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  • 8/9/2019 MelaMagic Brochure


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    No environment is more important to you thanthe environment in your own home. You shouldfeel good about everything your family comesin contact with. That's why Melaleuca createdEcoSense: a line of home and laundry cleanersthat's designed with non-caustic, super-concentrated formulas and naturally-derived,biodegradable ingredients.EcoSense products make SENSE.Strong Ar:d HffectiveEcciogicalty sensibleNon-*a*sticSefer for y*ur !:cn:eEspn*micallv sensil:treSimply put, they are the better cleaners to havein your home.

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  • 8/9/2019 MelaMagic Brochure



    The Easiest Way Toelean Your Shower!Powered by Aqua Charge@ and othernaturally derived ingredients, NoWork transforms the water dropletsin your shower into potenL microcleaners, pulling soap scum andwater minerals off shower surfacesand down the drain. Simply sprayNo Work on the wet surfaces of yourshower or tub after every use to keepsurfaces sparkling.ffiffiw$$ffissa*&:&s&!HBtEAqua Charseo&EEXffiFXtl, AH)eE ;E)*fr lJ l3l$AEE H'!fi :j

  • 8/9/2019 MelaMagic Brochure


    Phosphate-FreeEnviro nme ntallyFriendlyfBiffi*EE,]?{,RtF*#} rH

    V/itr.lrr ri,: 1hn:;ph;lte:l;;o aitrr dish,ru:;'::i: ji:;i!' '{"il*1' gn dcwl t}re ,1raina : :r.l i ; : lir {.rr.: i,,v'.t it:t rv:jll' r;;r; 1: l: ;llr::; i:r-:t tlrii: i ; t* til nlgaf:.ti!.r," jf; ,,f;;l{l lr}lii,h r*r: lowel lheii:: i.'i i .,r' lilir}t.j a lrltii tlti- atf li *lSfr-rpl

    formuia, powerful triple-detergent svstem, and thick suds cut greaseand break dc'wn food residues - before your hands even hit thJwater.And though it's tough on grease, LemanBrite contains natr.rraliy deriveddetergents and biodegradable ingredients titat are gentle on your skin.*$s,ft}#, psffiffi#;ft ).* m * E Hg ffi l5 C rr s a! r,ff f . is 6 rfi rsff ! il x - tt.k x *q - "+8!iE)X . AtnE*)*i85 = ift )*filJ h rf . titFSH!+ZSXfi EeF,*,6rt&, ffiq)x,, )E+0T15+.Lemon Brite@ Hand Dishwashing Liquid azamt I?Str)t&nl2s54 SS-16 '10 (S$10.90pc 2pts)2854 :1ll?il lC (Ri',1..5 01pc ?pisi

    AII R*3iabie Fniir And"J*e*ia*i* 1.F;nshI : , :r: :r.: ll_ .t;,1:,.i1,.'{i.liriiiilii:s rr,/iii:t ri.riliai: I , , :, . :,.:rr ;rla,iri: i,r li[:]ilr:litii, iiii.iiitii,t,ri. . .i.: ..: , .r. :r :,r,;,riar !tf:rirrrii]t r*,.:r:f i-qi:.ttSiSiant.

    j{c's ir-,ir:h 1O0gd l-iaiural HJlrufsi pliie. you and yor-rr famiiycar-i enjo\r tire natuiai gcodness and delicious fiavor ofclean--r, safer frr-iiis and vegetables. Using the powerol \,lelaleuca oil essence and natural lime oil eisence,Hdruest Prire helps safely and naturally remove wax,debris and pesticides frorn the surface ofproduct, givingyou cleaner, fresher fruits and vegetabies for yor-rr famil!.,ffi ffi tr,ffi ;ffi ;ki$iffi J#*!ffi #S* :"hffi ? *ry#g ffis$tr&gssilffie#tgffif#r,6Rtq;*fit g1 00?6x*\tf; *iEi*BEfifr ga1)tH{fr , xtrnaffi +*:& sil trirlf +E j$ . fr geS$ifr )*hqR_r$!f;[)5 . R$*&)ffi ,$44ffi , # E E.f ip*t* * J$iF ffi i:!f\'.j, iiffi Rfrtfi* H +l+, F)H,$fi " *tS df;E)-t|] "l+fi g{A:+err'ft+, ;{,9+{&s,, )g).*;84[. t3)s)fr. Ta&+. T]-:tg. it1fi;*is*6fr,*. .;t4,A,U,zi*F*r1,,

    Harvest Pure Fruit and Vegetable Wash arcmL If,tR;F)ftfiJ6Slil S$15.00 (S$9 90pc 3pts)6i}70 RL42g.+C (RM22 00pc 3pis)lngf8dienis: lvaier d i0hci. fatufai lime 0ii issence and lvielajeurr 0il

    Get A Hand With The DishesWashing dishes by hand can be tough work.LemonBrite makes it easier. Its concentrated

  • 8/9/2019 MelaMagic Brochure


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