 Masjid Tanah, Melaka06 -384675410.00 am - 4.00 pm (Tues - Sun)


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Page 46: Brochure Melaka


Tanjung Bidara Beach

About 20km north-west of Melaka on

the way to Port Dickson, there’s Tanjung

Bidara which possesses pleasant

sandy beaches. It is a magnii cent

sweep of the state’s coastline, and its

beach is very popular among locals

as well as foreigners. The main beach

is at the Tanjung Bidara Beach Resort,

where there are also food stalls.

Tanjung Bidara78300 Kampung Alor Gajah

A heaven of sun, sea and sand, Pengkalan

Balak Beach is a paradise to beach lovers.

The cool, clean and inviting waters make

swimming a favorite of visitors. This is an

ideal place for those seeking a quiet and

pristine place to relax. It has a i shing

village and is known for Ikan Bakar(grilled

i sh). Near the beach is a turtle hatchery.

This place of ers a closer look into

the hawksbill turtles' breeding habit.

Pengkalan Balak Beach

RecreationAlor Gajah

Sungai Udang Recreational Forest

Sungai Udang Recreational Forest covering 335

hectares is part of Forest Reserve initiatives. Belong to

lowland careen forest types; it is rich in variety of fl ora

and fauna as well as suitable for outdoor recreational

activities such as bird watching, camping and across

trails. Lovely forest atmosphere is also ideal for

leisurely activities and family picnics. The recreational

area is more focused on the core activities. The vicinity

of the entrance of the administrative center are well

equipped with food stalls and parking areas and

recreational facilities such as i shing areas, children’s

area and a lounge as well as the herb trail for visitors.

Zone 2 is a camping zone. It is suitable for group

activities such as school, institutions, and so forth. These

activities focus area allows visitors to stay overnight.

Sungai Udang, Melaka06 - 2.18’2.966, E 102.7’53.806

Pengkalan Balak, Tanjung Bidara Melaka

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Page 47: Brochure Melaka


Jasin Hot Spring

Hot spring is one of Melaka’s tourist

attractions. For over 125 years, this hot

springs has been visited by thousands

of people each year for recreational

and healing purposes. The compound

is about 3 acres with several swimming

pools i lled with 30 to 40 degree water

from the hotsprings which are catered for

adults and children. You and your family

will enjoy the hot spring bath in Melaka.

Kolam Air Panas Bemban, Jasin Melaka.06 -52103699am - 12am (Tues-Sun, Public& School Holiday)3pm - 12am (Monday)Adult RM5.00 ,Children RM 2.00 Weekends & Public Holiday -Adult RM6.00 ,Child RM 3.00N2.290575, E102.375176GPS


Recreation Jasin

Laman Tiga Budaya

Laman Tiga Budaya located in Jasin

inland area called Asahan, which is

about 27 km from Jasin town and 40

km from Melaka town. Given the name

of Laman Tiga Budaya, it also means ‘3

cultures’ as it is located in the middle

of 3 states of Negeri Sembilan, Melaka

and Johor. Asahan also inhabited

the forest reserve and also houses

Asahan waterfall. Laman Tiga Budaya

built by local authorities consists of a

theme park, jungle trekking, mountain

climbing and hiking near the waterfall.

During weekends it would be a local

community’s park facilitate both local

and travellers.

06 -529613310am-6pm (Closed on Wed), 9am-7pm (Weekend) Adult RM10 , Child RM5 RM

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Page 48: Brochure Melaka


Asahan WaterfallIt’s no surprise then that the waterfalls

that make our “best” list have one thing

in common – they are harder to get to!

Asahan Waterfalls is an ideal recreation

area for family. The lower waterfall with

its big swimming hole is great for a

refreshing splash. Recreational areas

are well-equipped with infrastructure

facilities including accommodation.

Among the main attractions of this

recreation center are the vibrant and fresh

rivers and waterfalls. Visitors can perform

various activities such as camping,

jungle trekking, bathing, ‘bird watching’,

seminars and motivational camps. In

addition to activities, the visitors have

the opportunity to see various types

and species of fl ora and fauna including

wild orchids and natural forests certainly

beautiful and interesting.


Old Melaka Heritage Tour

You can start the tour from TIC (Tourist

Information Centre) at Jalan Kota from

9.30am and 12.00 pm on every Tuesday,

Thursday and Saturday. For registration

you can call 06-2814226 (Melaka

Museums Corporation) or 06-2836230

(Tourist Information Centre Jalan Kota).

The Old Melaka Heritage Tour has been

specially brought for you by Melaka

Museum Corporation. This tour will bring

you to discover 11 historical sites within

2 ½ hours by walking along the cultural

and historical buildings that make Melaka


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Page 49: Brochure Melaka


Melaka InternationalMotorsport Circuit (MIMC)

Located just after the Ayer Keroh

Toll exit, is Melaka International

Motorsport Circuit. This is Malaysia’s

i rst international drift circuit. This is

also Malaysia’s second international

standard-status drift circuit after

the Sepang International Circuit in

Sepang. It is the largest International

Circuit for Go-Kart in South East

Asia, having the longest track

measuring 1.6 km in length. There

is a two-tier grandstand that is able

to accommodate up to 800 visitors

at one time. Melaka International

Motorsport Circuit is completed with

facilities such as parking bays, oi ce,

ticketing booth, operation rooms, and

pit-stops for each racing team.

Melaka International Bowling Centre (MIBC)

Located near the MITC roundabout is

Melaka International Bowling Centre.

This is a 2 storey complex with a built

up area of more than 10,000 square

metres. The Melaka International

Bowling Center oi cially opened in

August 2009 and oi ciated by the

Chief Minister of Melaka, Datuk Seri

Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam. Melaka

International Bowling Centre is the

largest bowling centre in Malaysia. It

is equipped with 52 bowling lanes.

MIBC has been a venue for various

international bowling competitions

such as 45th QubicaAMF Bowling

World Cup, International Bowling

Competition 2009 and SUKMA XIII


MITC Bowlplex Sdn Bhd,Jalan Konvensyen Hang Tuah Jaya,75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka.06 -2346780/ 678110am-1am (Daily)Adult - RM6.00 per gameChild - RM5.00 per gamewww.mibcbowling.comN 2.272576, E 102.287328GPS


Lot 6450, Simpang Padang Keladi, Of Lebuh Raya Ayer Keroh, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka.06 -55335149am-7pm (Tue-Sun)N 2.293052, E 102.305664


Sport Melaka Tengah

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Agro Tourism

The Melaka International Trade Centre is a convention

centre situated in Ayer Keroh, a small town in the state

of Melaka. It is oi cially launched on June

2003 by Mohammad Ali bin Rustam, the

Chief Minister of Melaka. With a fl oor size

of 13,000 square metres on one storey,

M.I.T.C. is one of the most convenient Trade

Centre that meets today's international

exhibition and modern architecture.

Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC)

Melaka International Trade Centre Level 2, Convention Centre, Jalan Konvensyen, Hang Tuah Jaya, MITC Complex, 75450, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. 06 -233 3330 06 -233 [email protected]

A 5.3 hectares of beautifully

landscaped gardens completed

with walking tracks, fountains

and romantic pergolas, Garden of

Thousand Flowers is a perfect spot

for quiet stroll, suitable for family

recreation activities and for those

who are interested in landscape

and nursery. Facilities available in

this recreation park include surau,

toilet, cafe, various benches and

rest area. As the name indicates

itself, this park shall delight you

with loads of beautiful and unique

fl ower species. Thousands of fresh

breed fl owers can be found here

and do take your time to scroll

along this park. Jalan Seri Negeri, 77200 Melaka N 2.266983, E 102.29769GPS

Melaka Tengah

Melaka Tengah

Garden of a Thousand Flowers (Taman Seribu Bunga)

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Page 51: Brochure Melaka




















23 24



2_Sightseeing.indd 76 6/14/2013 4:31:37 PM

Page 52: Brochure Melaka

77Chitty’s Village

Eye On Melaka

Kg Morten Homestay

Villa Sentosa

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

Kg Kling Mosque

Jonker Bird House

The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

Kg Hulu Mosque


SriPoyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple

St Francis Xavier’s Church

Poh San Teng Temple

Hang Li Poh’s Well (The King’s Well)

Melaka River Cruise (River Mouth Jetty)

Maritime Museum

Melaka Duck Tours

The Stadthuys

Replica of Melaka’s Sultanate Palace

Porta de Santiago

St Paul’s Church

Taming Sari Tower

St John’s Fort

Marina Melaka

Wildlife Theater Melaka

Melaka Straits Mosque

Melaka River Cruise (Spice Garden Jetty)

St Peter’s Church


































Tourist Attraction

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Page 53: Brochure Melaka


DT 427, Taman Rama-Rama, Ayer Keroh, 75450 Hang Tuah Jaya, Melaka06-233 08879am - 6pm (Daily)Free [email protected]

Lot 2727 & 2729, Kampung Padang Keladi, Mukim Durian Tunggal, 76100 Melaka.06 -5533957 / [email protected]

The World’s Bee Museum

Serama Park

First World Serama Chicken (World’s

Smallest Chicken & Chicken species

worldwide) will be display in the World

Serama Park, Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

Agro Tourism

Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm

The Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm is a perfect

place to unwind and become one with

nature. Visitors will have the opportunity

to experience for themselves the cool

and serene surroundings at the farm.

Apart from having the opportunity to

savour fresh tropical fruits, visitors

will be able to learn more about these

fruit trees which many have not seen

before, for example, Melaka Fruit Tree.

The attractions at the farm are the

mini zoo, accommodations, i shing and

some team building activities like fl ying

fox, paintball, jungle trekking, rafting,

canoeing and others.

Melaka Tengah

Ong Super Trading S/B who operates

the museum is well known in Melaka

for its research and development of

bee farms. Being part of Bee family,

International Bee Museum does not

only work as research and development

but also a learning hub for visitors,

as the owner will personally tour the

visitors, spreading the knowledge of

Bees. You will be surprised to discover

details about the many species of bees

that exist in our world, its lifestyle and

behaviour. Here you will learn how bees

are bred for honey.


Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm Sdn BhdPusat Latihan Pertanian Sg. Udang76300 Sg.Udang Melaka06-351691606-3510130www.melakatropical.commtf [email protected]

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Page 54: Brochure Melaka


Batu Lebah Hill Recreational Park

Agro Tourism

Bukit Batu Lebah or also known as Bee Hives Hill is located in the forest reserved of

Bukit Senggeh in Jasin district. It is situated about 20KM from a small town named

Selandar. Bukit Batu Lebah is about 500 to 600 meter from the sea level, famous for

its wide range of big rocks formation. Local people called it Bee Hives Hill because

once there where many bee hives along the caves and rocks. You can i nd rocks

similar to a snake heads, ship and many small caves Pejabat Hutan Negeri Melaka.

If you are adventurous, you can enjoy some hiking here. If not, it is also suitable for

the beginner hikers.

Ayer Keroh/ Melaka Tengah

Operation hours:

Mon- Thu (9.00 am - 5.30 pm)

Fri - Sun & Public Holiday (9.00 am - 6.00 pm)

Journey Through Malaysia and Her Culture...

Culture Show Time

Morning Session 11.00 am

Afternoon Session 2.00 pm

Evening Session 4.00 pm

For enquiries:

Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450, Melaka.



[email protected]

Welcome to a park where every expression has colour.

Where every walk is an unforgettable memory.

A park where a tradition blends with

modernity to create a present that is at once evocative,

charming and magical. Come, celebrate life.

Experience at


Ayer Keroh Melaka.

Kumpulan Melaka Berhad.06 - 2327880 2.24’2.596 ,E 102.25’36.58


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Page 55: Brochure Melaka


Melaka is one of Malaysia’s most unassuming states with a good blend of historic

attractions and great food. Melaka is the third smallest Malaysian state after Perlis

and Penang. It is located 150 km south of Kuala Lumpur, exactly located in the

southern region of the Malay Peninsular, next to the Straits of Melaka. It borders

Negeri Sembilan to the north and Johor to the south. This historical city centre has

been listed as a UNESCO world heritage city since 2007. With its appealing and

assorted blend of cultural, multicultural heritage, rich trading history and natural

attractions, there are some key sights you should not miss out when visiting the


Walk Around Melaka

Stadthuys Complex Melaka

Casa Del Rio Trishaw

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Page 56: Brochure Melaka

81Walking through Melaka, it is really good to start from the beginning of the

heritage city building if you want to see all the key sights. When you begin walking

here, you can see the St. Francis Xavier Church on your left side. The St. Francis

Xavier Church was built in 1856 in honour of St. Francis Xavier, a prominent 16th-

century Catholic missionary. This twin-spired neo-gothic structure was built on

the site of an old Portuguese church. This is very big impressive church between

this small street with old houses and small old shops. When you walk further

along this small street,you will see the old and authentic houses and shops built

by the Dutch, just by looking around you.

Melaka River is just right behind these buildings. This river lows across the

middle of Melaka town. It was once an important trade route during the heyday

of Melaka sultanate in the 15th century. It has lost its function nowadays and

become a tourist attraction. While walking along the river you can see the tourist

boats and you can enjoy the relaxing and serene atmosphere.

On the bridge, on your left side, you will see the Dutch Square with the Dutch

Stadthuys, Christ Church, Victoria Fountain and a windmill. All of these sights

were built by the Dutch, except for the Victoria fountain, which was built to

commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. This fountain is probably

one of the last traces of the British colonial era in Malaysia and it symbolizes the

glorious days of the British colonization in Malaysia in the yesteryears. The four-

sailed windmill instead was built to mark the Dutch occupation in Melaka.

Windmill Christ Church

Melaka River Cruise Victoria Fountain

3_Walk Around Melaka.indd 81 6/14/2013 4:39:34 PM

Page 57: Brochure Melaka


Most of the trishaws are equipped with an audio player to play popular songs

or music of the passenger’s mother tongue. In Malaysia, there are only 2 states

known with trishaws aimed as tourism service which are Penang and Melaka.

However, the trishaws in Melaka are still crowned as the best looking in the

region and sitting on Melaka trishaw for a sightseeing tour

is dei nitely a good experience. As you pass a

landmark while riding the trishaw, the driver

will act as a guide and enlighten you with any

necessary information regarding the landmark

that you see.You will view the Portuguese

port, Porta de Santiago when you walk back

from the Dutch Square. It is among the oldest

surviving European architectural remains in Asia. The

Porta de Santiago, a small gate house, is the only remaining part of the fortress

still standing. Albuquerque had the fortress built around a natural hill near the

sea because he believed that Melaka would become an important port linking

Portugal to the Spice Route in China.

TrishawAround this Dutch square, you could i nd something that is typical to Melaka;

the trishaw. You will be fascinated to see all the colourful decorated trishaws

with l owers, dolls, l ags and lights. In olden days, before the rolling of

industrialization age in Malaysia, trishaw was used as one of the main public

transportation modes by residents in Melaka. Due to the modernization of

lifestyle and popularization of other effi cient transportation alternatives,

trishaw has eventually been phased out from daily life of local residents. Most of

the trishaws in Melaka are mounted with the seat cabin side-by-side. The places

where you can easily i nd trishaw services are Porta de Santiago and Equatorial

Hotel Melaka.

Trishaw at night

Trishaw at day

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Page 58: Brochure Melaka


Melakafrom the Top

Located in a popular district of Bandar Hilir along Jalan Merdeka,

only 3 minutes of walking distance from Mahkota Parade Shopping

Complex and Dataran Pahlawan Megamall, there is a tower known

as Menara Taming Sari. It is named after the Taming Sari keris, a

mythical weapon said to possess mystical powers belonging

to the legendary Malay warrior, Hang Tuah. The structure of the

tower follows the shape of the keris, with the peak of the tower

resembling its hilt.

From a height of 80 metres, the ride ofers you a spectacular and

panoramic view of Melaka UNESCO World Heritage City with a

host of interesting sights such as St.Paul’s Hill, Independence

Memorial Building, Samudra Museum and the ship, Flor De La Mar,

DataranPahlawan, PulauSelat Mosque, PulauBesar and the Straits

of Melaka. From here, you will be able to picturehow fast and rapid

has Melaka developed and still developing. Measuring 110 metres

in height, its revolving structure ofers a 360-degree panoramic

view of Melaka town and beyond. The structure of Menara Taming

Sari is reportedly strong enough to withstand earthquakes

measuring up to 10 Richter scale.

3_Walk Around Melaka.indd 83 6/14/2013 4:39:36 PM

Page 59: Brochure Melaka


The Melaka River . . . . . .Venice Of The East

From its role as a meeting point

between the East and West in the 16th

century, the Melaka River has morphed

into a tourism destination today. Both

locals and foreigners come to soak in

its history from the diverse architecture

found along its banks.

There are old churches, mosques,

bridges, clan houses, warehouses,

temples and villages that have

withstood the test of time. Twenty

years ago, Melaka River was small and

murky, with i shing boats crowding the

river mouth. It was hard to imagine that

this is the same river that attracted the

Portuguese, the Dutch and the British

to build a port and fortress here.

Today, we see it as a modern waterfront

with gardens, a fort, a fountain,

performance stages, breezy walkways

and a large water wheel.

The Melaka River with its cruise is the

biggest surprise. The muddy, murky

water is now quite clear, with a hintof

emerald green. Clean embankments on

both sides stretch for several kilometres.

The river has also been widened and a

mechanical device has been installed to

control the depth of the water. The idea

is to make the river completely pollution-

free, while developing exquisite gardens

on its banks, and pacing the pedestrian

pathways to perfection.

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Page 60: Brochure Melaka

85Passengers on the Melaka River cruise get a

feel of the multi-cultural and historical fabric

of the country. One can even see the Melaka

tree, which Parameswarawas resting under

when he became inspired by the sight of a

mouse deer kicking his dog, and decided to

name the place Melaka.

The 26 ibre-glass boats are named after

historic igures such as Hang Tuah, Hang

Jebat, Munshi Abdullah and Tun Perak.

Passengers are also serenaded with

traditional songs such as dondang sayang.

There are two types of cruises; one ofers

recorded commentaries and the other has

a tour guide on board. The approximate

touring time for Melaka River Cruise is

about 45 minutes (9KM) from the Quayside

Heritage Centre to Taman Rempah,

Pengkalan Rama. The boats are available

daily at every thirty minute intervalof the

following times: 9.30pm to 5pm and 6pm to


A must-see on the cruise is Kampung

Morten, a living museum showcasing a

village that has been around for hundreds

of years. There are private museums here

where one can get a deeper understanding

of the local Malay culture including their

costumes and crafts like embroidery work.

The houses are ine examples of Malay

architecture, with sweeping staircases in

the centre and a veranda where family

members sit in the evenings to enjoy the

air. You can also see the replica of a pirate

ship, the Eye On Malaysia Ferris wheel, the

abandoned Cathay cinema as well as the old

express bus terminal. There is also a replica

of a royal water wheel and a fort, complete

with cannons around the walls.

The cruise boat passes under many bridges

that had important functions in the old days.

The Tan Kim Seng Bridge marks the strategic

place captured by the Portuguese in 1511

when they wanted to occupy Melaka. The

other bridges are Chan Koon Cheng Bridge,

Ghost Bridge of Melaka, Old Market Bridge

and Hang Tuah Bridge.

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Page 61: Brochure Melaka


Jonker Walkat Night

If you are going back to Tan Kim Seng Bridge from Menara Taming Sari, you will

pass by Jonker Street;one of the “must-go” places in Melaka. On Friday and Saturday

nights, Jalan Hang Jebat is closed for traffi c and turned into the Jonker Walk Night

Market. Don’t forget to try the Famosa Chicken Rice Ball once you are here. This

place comes alive at night when the seafood restaurants open and people l ock

here for an al fresco dinner. During weekends, the common entertainment here

includes Portuguese music and dancing on the outdoor stage. Just kick back, relax

and enjoy the delicious seafood with the sunset.

Tourist night markets were set up about three decades ago as an alternative for

small-time traders to sell their goods in the evening. They have become a very

prominent feature of Malaysian shopping. Jonker Walk is popular for its weekend

night market stalls, which attracts tourists and local people alike to spend their

weekend nights there. If you are planning to spend an hour there before hopping

to another major attraction, think twice as it is not an ordinary ‘street’. One can

spend a whole day there just to check out the attractive shops along the street.

This is the place where you can i nd shops selling unique antique, carved

woodenstatues, interior and household products, fashionable clothes and

colourful accessories. The antique stores here display artefacts from various areas

of the colonial rule- British, Dutch and Portuguese. If you have enough time to

head through the street and you have good eyes for hunting and bargaining for

unique and worthy antique furniture, money notes, coins, lamps, beds, cast iron

and other priceless Buddha effi gies, then this is the place to be. Promised to get

some nice souvenirs of Melaka for friends? Here is the best place to source some

unique souvenirs without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Jonker Walk at night

Front view of Jonker Walk

3_Walk Around Melaka.indd 86 6/14/2013 4:39:51 PM

Page 62: Brochure Melaka


One of the many reasons why Malaysia is

such a unique country is because of the

existence of cultural diversity formed by the

country’s people of diferent races. These

unique cultural practices give a more in-

depth insight for tourists and locals to get

to know more about the races found here

in Malaysia. Melaka with its cultural diversity

is an artist in its soul. We are all created

to create something new and inspiring;

something that will change us, and change

the world, make it better and reveal its true

sense and meaning.

Beauty Of Art

4_BeautyOfArt.indd 87 6/14/2013 5:46:50 PM

Page 63: Brochure Melaka


Performing Art was originally used to describe any live artistic event that included

poets, musicians, fi lm makers, etc. - in addition to visual artists. If you weren’t around

during the 1960’s, you missed a vast array of “Happenings,” “Events” and Fluxus

“concerts,” to name just a few of the descriptive words that were used. By 1970,

Performance Art was a global term, and its defi nition a bit more specifi c.

“Performance Art” meant that it was live, and it was art, not theatre. Performance Art

also meant that it was art that could not be bought, sold or traded as a commodity.

Actually, the latter sentence is of major importance. Performance artists saw (and

see) the movement as a means of taking their art directly to a public forum, thus

completely eliminating the need for galleries, agents, brokers, tax accountants and

any other aspect of capitalism. It’s a sort of social commentary on the purity of

art. Since Performance Art is live, no two performances are ever exactly the same.

Additionally, the 1989’s saw the rise of the autobiography being incorporated into a

performance piece and so the Bridged Seni Cultural Tripe was established. This kind

of story-telling is much more entertaining to most people. The autobiographical

pieces are also a great platform for presenting one’s views on social causes or issues.

Performance Art may be entertaining, amusing, shocking or horrifying. No matter

which adjective applies, it is meant to be memorable.

The defi nition of fi ne art is “a visual art considered to have been created primarily

for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, specifi cally,

painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolour, graphics, and architecture. Historically,

the fi ve greater fi ne arts were painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry,

with minor arts including drama and dancing. Today, the fi ne arts commonly

include the visual art and performing art forms, such as painting, sculpture, collage,

assemblage, installation, calligraphy, music, dance, theatre, architecture, fi lm,

photography, conceptual art and printmaking. The term is still often used outside

of the arts to denote when someone has perfected an activity to a very high level of

theskill. Metaphorically, one might say that ‘they have master dancing to the level

of a ‘fi ne art’.

Performance Art

Fine Art

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Page 64: Brochure Melaka

89Dondang Sayang

Wayang Peranakan was only performed

and became a staple of Peranakan

culture in the 1910's. This was a period

when Peranakans were exposed to

the movies of Hollywood and wanted

to have their own theatre fi asco with

Peranakan elements. As women were

not allowed out of the house as it was

considered a taboo for women to be

seen on stage, men instead played the

roles of women in a kind of gender

reversal role. Until this very day plays

in Peranakan Wayang still retain this

old tradition though women are now

allowed on stage to perform roles.

However the role of the family matriarch

is always and mostly given to a man.

Wayang Peranakan

Joget is a traditional Malay dance

that originated in Melaka. One of

the most popular types of Joget is

called “Joget Lambak” and usually

performed by a large crowd together

in social functions. It was infl uenced

by the Portuguese dance of Branyo

which is believed to have been spread

to Melaka during the spice trade. In

Melaka, it is better known as ‘Cha

Kun Chak’. The dance is one of the

most popular folk dances in Malaysia

and normally performed by couples

in cultural festivals, weddings and

other social functions. Joget is a great

example how elements from various

cultures can merge into one single


Joget Lambak

Serampang Laut

This dance involves coordination

between the hands and feet as well

as between both male and female.

The basic hand movement is called an

‘incomplete fi st’ where the tips of the

thumb and forefi nger on both hands

touch each other and the remaining

fi ngers are curled in. The female dancers

keep their elbows low to portray

elegance while the male dancers keep

them high as a symbol of strength.


Branyo has been an integral part of

the Melakian Portuguese festival of

Introdu since the early 16th century.

This dance is mainly favored by the

older generation of the Portuguese

descendants. The male dancers wear

costume known as ‘Sanian‘ while

the female dancers wear ‘Sarung

Kebaya’. Musical instruments used

are only rebana and violin. The

beat and rhythm of the dance is

similar to 'joget' (the Malay dance

arts). This dance was developed

within the Portuguese settlement

in Melaka some 500 years ago.

DondangSayang literally is a form of

singing poems, an art accompanied by

its own unique orchestra, originated in

Melaka sometime in the 15th century,

infl uenced by traditional Portuguese

folk music. A typical group is made

up of 4 musicians who perform on

the violin, 2 rebana and a gong or

tetawak. The chief musician is usually

the violinist who plays a primary role in

dondangsayang, providing a counter

melody to the vocal melody. Musicians

may switch instruments in between

performances, but the violinist seldom

does, although this is permitted. If there

are musicians to spare, up to 5 rebana

may be used. Sometimes, the rebana

may be substituted with the tambourine

and barrel drum or even the kompang.

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Page 65: Brochure Melaka


Handicrafts have been around since man’s earliest days in accordance with the

prevailing environmental conditions. The fi rst examples were necessities such as

protection or coverings. Handicrafts were later improved and adapted according

to environmental conditions, eventually becoming “traditional” and accepted as an

art that refl ects the artistic sense, feelings and cultural characteristics of a society.

Traditional Melaka’s handicraft can be classifi ed in few cultures such as Malay, Chinese,

Indian, Portuguese, Chitty and Baba Nyonya. Architecture, whose origins lie in a need

to provide permanent shelter, has also changed and adapted in accordance with

local environmental conditions. This development led to wood carving gaining its

unique characteristics during the western conquered period. Arts and Crafts objects

were simple in form, without superfl uous or excessive decoration, and how they were

constructed was often still visible. They tended to emphasize the qualities of the

materials used (“truth to material”). They often had patterns inspired by British fl ora

and fauna and used the vernacular, or domestic, traditions of the British countryside.

Traditional Art & Crafts


Gasing or Tops Spinning is a traditional game popular among Malay (Native people).

It is largely played by the villagers in Melaka. Each

season after the rice harvest, several villagers

will come together to challenge each other in an

ultimate test of skill. The villagers believe that the

spinning tops would help bring good harvest.

Both adults and children can play the game, but

bigger or giant top spinning is more of a game for

adults than children. The ones used by adults are

much bigger in size and can spin for a period of

time whereas the ones played by kids are much

smaller. Gasing Melaka known as Gasing Jantung

and Gasing Berembang.

Rebana is a Malay tambourine that

is used in Islamic devotional music

in Southeast Asia, particularly in

Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and

Singapore. The sound of Rebana

often accompanies Islamic ritual

such as the Zikir.

Kompang / GendangClay

Operating a ceramic shop is yet to be

another labour of love art when craftsmen

produce clays souvenirs. In Melaka, located

in the heritage town ensconced a little

clay man house producing fi ne clay pieces

such as lamps, tea cups, kettles, fl ower

vases, miniature traditional houses, incense

burners and many other types of clay art. The

intense labour well described on the carved

designs with variety of unique shapes and

motifs including apple resemblance art,

pumpkins and even butternut squashes.

Besides souvenirs, many of er ‘clay-making’

classes at a reasonable fee.

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Page 66: Brochure Melaka

91Wooden Clogs (Terompah)

Beaded Shoes

Bound Feet Shoes

Rattan & Mengkuang Weaving Products

Nyonya Beaded Shoe is an artistic

hand craft and heritage of the Baba

Nyonya culture rooted in Melaka in the

20th century. Vintage kasut manik are

intricate with fi ne stitches as a testimony

to the fi ne workmanship of yesteryears.

The intricacy and fi ne workmanship of a

pair of beaded slipper is also a hallmark

of highly accomplished Peranakan

women, also known as Nyonyas, whose

skills in embroidery and beadwork are

highly valued. The beaded slippers

were worn by both the Peranakan

males (Baba) and females (Nyonya) and

were popular in the 1930’s.

The practice of foot binding began

in the tenth century by parents who

wanted their daughters to get noticed

by wealthy men of higher social status.

For them, this is a ticket for a better life

because having tiny feet for women

signifi ed beauty. Foot binding usually

began at age four. A ten-foot-long, two-

inch bandage was wrapped around the

toes to force them in against the sole.

Each day the bandage was tightened

until the foot was folded under with only

the big toe sticking out, a shape called

the “Golden Lotus” because it resembled

a lotus pod with the petals removed.

Looking at the materials and shapes of

the woven products, initially the craft is

created with emphasis on usage more

than anything else. As skills developed,

this concept has changed, especially

the art of weaving mats, where several

types of kelarai are made into decorative

pieces. Skill is needed to make kelarai

and the experts in this art have begun

to realize the concept of beauty and

aesthetics. Kelarai or ragi are named

and shaped after fl owers, bamboo as

well as other rural elements or pursuits.

A clog is a type of footwear made in part

or completely from wood. Clogs are used

worldwide and although the form may

vary by culture, within a culture the form

often remained unchanged for centuries.

Traditional clogs were often worn in

heavy labour. Today they remain in use

as protective clothing in agriculture

and in some factories and mines.

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Page 67: Brochure Melaka

92 Wooden Water Bucket

Handmade wooden water bucket has

been in the country for many years.

Most craftsmen started it as a leisure

hobby but due to high demand in

recent days, it had to be a day to

day routine for these craftsmen to

produce a few daily. Making wooden

barrels is a painstaking, labour

intensive task. Most craftsmen could

only make a barrel a day, for which

they sell at around RM90 per bucket.

All barrels are made of high quality

woods which are made for long-

lasting usage and can be kept for

good for years!

Stone Stamps Carving

This is a piece of personalized art with

name engraved for lifetime in Chinese

character translation. It also served as

an ancient documentation seal. It is

important in business in China (often

required for signing offi cial documents).

Variations of stones are available for

personal preference from plain stone

to fancier stone with motifs of dragon,

tigers and other warrior animals in

Chinese tradition. At a decent price,

a piece of art on your own is worth as

souvenirs for own self.


Lanterns may also be used for

signalling, as 'torches', or as general

light sources outdoors during the

ancient days. The term "lantern" is also

used more generically to mean a 'light

source' or the enclosure for a light

source. The simplest technology used

is the candle lantern. Candles give only

a weak light, and must be protected

from wind to prevent fl ickering or

complete extinguishment. A typical

candle lantern is a metal box or

cylinder with glass or mica side panels

and an opening or ventilated cover on

the top.

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Page 68: Brochure Melaka

93Copper / PewterIron & Steel SmithPewter is a malleable metal alloy,

traditionally 85–99% tin, with the

remainder consisting of copper,

antimony, bismuth and sometimes,

less commonly today, lead. Silver is also

sometimes used. Copper and antimony

act as hardeners while lead is common

in the lower grades of pewter, which has

a bluish tint. Melaka pewter craftsmen

only made pewter in small scale and

concentrating on traditional motif in term

of pewter design. Melaka made pewter

can be found in many tourist spots

such as Banda Hilir, Stadhuys Complex,

Melaka Sentral and Dataran Pahlawan.

Iron is one of the most useful metals

ever discovered, but it is also one of

the diffi cult metals to understand

in history, especially in medieval

history. Iron comes in several forms,

and the complication involved in

producing each of them fosters

further confusion. However, these

are just subsidiary as the handmade

iron and steel household still remain

inherited by generation. Despite the

demand of these items decreasing

due to the presence of plastic wares

and modern appliances, these

handmade steel products still remain

in better quality with longer lifespan.

Malay Sandals (Capal)

These sandals come in dif erent

shapes and sizes for all and are often

worn by the Malay men to complete

their traditional Malay attire called

Baju Melayu. Common classical Malay

attire for men consists of a baju (shirt)

or tekua (a type of a long sleeve shirt),

baju rompi (vest), kancing (button), a

small leg celana (trousers), a sarong

worn around the waist, capal (sandal),

and a tanjak or tengkolok (headgear).

Baju Melayu is commonly worn during

special celebrations or occasions such

as weddings and prayers.

Wooden Carving

Kampong Morten is a well-known place

housing professional wood carvers in

Melaka. Besides producing traditional

Malay decorative fi ne wood items,

they also produce wooden sheaths for

keris. A keris can be divided into three

parts: bilah (blade), hulu (hilt), and

warangka (sheath). These parts of the

keris are objects of art, often carved

in meticulous detail and made from

various materials, metal, precious or

rare types of wood, or gold or ivory.

Wood carving often needs professional

skill to produce a high quality carving

and most are sold at higher price.

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Page 69: Brochure Melaka


Outdoor recreation or outdoor activity is

a leisure pursuit engaged in the outdoors,

especially in (but not limited to) natural or

semi-natural settings out of town. The two

primary purposes for outdoor recreation

are bene� cial use and pleasurable


Pleasurable appreciation encourages

experiences of being “let in on nature’s

show”. Enhancement of inner perceptual

and/or spiritual life may be experienced

through outdoor and outdoor-related

activities such as nature study, aesthetic

contemplation, meditation, painting,

photography, archaeological or historical

research, and indigenous culture among

others. These activities may also be

physically rewarding. Many people

in modern civilizations believe that

the value of nature is found only in its

“utilitarian value” (bene� cial use). They

would discount the inner perceptual and/

or spiritual bene� ts of the “intrinsic value

of nature” that may be experienced during

pleasurable appreciation.

Outdoor activities may also be pursued

for the purposes of � nding peace in

nature, enjoying life, and relaxing. They

are alternatives to expensive forms of

tourism. Outdoor activities are also

frequently used as a medium in education

and teambuilding.

Outdoor Activities

5_OutdoorActivities.indd 94 6/14/2013 5:48:39 PM

Page 70: Brochure Melaka


Gol� ng holidays are becoming more and more

popular among tourists and even locals! Many

people now take advantage of their breaks

abroad to play golf in the sun. Youcan choose a

destination for the golf course from a selection of

choices, exclusively for your gol� ng needs. They

o� er the visiting golfer a wonderful opportunity

to enjoy a relaxed round of golf in friendly

surroundings. They have excellent clubhouses

too which will de� nitely beworth the visit!

Gol� ng

A’Famosa Golf Resort

Jalan Kemus, Simpang Empat 78000

Alor Gajah, Melaka


Orna Golf Country Resort

Batu 16, Jalan Gapam, Ladang Ga-

pam, Bemban 77200 Jasin, Melaka


[email protected]

km14.5, Jalan Ayer Keroh, 75750


06-2332000 / 06-2332011

Ayer Keroh Country Club

For a highly challenging round of

golf amidst shimmering lakes and

natural surroundings.


Tiara Melaka Golf & Country Club, Jalan Gapam, Bukit Katil, P.O. Box 473, 75760 Melaka.06-2311111 (General) 06-2312366 (Gol�ng)[email protected]

Tiara Melaka Golf

& Country Club

5_OutdoorActivities.indd 95 6/14/2013 5:48:42 PM

Page 71: Brochure Melaka


Bullock Cart was one of the earliest

forms of transportation in the country

when there were no motor vehicles at

that time. People used bullock cart as

a mode of travelling and transporting

goods. Traditionally, bulk quantities of

agricultural products like paddy and

straw were transported using bullock

carts. Evidenced from a woven roof, it

is believed that bullock carts were said

to have been introduced by Indian

traders during the Melaka Sultanate.

Klebang Beach o� ers a vast sandy

area for people to sun themselves.

There is very little shade here, and so

it is advisable to bring a parasol or

other form of shades, or perhaps apply

some sunblock lotion. The authorities

over recent years attempted to plant

some pine trees to create a more

shaded area, but this will take a few

years to develop naturally. Whilst all

the major beach type activities are

possible here, one extremely popular

activity at Klebang Beach is kite

� ying. People of all ages love � ying

kites both big and small; it is just the

perfect place to catch the breeze.

Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka012-7653341 / 014-2669589RM 10 (per ride) N 2.278411, E 102.299071



Klebang Beach5pm-7pm

Bullock Cart Pantai Klebang Kites Flying

06-554958424 HoursAdult: RM5, Children: RM3

Gadek Hot Spring Alor Gajah

Gadek Hot Spring is located in

KampungGanun, in the district of

Alor Gajah, approximately 30km

from the Melaka town. Surrounded

by coconut and palm trees, it

is a place where you can chill

and relax in the hot spring pool.

5_OutdoorActivities.indd 96 6/14/2013 5:48:44 PM

Page 72: Brochure Melaka

97Seaferer Explorer Watersport

Recreational team building is ‘mild’ form

of team building. Its focus is general in

nature such as building or strengthening

employee rapport and improving team

communication. It can be a substitute for

sta� retreat and performance incentive.

Team building has been de� ned and

viewed from many di� erent perspectives

by theoretical gurus. Some simply de� ne

it as “a facilitated intervention that

enhances organizational e� ectiveness

and goals through the enhancement of

individual role clarity and teaming skills.”

This means that it involves any form

of facilitated activity that requires the

members to perform cohesively with

one another. Tasik Ayer Keroh, which is

operated by REDTMA is easily accessible

after Ayer Keroh toll exit. It facilitates rock

climbing, Kayaking, Flying Fox, Jungle

Trekking, River crossing, Paintball, Zorball

and even night activities are available.

Jalan Tasik Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka.06-2327685

Ayer Keroh Lake

Seafarer newly launched Marine

Tourism & Water Sports Youth

Programme is designed for all walks of

life. The vision is to clearly streamline

and educate the youth and to also

promote Melaka Heritage Marine

Tourism Sector especially with its

natural and spiritual Historical Island

(more than 9 islands). Seafarer also

conducts Kayak Classes to promote

activities such as Island Hopping,

Coastal Cruise, Sunset Cruise and

Eco Tour Cruise. For those interested

in Sports Fishing, Seafarer o� ers

attractive packages such as Coastal,

Island, Trolling and also Night Fishing.

During the evenings, enjoy the

pleasure of Windsur� ng, Jetskiing,

Waterskiing or Kneeboarding for

those who seek some action. A BBQ

dinner will be prepared for those who

wish to dine by the sea.

1320-C, Klebang Besar 75200

5_OutdoorActivities.indd 97 6/14/2013 5:48:48 PM

Page 73: Brochure Melaka


Team Building

Team building exercises help build trust,

teamwork, and leadership, and can

even overcome fears. There is no better

way to instill these values thanbeing at

these places. The professionally trained

team building facilitators can organize

activities for any group size.

Saujana Asahan training centre aids team building, motivational courses and

seminars as well as outdoor and indoor activities. A scenic nature free from city

hassles is ade� nite � rst choice for motivational activities for team building. It

comes with accommodation, a small-sized ballroom and a � eld that is fair enough

to accommodate up to 500 people at one time. Packages such as Jungle Trekking,

Flying Fox, Obstacle Challenge Courses and Jungle Survival are available to both

cater groups and individuals.

This camp is located on about 30acres

land and surrounded with full of green

farming environment, clean and cosy

form with the location that is suitable for

activities such as � tness, camp, motivation

camp and identity formation. The primary

of Institut Skill-Tech has prepared training

for such activities.

Saujana Asahan

Institut Skill-Tech

Lot 453, Batu 13, Jalan Tebong Machap, Durian Tunggal, 76100 Melaka.019-919 862306-553 [email protected]

Majlis Sukan Negara MalaysiaSaujana Asahan,Jalan Kolam Air77100 Asahan, Melaka06 – 523 5849 / 06 – 523 5048http://[email protected]

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Page 74: Brochure Melaka


Melaka is a food paradise where tourists can enjoy eating abso-

lutely a compact mouth watering food for 24 hours. It would, abso-

lutely bring you an extraordinary traveling experience that you will

never forget. Treasure the food that you don’t really often hear about

in Melaka which has been proven the most popular food in town.

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Page 75: Brochure Melaka


Chia Yean Coff ee Shop is the epitome of an old-styled coff ee shop with its

typical standard setting of plastic tables and cubicles. To prepare this dish,

Duck Noodles, the duck is double-boiled in a huge cooker. The double-boiling

method ensures no water loss, and also locks in the essence of the ingredients.

Chia Yean Coff ee

Subaidah Restaurant

8AM - 9AM


Restoran Subaidah that started in

1988 became the successful catalyst

of the shareholdings and have

captured the market of people that

enjoy ‘Kandar’ style food & beverage.

Open 24 hours, here you can enjoy

Malaysia national food all day long!

Must Try : Duck Mee

Must Try: Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Maggi

Goreng, Nasi Goreng Kampung & Teh



No. 651, Taman Bukit Melaka Bukit Beruang,75450 Melaka.016-289 3287N2 14.779 E102 16.48

Melaka International Trade Centre (Behind McDonalds)

Nasi Lemak, considered as a national

dish. Its name in Malay literally

means “fatty rice”, but but it also

means “rich” or “creamy”. The name

is derived from the cooking process

whereby rice is soaked in coconut

cream and then the mixture steamed.

Lereh area (Near Sekolah Kebangsaan Lereh)

8AM - 10AM

Nasi lemak Kukus

10AM - 12PM

Chop Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball

The chicken rice is served as rice balls rather than

a bowl of rice, commonly known as Chicken rice

balls. Steamed rice is shaped into golf ball-size

and served alongside with the chopped chicken


Jalan Jonker (Opposite San Shu Gong)10am - 3pmN2 11.696, E102 14.909

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Page 76: Brochure Melaka

10110110112PM - 1PM

In Chinese it is called the ‘Ong Lai’

and in Chinese tradition, it is bound

to have pineapple tarts during

festive season.

This isn’t exactly a stall which you can

go whenever you want as it only opens

on Saturday and Sunday 12 noon until

sold out. 2 days in a week and 4 hours

of opening is critical to plan in advance.

The Coconut Santan is so rich with

Gula Melaka fragrant as its taste is like

heaven on earth.

Aunty Koh’s Cendol


Bukit Rambai12pm - Cendol fi nished (Sat & Sun only)N2 14.804 E102 11.516

Must Try: Chicken Tempura, Lemak

Prawns & Ginger Venison

11AM - 10PM

No 60 & 62 Taman Melaka Raya I, Jalan Melaka Raya 25, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia06- 2814848

Seroni Nyonya

11AM- 5PM

29, Jalan Hang Lekir, 75200 Melaka (Jonker Street)+606-2812023

Must Try: Pineapple Tart

Jonker Nyonya Enterprise

Malaysian food is as rich as its history.

During our exploration of the heritage

sites in Melaka, we got a chance to

experience Peranakan Cuisine where it

originated from Melaka. Recipes dating

as far back as the 15th century still

exist, evolving to what is now known

as Nyonya Cuisine. In a restaurant

tucked beside the hidden side street

of Taman Melaka Raya, we found

Seroni Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant.

Lois Beef Kut Teh

Despite being labelled as Beef Kut Teh,

fi rst timers might be disappointed with

its taste as it lacks herbal goodness in

it. Nevertheless, the distinctive hot

peppery taste of the sourness will

grow after a couple sips thereafter.

Must Try: Beef Kut Teh

Jalan Permai 2, Taman Perkota, 75350 Melaka10.30am to 2pm then6pm to 10pm

1PM - 2PM

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Page 77: Brochure Melaka


Asam Pedas, or literally “sour spicy,”

is a classic Malaysian dish commonly

found in Melaka. Everyone has their

own interpretation for this favorite

dish and there are endless adaptations;

to say, it’s sour, very hot and tastes

extraordinary and satisfying. If you are

a fan of traditional sweet tooth, this

place is for both the Asam Pedas and

Traditional Malays Kuih.

Must Try: Asam Pedas Ikan Pari,


12PM - 4PMAsam Pedas Pak Man /Perhentian Kuih Kampung

In front of Ujong Pasir Police Station 016-6700889

Umbai is a town between the Jasin-

Central Melaka borders. The famous

Umbai’s Medan Ikan Bakar is located

at Umbai Beach. Spoilt with choices as

there are many shops available. Follow

your intuition and choose one. Most

stalls serves decent grilled fi sh.


Ikan Bakar Parameswara, Medan Ikan Bakar, Pangkalan Pernu, Umbai 75460 N2.15608, E102.33625GPS

Must Try: Grilled Fish

Umbai Ikan Bakar

When it comes to Melaka‘s Satay Celup,

Capitol‘s popularity supersedes the rest.

And with that reputation, you are sure to

have a fair share of lovers and haters. With

layman descriptions in Malaysian’s context,

satay celup is served and eaten like lok-

lok and steamboat, except the main

diff erence in sauce. Instead of a boiling pot

of soup, satay celup is cooked by dipping

or dunking sticks of raw foods into boiling

pot of aromatically rich and spicy peanut

sauce. Enjoy!

5PM - LATERestoran Capitol Satay

Must Try: Satay Celup

41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100, Melaka RayaN2 11.710 E102 15.137GPS

Onde Onde, pronounced as ‘onn-day

onn-day’ or also known as Buah Melaka

by the Peranakans, originates from the

state of Melaka. These sweet balls of treat

is one of the many Peranakan desserts

and very popular with the locals. It has

soft dough coated with lightly salted

grated coconut and fi lled with natural

fl avours of Gula Melaka as the fi lling.

Jonker Street

Onde Onde

8PM - 10PM

Durian Puff Freshly baked Durian Puff s oozing

from within is made from King of

Fruits Durian and it is the highlight

of the place and you shall not miss.

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Page 78: Brochure Melaka


Eating OutIntroduction

Melaka o� ers some terri� c food - visitors are indeed spoilt for choices as a veritable feast unfolds before them, be it traditional Malay, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese or west-ern cuisine. Whatever its origin, the food in Melaka is always zesty, spicy and pungent. There is so much to savour that many people come spe-cially for its diverse and delicious cui-sine. From up market restaurants to roadside stalls, Melaka gives you the gourmet true satisfaction. There’s a few selections of restaurants where you can enjoy a � ne meal in Melaka!

Bon appetit !!

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Page 79: Brochure Melaka


Kedai Hassan Mee Rebus

Stall No.10/ Gerai No.10

Asam Pedas Melinja Kampung Musai

Kafe Rumah Melaka

Restoran Tiga Lima

G-22, Jalan OM 5,Plaza Mahkota75000 Melaka.012 – 268 6554

Must Eat! Curry Fish Head

Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan SemabokMust Eat!

Curry Fish Head

Pusat Promosi Perabot & Perkayuan Negeri Melaka Lot 232 – 234, Jalan Tun Kudu,Bukit Katil 75450 Melaka8 am – 7 pm (Closed on Sunday)[email protected]

691-1, Batu 2.S, Solok Selekoh, Padang Temu, 75050 Melaka019 -654569110am - 3pm (Closed on Fri)

Must Eat! Mee Rebus

Medan Selera Bukit Beruang.Taman Bukit Melaka, Bukit Beruang, 75450 Melaka

Must Eat! Nasi Lemak

2, Jalan Malinja 3, Kg Musai, 75100 Melaka6pm-1am (Daily)

Must Eat!

Asam Pedas

Malay Food

Pdg-01, Pandan Point Taman Sri Pandan Lorong Pandan 75250 ,Melaka. 06 -2838614 11am-7pm (Daily)

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Page 80: Brochure Melaka


Kingtu Restaurant

Sin Kuay Teochew Porridge

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball4, 6 & 8, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka06-2834751

Low Yong Moh Restaurant

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Satay Celup

Teochew Porridge

Must Eat!

Dim Sum

Lim Tian Puan Restaurant

Long Feng Chinese Restaurant

Must Eat!

No. 251, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, 75100 Melaka06 -2822737

Fried Glass Noodles

Must Eat! Dim Sum

19-A, Jalan Jawa, 75000 Melaka 06 -2812646 10.30am-4.30pm (Closed on Sun)

9, Jalan CU 4, Taman Cheng Utama, 75250 Melaka 012-60688056.30pm-12am (Closed on Mon & Tues)

32 Jalan Harmoni, 75000 Melaka 06 -28212355am-1pm (Closed on Tue)

Ramada Plaza Hotel, Jalan Bendahara, 75100 Melaka.06 -2848888 11am-1pm (Mon-Sat)8am-2pm (Sun)

Chinese Food


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Page 81: Brochure Melaka


Nilla Chettinar Restaurant

Restaurant Chelvis Curry House

Restaurant Vazhai Elai

Restoran Veni

No. 3, Jalan Temenggong, 75100 Melaka06 -28192237am-10pm (Daily)

Selvam Restaurant

Bonani Restaurant

757-N, Taman Kerjasama, Bukit Beruang, 75450 Melaka 06 -2324305 7am-10pm (Daily)

52, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, 75100 Melaka 06 -2867506 9am-10pm (Daily)

Curry Mutton

No. 347, Taman Melaka Raya, 75100 Melaka06 -2820340

Roti Canai

Banana Leaf Nasi Lemak

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

34, Jalan Temenggong, 75100 Melaka06 -28495706.30am-9.30pm (Daily)

36, Jalan Munshi Abdullah 75100 Melaka 06 -2831607 7am-10pm (Daily)

Indian Food

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Page 82: Brochure Melaka


No.6, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka06-2817054

Petai Sambal Udang

Bibik Ong Tricycle Stall

Nancy’s Kitchen

Nyonya Makko

Seroni Baba House

Restaurant Cottage Spices

Banya Restaurant

Bibik Neo

7, Jalan Hang Lekir, O� Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka06-2836099

Nyonya Popiah

123, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka06 -2840737

Lemak Nenas Udang

Jalan Low Hee Kong & Jalan Ujong Pasir.( Outside Garden Ice Café )

Nyonya Kuih

Pai Tee

Asam Prawn

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

G26, Jalan PM5, Plaza Mahkota, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka06-2835040 12pm-9pm (Closed on Tue)

154 Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka 06-2828297 11am-10pm (Closed on Thu)

Jalan TMR 25, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.06 -2814848 11.30am-2.30pm / 5.30pm - 9.30pm (Daily)

Baba&Nyonya Food

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Page 83: Brochure Melaka


Eleven Bistro Restaurant9 & 11 Jalan Hang Lekir, 75200 Melaka 06-2820011 10.30am-11.45pm

Sea Terrace

Restoran De Lisbon

Restaurant Straits Settlement

Papa Joe Restaurant

San Pedro Restaurant

Stall 1, Medan Selera Portuguese Settlement, Ujong Pasir, 75050 Melaka.012-6815519

18C, Portuguese Square, Kampung Portugis, 75050 Melaka.017-2445180

Salt Burst Crab

Devil’s Curry

4, D’Aranjo Road Portuguese Settlement, Ujong Pasir, 75050 Melaka.06 -2842170

Honey Fried Chicken

18/ B, Lot 2, Medan Portu-

guese, Kampung Portuguese,

75050 Melaka.

019-6284758 / 06 -2843276


Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

No.1 Medan Portugis, Ujong Pasir 75050 Melaka06-2848067 6pm-1am (Daily)

Portuguese Food

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Page 84: Brochure Melaka


34, 36, 38 & 40, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka,Bandar Hilir, 7500006-281 9746

UB-100, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Bandar Hilir, Melaka.06 -2813818

Kam Heong Crabs

Simply Fish

Seri Muara Alai Nasir Ikan Bakar

88 Sea Front Restaurant

Restoran New Lagoon

Paci� c Seafood Village

Seafood Platter

Km 8, Alai, 75460 Melaka.012 -2725310

Ikan Bakar/Clams

Portuguese Settlement,Ujong Pasir, 75050 Melaka.019-259991 / 06 -2634612

Steamed Lala (clams) with

garlic and chili padi

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Jalan Melaka Raya1, Melaka Town, 75200 Melaka. 016 -63313736pm-Late (Daily)

Zhong Hua Shark’s Fin Seafood Restaurant

Jalan Kesidang, No. 21-25, Melaka, Malaysia 06 -337 3312


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Page 85: Brochure Melaka


Zheng He Tea House

17 Jalan Harmoni 75200 Melaka016-7851958 / 016-764058810am-10pm (Mon-Sat)10am-6pm (Sun)

TeaMust Eat!

Durian Pu�

Nyonya Desserts

Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Nadeje Patisserie Cafe

Uncle Keong Delicacies

Pooh Keon

G-23 &25, Jln PM4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka.06 -283 8750

Madam Goh Nyonya Pineapple Tarts House

Tan Kim Hock

Taste Better

101 Jalan tokong 75200 Melaka 012-6138932 / 012-22923789am-5pm (Mon-Thu)9am-11pm (Fri-Sun)

85,87 & 86 Jalan Bendahara 75100 Melaka 06-28127639am-8pm (Daily)

Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka. 10am-6pm (Daily)

81, Jalan Tokong, 75200 Melaka 012-6134338 / 012-3531577

9am-10pm (Daily)

Lot BE03 & BE031, Dataran Pahlawan Megamall, 75000 Melaka 06-2821313 10am-10pm (Daily)

Bird’s Nest Soup

Pineapple Tarts


Must Eat!

Must Eat!

Must Eat!


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Page 86: Brochure Melaka


Shop in Style

Melaka is most famous for its sale of antiques when it comes to shop-ping. However, there is a � ne balance with modern shopping malls. Besides, designer brands, handicrafts and cultural souvenirs are also found in abundance, so you'll always have something to bring home for remembrance. Aside from the merchandise at mega shopping malls like Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan where prices are � xed, it’s time to walk out to Jonker Walk for more bargains.

Browsing through Melaka’s diverse blend of shopping venues is somewhat of an exhausting activity. However if you’ve got a yen to pick up some truly authentic Melaka souvenirs, this tiny town is the best place to do it. Some of the items you can get here include Nyonya ‘wooden clogs’, bound feet shoes, handmade tiles, charms, crystals, antiques and many others handicrafts.

The historical city o� ers not only history but all day long shopping experience!

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Page 87: Brochure Melaka


Melaka Mall

Hatten Square ShoppesDataran Pahlawan

Mahkota Parade

Shopping Malls

Tesco Melaka

Jaya Jusco Melaka

Melaka Fashion City

AEON Melaka

F3-96, Hatten Square, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir,75000 Melaka.06-282 4088 /06 -282 1828 [email protected]

Kompleks Melaka Mall Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka10am - 10pm

Lot 4991 Mukim Bukit Baru, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka06- 2324899

Lot B02 Mahkota Parade, No.1, Jalan Merdeka 75000 Melaka06 -282 6151

Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Peringgit, 75400 Melaka06

No. 1 Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Peringgit, 75400 Melaka06 -2882000

Jalan Lingkaran Mitc75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka.2°16’5”N 102°17’28”EGPS

Mydin Hypermarket Melaka

No.12, Mydin Mall MITC, Hang Tuah Jaya Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka06-23130079.00am - 11.00pm (Mon to Fri)8.30am - 11.00pm (Sat & Sun & Public Holiday)

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Page 88: Brochure Melaka


55, Jalan Tokong, Melaka.06 -286783510am - 5pm

63, Jalan Tokong, 75200 Melaka06 -292681210am - 5pm (Daily)

TS Lim Beaded Shoes

Hang Tuah Handicraft

66, Jalan Hang Jebat,Melaka.06 -2829755

Harmony Street

Medan Samudera Souvenir Centre

Jonker Gallery

Antiques Art Souvenir House

World of Antique

Malaqa House

Antique Shopping

Jalan Merdeka, Melaka.

11, 20, 51, Jalan Hang Jebat , 27/29B, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 64 Jalan Tokong, 75200 Melaka.06 -2869840

36 & 38, Jalan Hang Jebat,75200 Melaka06 -2840128

40 & 109, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka.06 -2818404

15, Jalan Tukang Emas, 75200 Melaka. (Paralel street to Jonker Walk)06 -2826773/ 012 278839312noon - 6pm

70 Jalan Tun Cheng Lock06 -2814770

Jing Ying Crystal & Souvenir

Heritage Gallery

Zon C, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, 7500 Melaka.10am – 10pmN2.190064 E102.250426GPS

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Page 89: Brochure Melaka


4pm - 12 midnight

Tanjung Kling (Spring Garden)Musai (Sri Siantan)Rumah Awam Tangga BatuTelok Mas

Taman Sinn Ujong PasirTaman Tanjung Minyak SetiaKampung Lapan, TengkeraKampung GelamTaman Sri DuyongPantai PeringgitTaman Bertam JayaBukit Terendak, SG. Udang

Plaza Sg. Udang (Taman Keris Mas)Taman Peringgit JayaSemabokTaman Rambai Utama

Tampoi KrubongTaman Harta Pertama, Bukit BaruRumah Awam Ayer MolekTaman Peruna, Sg. UdangTaman Desa MolekTaman Datin Fatimah, Bukit Rambai





Taman Bukit SerinditTaman Sri Telok MasTaman Rambai Jaya

Taman Kota LaksamanaPlaza Sg Udang (Bt.13 Sg. Udang)Paya IkanTaman MGBM, BachangTaman Cheng Perdana

Rumah Awam Bandar HilirPantai Jaring

Jonker Walk (Tourist Night Market)Pahlawan Walk (Tourist Night Market)




Friday, Saturday ,Sunday

Melaka Night Market

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Page 90: Brochure Melaka


Night Life

Nightlife in Melaka town is varied. It’s nightlife is an exploration of excitement. When the sun goes down, most of the restaurants remain open but the pubs, clubs and discos take pre-cedence. Those after more feisty entertain-ment, at the clubs and pubs, need to head to Melaka Raya. Tourists can choose to spend their time at the hotel bars which are decided-ly classy albeit moderately quiet or the visitors can choose to hang around the city centre to ind a club which suits your taste.Besides being overwhelmed by the history, di-verse cultures and valuable heritage in Melaka as visitors could ind that Melaka town as a never sleep city.

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Page 91: Brochure Melaka


Bay Lounge

Far East Café

Portuguese Square

(Mini Lisbon)

Arena ( The Jetty)

Aloha Dance Club & Bistro Melaka

Jalan D’Albuquerque, 75050 Melaka06-283653824 hours

Mahkota Hotel Melaka No. 16, Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000 Melaka06-2812828 (ext. 5108)3pm– 1am (weekdays)12noon – 1pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)

12-A, Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000 Melaka. 016 -675 20006pm – 2am

1, Jalan Melaka Raya 8, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000, Melaka06 -288 1686 06 -288 16809pm – 2am (Daily)

19, Jalan Hang Lekir, 75200. 06 -286 3853 / 012 696 6277 11pm – late

Pub & CafeWings Musicafe Melaka

No 45, 47 & 49, Jln Melaka Raya 29,Tmn Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.06-2862005 / 012-60775026.30pm – 1.30am (Daily)

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Page 92: Brochure Melaka


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Page 93: Brochure Melaka


11, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 75250 Melaka06-2922960Mon - Wed: 12 pm - 11 pmFri: 12 pm - 12 amSat: 8:30 am - 12 amSun: 8:30 am - 11 pm

Jalan Bendahara Renaissance Melaka Hotel 75720 Melaka. 06 -284 8888

06 -284 9269

Jalan Malinja, No. 1, Straits Meridian Hotel, 75150 Melaka 06 -284 116606 -283 0030



Calanthe Art Café

Café 1511

Mixx Club

GoGo KTV – The Jetty

Unit G-012, G-013 & G-013a, Ground Floor,Hatten Square, Jalan Merdeka,75000 Bandar Hilir, Melaka.06-292 128206-292 1281

LotS19, Second Floor, Mahkota Parade 75000 Melaka.016-6235577 / 016-6215577

12-A, Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000 Melaka06-28817883pm - 2am (Mon - Thu)1pm - 2 am (Fri - Sun)

Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka06 -286 0150

31, Jalan Hang Lekir, 75200 Melaka. (near to Jonker Street)016 -354 2223

Batavia Café Lounge

Famosa Lounge

Geographer Café 83, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka06-281681310am– 1am (Mon – Sat)8am – 1am (Sunday)

F2-003, F003A, F2-005, F2-006, Hatten Square, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka.016-6330626, 016-677080011am – 2am (Daily)

Ringo’s Classic Café

No 57/63, Jalan Melaka Raya 24, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000, Melaka.06-281830106-2818308

Golden Famosa Club

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Page 94: Brochure Melaka


Spa & Massage

188 Jalan Bunga Raya75100 Melaka, Malaysia06 -289 [email protected]

No 25-1, Jalan KF4, Kota Fesyen, Lingkaran MITC,75450, Hang Tuah Jaya, Melaka06 -231 1080 / 019-326 3108

Casa del Rio Malacca88 Jalan Kota Laksamana 75200 Melaka06 -289

The Majestic Malacca Spa Village

Tropical Massage & Beauty Service

Sutra Maya Spa

Satkara Spa

Lamour Heritage Hotel Grand Continental Melaka

Taman Melaka Raya,75000 Melaka.012 -215 9554

37, Jln Kota Laksamana 2/17 Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 2, 75050 Melaka.06 -284

No. 20, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang,75100 Melaka, Malaysia06 -2840 08824 hours

Jalan PM 8, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka.06 -2816666 06 -2864931

Lot 2940, Jalan Ayer keroh, off Jalan Plaza Tol, 75450 Melaka. (Beside Taman Rama-Rama)06-289 339911am -

Hotel Seri Costa (Costa Spa)

Philea Resort & Spa

8_NightLife.indd 119 6/12/2013 11:28:24 AM

Page 95: Brochure Melaka


Casa Del Rio Melaka HotelRamada Plaza

Philea Resort & Spa Melaka

5 Stars Hotel

Lot 2940, Jalan Ayer Keroh Jalan Plaza Tol, 75450, Ayer Keroh, Melaka 06-289 3399

88 Jalan Kota Laksamana ,Melaka, 75200 06 -289 6888/ 06 -289 6999

[email protected]

Jalan Bendahara, 75100 Melaka06 -284888806 -2849269


Whether it is for business or for

leisure, Melaka has a wide choice

on hotels, resorts or home stays.

Experience elegance and relax in

one of the extravagant hotels we

have listed down for you. Mean-

while, business travelers will ben-

ei t from our one page spread 5

star hotels, for their next success-

ful meeting, but still surrounded

by major tourist attractions. For

those who have more time than

money can get a good night’s

sleep without spending extra

ringgits. Also in this accommoda-

tion section you can i nd a one

page spread with resorts, for the

ones who would like to relax dur-

ing their stay in Melaka.


9_Accomodation.indd 120 6/14/2013 5:50:17 PM

Page 96: Brochure Melaka


Holiday Inn Melaka

Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000 Melaka 06 -2859000 06 -2859111 [email protected]

Avillion Legacy

Mahkota Hotel Melaka

A Famosa Resort

4 Stars Hotel

Jalan Kemus, Simpang Empat, 78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka, Malaysia.06-552088806-5520835 [email protected]

16, Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000 Melaka.06 -2812828 06 -2812323 [email protected]

146 Jalan Hang Tuah, 75300 Melaka 06 -2816868 06 -2819898 [email protected]

Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia 06 -2828333 06 -2861261 [email protected]

Hotel Equatorial

Bayview Hotel Melaka

188 Jalan Bunga Raya 75100 Melaka Melaka06 -2839888 03 -2164 0632

[email protected]

9_Accomodation.indd 121 6/14/2013 5:50:19 PM

Page 97: Brochure Melaka


No. 20, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang 06 -2840088 06 -2848125 [email protected]

138, Jalan Bendahara, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia 06 -2825555 06 -2827777 [email protected]

118, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia 06 -2825588 06 -2815588 [email protected]

27, Jalan Kota, 75000 Melaka 06 -2833232 06 -2863236 [email protected]

123, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia 06 -2840777 06 -2838989 [email protected]

No. 30, Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka, Malaysia 06 -2313899 06 -2313803 [email protected]

Hotel Puri

Hotel Sentral Melaka

Aldy Hotel

The Emperor

Kings Hotel

Hotel Orkid

3 Stars Hotel

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Page 98: Brochure Melaka


Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka06 -2328000 06 -2327541 [email protected]

9KM, Jalan Tanjung Kling, 76400 Melaka.06 -315 3121 06

Bayou Lagoon park Resort, Jalan Wakaf Utama, Bukit Katil, 75450, Melaka03 -3343

Lorong Haji Abdullah, Kampung Balik Batu, Tanjong Bidara, Melaka.06 -384 7587

Tanjung Bidara, Masjid Tanah, Melaka06 -281 7388

Samudera Bidara Resort

Ismah Beach Resort

Damar Suria Resort

Shah’s Beach Resort Bayou Lagoon Park Resort

Klebang Beach Resort


Lot 3412, KM34 Pantai Padang Kemunting, 78300 Masjid Tanah, Melaka06 -384814106

Lot 1948, Jalan Pantai Teluk Gong, Kuala Sg Baru, 78300 Masjid Tanah, Melaka 06 -3842255 / 013-3652207 [email protected]

92,KM9, Batang Tiga Tanjung Kling 76400 Melaka. 6063155888

06 -3151713

Tanjung Bidara Beach Resort

Ayer Keroh d’Village Resort Melaka

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Page 99: Brochure Melaka


396, SCS Building, Jalan Semabok, 75050 Melaka, Malaysia 06 -2838877 06 -2837299 [email protected]

108, Jalan Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka 06 -2821113 06 -2819122 [email protected]

201, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, 75100 Melaka 06 -2825355

G-26, Jalan PM 13, Plaza Mahkota, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka 06 -282 4343 [email protected]

303, Jalan Gajah Berang, 75200 Melaka 06 -2811666 06 -2811668 [email protected]

148, Jalan Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka 06 -2813636 06 -2816622 [email protected]

39-47, Jalan TMR 24, Taman Melaka Raya, 75200 Melaka.06 -2811188 06 -2811187 [email protected]

82 -86A & B, Jalan Tokong, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia 06 -282 5151 06 -282 [email protected]

Jonker Boutique Hotel

Queenspark Hotel

Semabok Inn Venus Boutique Hotel

Mimosa Hotel Melaka

SelectStar Hotel

SHT Palace Hotel

Boutique / Budget Hotel

No. 18, Jalan PM 6, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka .06 -2868111 06 [email protected]

Aldy Thoo Chinatown Melaka

Syaz Meridien Hotel

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Page 100: Brochure Melaka


4926, Tingkat 1,Bangunan Mara, Jalan Besar,78300 Masjid Tanah, Melaka. 013 - 613 8821 (Mohd Yusof Saleh)014 - 266 8821 [email protected]

KM32, Jalan Parit Penghulu, 77400 Sungai Rambai, Melaka 019-6442380

06 -2658050


KM7.6, Jalan Hj Said, Kg Alai,75460 Melaka 019- 6666649/ 016- 6666649 06 -2847130

287B Rumah Awam Banda Hilir012-2290848 / 06 -2839400

KM 16, Kg Seberang Anak Air, Tiang Dua, 75460 Melaka.012-6697269

Batu 19.5, Jalan Sek Lama, Ayer Limau, 78300, Masjid Bana, Melaka.017-3565750

[email protected]

Kampung Ayer LimauHomestay

Parit Penghulu Homestay

Alai Homestay

Kampung MortenHomestay

Pulai Homestay

Seri Tanjung Homestay

JA 5395, KM16, Kampung Pulai, Jalan Besar Muar- Melaka, 77300 Merlimau, Melaka 017-6832162

06 -2616330


Tambak Paya Homestay

91, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Heeren St.), 75200 Melaka. 06 -2810088 06 -2824888 [email protected]

Courtyard @ Heeren Boutique Hotel

156 Jalan Merdeka Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka.06 -2815511 06 -284 2581 [email protected]

Lot 232, Jalan Temenggong, Melaka 75100, Malaysia 06 -283 1188

The Sterling

Fenix Inn

Boutique / Budget Hotel

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Page 101: Brochure Melaka


Credit Cards

Public Transportation Emergency Line

Car Rentals

By Road

By Rail

Sentral: 6062881323

Melaka Sentral Bus Station

Tel: 06-2843600

Bus Service:

Old Railway Station, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2272 1586 / 3634




KTM Intercity Services

Keretapi Tanah Melayu

Tampin Station

Tel: 6064411034

KL Call Centre: 60322671200

Police Tourist

Fire Department


ICQS Complex,

Muara Sungai Melaka, Jalan Kota Laksamana,

Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka.

Tel: 06- 2923320

Fax: 06-2834855

Anna Rent A Car

Tel: +6062835626

Avis Rent A Car

Tel: +6062846710

Hawk Rent A Car

Tel: +6062837878

Shamus Car Rental

Tel: +6062817710

Auto Route Travel

Tel: +6062823776

Interstate Coaches

Melaka – K.L. Express

Tel:+ 6062822503, Tel 603 238 1578

Metrobus Express

Tel: +6062823636

Tel: +60320311154

Jebat Express:

Tel: +6062849940

Tel: +6032380202

Transnasional Express

Tel:+ 6062820687

Tel: +60320782563

Melaka – Ipoh - Butterworth – Penang

S.E. Express

Tel: +6062824327

American Express

Diner’s Club

Visa International

MasterCard International

+603-2050 0000

+603-2730 3388

+603-2096 1779



By Sea

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Page 102: Brochure Melaka


Government Organization


Mobile Service Provider

Melaka – Johor Bahru – Singapore

Melaka – Singapore Express

Tel: +6062824470

Tel: +60622935915

Melaka- Kuantan – Dungun – Kota Bharu – Kuala Tereng-


Cepat Express

Tel: +6062843600

SKA Express

Tel: +6062814307

Maxis Communications

+603-7492 2123

Digi Telecommunications

+603-5721 1800


+603-3630 8888

U Mobile

+603-2117 9888

TMNet Streamyx



+603-8991 7080


+603-6203 5181

TIMEdotNet Berhad

+603-2710 6200

EON Bank Bhd

+606-282 7088

Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd

+606-284 7654

Alliance Bank Malaysia Bhd

+606-281 0753


+606-232 7888

Hong Leong Bank Bhd

+606-284 2311

CIMB Bank Bhd

+606-284 8960

Public Bank Bhd

+606-232 7208

HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd

+606-280 8500

RHB Bank Bhd

+606-284 0473

United Overseas Bank (M) Bhd

+606-283 8841

The Governor’s Oice

Jalan Seri Negeri, Ayer Keroh 75450 Melaka

Tel: 6062333333

State Secretary

Block Temenggong Level 4, Seri Negeri

Tel: 6062328100

Internal Audit & Public Complaint Division

No. 12-1 & 14-1, TU 2, Taman Tasek Utama, Ayer Keroh,

75450 Melaka

Tel: 6062331240

Melaka Education Fund

Level 3, Block Laksamana, Seri Negeri

Tel: 6062307239

Ministry of Tourism Malaysia

Aras 1,

Kompleks Kementerian Pelancongan,

Lebuh Ayer Keroh,

75450 Melaka.

Tel: 06-231 8200

Melaka Immigration oice

2Nd Floor, Bangunan Persekutuan,jalan Hang Tuah, Melaka


Ministry of Foreign Afairs

Wisma Putra, No. 1, Jalan Wisma Putra, Precint 2, Federal

Government Administrative Centre, 62602, Putrajaya,

Wilayah Perekutuan Putrajaya

03-8887 4000


Malaysia Airline


Air Asia

Sky Park Subang

Japan Airlines

Korean Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Cathay Paciic

Thai Airways

Garuda Indonesia

China Airlines

British Airways

Air India


Royal Brunei


+603-7845 4543


+603-8775 4000

+603-7845 1717



+603-2144 0200

+603-2692 3122

+603-2978 3377

+603-2091 2900

+603-2162 2811

+603-2142 7344

+603-2167 6006

+603-2142 0166

+603-2072 5288

+603-2070 6628

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Page 103: Brochure Melaka


Putra Specialist Hospital (Melaka) Sdn. Bhd.

169, Jalan Bendahara, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia.

Tel : 06-283 5888

Fax : 06-281 0518

Mahkota Medical Centre

Jalan Merdeke, 75000 Melaka

Tel: +6062813333

Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh

No. 2418-1, KM8, Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka

Tel: +6062319999

Travel & Accomodation Association

Malaysian Association of Hotels

Malaysia Budget Hotel


Malaysian Association of

Tour and Travel Agents

+603-4251 8477

+603-2141 2313

+603-9287 6881

Government Hospitals

Food Delivery

Private Hospitals

Hospital Melaka

Jalan Mufti Haji Kalil, 75400 Melaka

Tel:+ 6062822344

Hospital Jasin

Jalan Jasin, Jasin, 77000 Melaka

Tel: +6065294636

Hospital Alor Gajah

Jalan ALor Gajah, Alor Gajah, 78000 Melaka

Tel: +6065562333

Nando’s: +606-232 6555

MC Donalds 1300-13-1300

Domino’s Pizza 1-300-888-333

Kenny Rogers 1-300-88-8878

Pizza Hut 1-300-88-2525

Health Oice Jasin

Jasin, 77000 Melaka


Pharmaceutical Enforcement Unit

Melaka State Health Department, Jalan Mufti Hj. Khalil

75760 Melaka


Tourist Information Centre

TIC Tourist Malaysia Melaka,

Bangunan Surau Warisan Dunia,

Jalan Kota , 75000 Melaka, Malaysia.

Tel: 06- 2836220

Tourist Information Center Ayer Keroh

Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka

Tel: 06-2324688

Melaka Sentral

Tel: 06-2881340

Information Counters at Kuala

Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

The Main Terminal Building (MTB)

The Contact Pier (CP)

The Satellite Building (SAT)

+603-8776 4386

+603-8776 0259

+603-8776 2454

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