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  • 1. SULIT 11191t Bahasa Inggeris KertasL 201 I l%jamMAJLIS PENGETUA SEKOLAH MENENGAH MALAYSIA CAWANGAN NEGERI SBMBILANPEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAAN BERSAMASIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA 2011 BAHASA II{GGERISKertas I Satu jam empat puluh lima minit JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHUArahanl. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi dua bahagian: Ba,hagian A dan Bahagian B.2. Jmab kedua-dua bahagian.3. Anda dinasihati supaya mengambil masa 45 minit untukmenjawab soalan Bahagian A dan satu jam untuk menjawab soalan Bahagian B.Instructionsl. This question paper consists oftwo sections: Section A and Section B.2. Answer both sections.3. You are advised to spend about 45 minutes on Section A and one hour on Section B Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 3 halaman bercetak dan I halaman tidak bercetak. Lihat sebelahIrtg/I @ 201I Hak Cipta MPSMNS SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/

2. SULTT 1119n Section A: Directed Writing[35 marksllTime suggested: 45 minuteslYour friend has finished his secondary education. He wants to go overseas to further hisstudies. He writes to you for a second opinion. You reply to his letter, giving him reasonswhy he should go ahead with his plans.Use the notes given below to write your leffer. REASONSgain knowledge meet peoplebe independent get to travelgain new experience taste various cuisinelearn responsibility learn foreign cultureable to cope with studies supportive parentsbetter j ob opportunitiesparents can afford itWhen writing the letter, you must:-- lay out your letter correctly (address, greeting, closing)use all the notes given- remember that your letter is to your friendNote:-For your letter, you will receive up to 15 marks for the format and content points, and upto 20 marks for the quality of your writing. Lihat [email protected] I Hak Cipta MPSMNSSULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/ 3. SULIT 3 11191t Section B: Continuous TVriting [ 50 marks ][Time Suggested: One hourJWrite a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics. I Describe an interesting day in school 2 Group discussions help to improve examination results. Do you agree? 3 What can we do to encourage reading? 4 Write a short story beginning with:- oThey looked at each other and smiled." 5 FacebookKERTAS SOALANTAMATl l lgll @2011 Hak Cipta MPSMNS SULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 4. SULITtll9t2Bahasa InggerisKertas 220tl2% jamName:Form: MAJLIS PENGETUA SEKOLAH MENENGAH MALAYSIACAWANGAN NEGERI SEMtsILANPEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAAN BERSAMASIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA 2011BAHASA INGGERIS Kertas 2Dr-ra jam lima belas minitJANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHUArahanl.Tuli.v nama dankelas anda pada ruang yung disediakun.2,Kertas soalan ini mengandungi empat bahagian;Bahagian A, Bahagian B, BahagianC dan Bahagian D.3.Jawqb semua bahagian dalqm kerlas soqlqn ini.4.Soalan-soalan dalam Bahagian A mempunyai empat pilihan jawapan.Jawab setiap soalan dengan membulalkan jawapan yang betul di halaman 16.5.Anda dinasihati supayo mengambil masa 25 minit untukmenjawab soalqn Bahagian A,25 minit untuk Bahagian B, 50 rninit untuk Bahagian C dan 35 minit untuk Bahagian D.lnstructionsI.Write your name and class in the space providcd.2.This question paper consisls offour.sections. Section A, Section B, Section C andSection D.3.Answer all sections in this question paper.4,Questions in Section A hqve four oplions. Annuer each question by circling thecorrect answer on pageI6.5.You are advised to spend 25 minules ozr Section A,25 minutes on Section 8,50minutes on Section C and 35 minutes on Section D. Kerlas ini mengandungi 16 halaman bercetak,[Lihat halaman [email protected] 2011 Hak Cipta MPSMNS SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/ 5. 2SULIT ttt912Section A [15 marks]ALOR STAR: Strong winds bl.ew off the roofs ofmore than 200 houses in three districts in Kedahand two in Penang as continuous rain since Mondayevening had caused havoc. Those affected havebeen moved to higher grounds From the report, we know that A 200 houses were damaged B the rain started on Monday C three districts were affected D strong winds caused the rain The phrase thick skin refers to someone who A is stubborn B has thick skin C is not easily hurt D is a dishonest character[Lihat halaman sebelahlll9l2 @ 201 I Hak Cipta MPSMNS SULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 6. SULIT Irt9/2Most cats bring home dead mice or lizards. Dusty, a six-year-oldSiamese cat from San Mateo, California, the United States scoursthe neighbourhood for bathing suits, toys, gloves and underwearas tokens of affection for his owners Jean Chu and Jim Coleman.Dusty, the cat burglar has stolen some 600 items over the lastthree years. But none of the neighbours have filed a police reporton the Klepto Kitty. When something goes missing, they justsearch in the lost- and-found pile at his owners basement.Based on the extract, the cat willA bring home dead animalsB receive gifts from neighboursC search the neighbourhood for foodD hide the stolen items in its owners basement My boss is driving me ffazy. Theres no end to work. I badly need a holiday.From the monologue above, we know that the man thinks that his employer is aA driverB workaholicC slave driverD holiday maker [Lihat halaman sebelahlll9/2 @ 201 I Htk Cipta MPSMNS SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/ 7. SULITtr1912 CASUARINA PARK RESORT 2 Days I Night Free & EasyWeekend Package 201I RMI88.00 ++ per person ( Twin sharing ) . I night stay in Studio Suite o Welcome Drink upon arrival r I Buffet Breakfast o I Tea: I Choice of Pie with Tea or Coffee (Pepper Chicken or Curry Chicken) o 1 Set Steamboat Dinner For booking & enquiries please call : K.L Office: 03-21626166 Email : casuarinapark.com 5 From the advertisement above, we know thatA booking can be made through e-mailB the package is available on weekdaysC the package costs only RMl88.00 per personD the guest can only have curry chicken pie with teaThings You Can Do With Vanilla Extract{ Repel bugs*Use as perfume*Relieve minor burns*Freshen up the fridge{. Deodorize the microwave{. Sweeten the smell of your home*Neutralizethe smell of fresh paint (Adapted from Readers Digest Joy, July- August 2008) 6Which of the following ways is not a use of vanilla extract?AperfumeB repel bugsC deodorant D relieve minor burns [Lihat halaman sebelahttt9/2 @ 2011 IIak Cipta MPSMNSSULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/ 8. SULIT r119/2 r4fuwYrl. From the dialogue above we know that the man Alistens to his wife Bpays attention to his wife Cknows what his wife will say Dpays little attention to his wifes answerBESI N eUtSIORHOPfiALTNTop-notch facil iti es. Internationallyacclaimed school. . ... 8.The above caption is meant to Ainform Bimpress Cexplain Dpersuade[Lihat halaman sebelah lll9l2 @ 2011 Hak Cipta MPSMNS SULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 9. 6SULIT ttt9l2Questions 9- 15 are based on the followingpassage, Choose the best answer tofill in eachblank.As I peered through the open doors of Ward 41, a voicebehind me asked, " Areyou looking 10 Sister Boey again? Shes gone home already."I couldnt hide11 disappointment. lls there a chance I might be12to catch her here sometime next week?" I 13 the nurse."Why not call before you come? Sister Boeys working part-time now, and her hours are notas 14as they used to be."I left feeling empty and irrationally lonely.Its no surprise that my feelings for thisplace 15 so strong. Tan Tock SengHospital in Singapore was where I had endured the agonies of cancer.(Adaptedfrom Readers Digest, Moy 2009)9Ato13AaskB out BasksC fromCaskedD besideDaskingl0Aat 14Anormal BtoBregular CofCirregular D forDabnormall1A my15AisB her B areC his C wasD mineD wereT2A ableB enableC unableD enabled[Lihat halaman sebelahl7l9l2 @ 201 I Hok Cipta MPSMNS SULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 10. 7 SULITtng/2 Section B I l0 marks ] [Time suggested : 15 minutes fQuestions 16-25Read thefollowing article and complete the table that.follows-SAIL{WAI( MUSEUMKeen to know the natural history of sarawak as well as Bomeo Island as a whole? Step then into the Sarawak Museum in Kuching, the States capital city. officially declared open by charles Brooke, the state ruler and founder, in 1891, the sarawak Museum today is home to a world- class collection of native arts and crafts as well as local wildlife specimens.Each year this European townhouse-style building along Jalan AbangHaji openg, welcomes tens of thousands of tourists, both local and foreigninto its airy hallways to viewexceptional ethnographic and natural historycollections.The first floor is home to a variety of artefacts used by the diverseindigenous people of sarawak. other interesting exhibits here are weaponsand musical instruments. The west wing is dedicated to the petroieumindustry which is one of the most important industries in the state. Even the grounds are overflowing with interesting exhibits that are toolarge to be housed indoors. Look out for the Penan tomb hut, Iban warboat and Kajang ritual burial pole.visitors can also walk across a pedestrian overhead bridge to viewphotographic and other art related exhibits at the Dewan Tun Abdul Razakwing which was constructed in the 1970s. The Sarawak Museum is open daily from 9am to 4pm. Admission isfree. For further infonnation, call 092-244232or go towww.museum. sarawak. gov.my. [Lihat.halaman [email protected] Hak Cipta MPSMNSSULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 11. SULITttt9/2Questions 16 - 25Using the informationfrom the article on the Sarswsk Museum, complete the table below,SARAWAK MUSEUMFounder 16.Locationt7.IR Exhibits on the1q first floor20.2l Exhibits at themuseum grounds)))1Days:Monday-SundayOperating Hours24 Time Admission)5 [ 10 marks ] [Lihat halaman [email protected] Hak clpta MPSMNS SULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 12. SULITtt19t2Section C [25 marks IlTime suggested : 50 minutes f Questions 26 -31 qre basetl on the follawing passage.It was a Sunday afternoon, Our cargo ship, M/V Danau Toba, was anchored about16 kilometres from the Indonesian island oiTarakan, off the east coast of Borneo topick up a shipment of plylvood. I was a Deck Cadet, at 23 the youngest member, ofa crew of 24- As Sunday was our day off; most of the crew had gone ashorewhileothers stayed in their cabins. I was practising shooting basketball on the deckof theship when all of a sudden the ball bounced off the net and went over the starboardrailing, I rushed to the railing and spotted it bobbing in the water 40 feet below.Seeing a ladder on the side of the ship down to the waterline, I thought Icouldrescuc my ball and easily climb back on deck. Without thinking, I took Jff my shirtand dived into the sea.l0I rea , but when I turned back towards the ship, Irealizedthe current. I let go of the ball and beganswimmiuickly gave up _ the current was too strong.Feeling u...ni and swam back to the ball, which I grabbed onto as a lif-e rafl. As I drifted away into the Celebes Sea, noticedIthat thel5 anchor chain at the ships starboard was pulled very tightly, a sign of how strongthe current was. I kept my spirits up. With the help of the basketball, I had little trouble keeping afloat, and I was confident that I would be rescued. Almost two hours had passed and it was getting dark, I saw a fishing boat passing nearby and started shouting, 20 "Help!!! Help Meeeee!!!" But no one heard, perhaps because the boat,s motor was too loud. Now it was still see the lights of the vessels, including my own, in theto take on cargo. I guessed they were about 2.5 nautical mil. Despite my situation, I remained calm and confident that IThen my legs started to cramp. When I was in college, I was once overcome by agonisingwhile swimming and had to"r"-p, be rescued by a friend. Even though the pain wasntioo bad now, I kn;I could be in trouble. I thought about my fiancde Richelle Roxas back in Mandaluyong. We had met30 almost three years earlier, and I had spent a lot of time since then wo"rking atsea so that we could have a good starl in life, I started to pray to God to help me-stay alive as I was too young to die and I was getting married in u f.t" months time. I looked at one of the anchored ships, which was busy taking on cargo from a bargc on her portside. I knew that the crew on the barge and thJsrnall trfiboat that 35[Lihat halaman sebelahIll9/[email protected] 2011 Hak Cipta MPSMNSSULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 13. 10SULITLIIqI2 accompanied it would be Indonesian.I took a deep breath and shouted, "TULUONG!"Im not sure why, at that moment, I for help from rny used the word native tongue, Tagalog. WhatI didnt know was that Indonesians used a similar word for help.Fortunately, a stevedore named Manding, who was working on the tugboat, heard40 my shouts. He quickly approached his Captain and switched on the searchlight, When they saw me waving in the water, they manoeuvred the boat towards me. As it came up beside me, they threw me a life ring attached to a rope. When I grabbed hold of it, they pulled me on board. By that time, I had been in the water for around four hours. 45 I told my rescuers what had happened and how stupid I had been to have jumped into the water. I was surprised to learn that half of their barges cargo would soon be loaded onto my own ship. Less than an hour later, I returned to the IWV Danau Toba. Amazingly, no one on the ship even knew I was gone. ( Adapted from Reqders Digest, March 2010 )26From paragraph l, ( a ) where was the writer ? ""[ 1mark] ( b ) how did the writer try to save the ball?I mark l27 From paragrcph2, ( a ) why did the writer let go of the ball? ..... I l mark] ( b ) which word from the paragraph meansfloated ? [1 mark ]28 From paragraph 4, ( a ) what made the writer worried? I l mark] ( b ) what does the word they in line 24 refer to ?I l mark] [Lihat halaman [email protected] 2011 Hak Ctptt MPSMNS SULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 14. 1l SULIT III9I2 29From paragraph 5, give two reasons why the writer wanted to stay alive.Reason l:..,.[lmark]Reason2 : .. ... [l mark ] 30In your own words, suggest two ways in which the writer can express his gratitude to his rescuers.r 3lImagine you are the writer. Based on the passage given, write a summary on:o the difficulties you encountered when you were swept out to the sea ando how you managed to get to safetyCredit will be given for the use of own words but care must be taken not to changethe original meaning.Your summary must:- be in continuous writing form (not in note form ) use materials from lines 12 to 43- not be longer than 130 words, including the l0 words given below.Begin your summary as follows:Wen I turned back towards the ship, I realised that ...[ 15 marks ][Lihat halaman sebelah [email protected] Hak Cipta MPSMNS SULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 15. t2SULIT1tt9/2ANSWER SHEET FOR QUESTION 31 [Lihat halaman [email protected] Hak Cipta MPSMNS SULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 16. l3 SULIT TIT9I2 Section D[20 marks] 32 Read the following poem and answer the questions thot follow. IN THE MIDST OF HARDSHIPLatiffMohidinAt dawn they returned hometheir soaky clothes tornand approached the stovetheir limbs marked by scratchestheir legs full of woundsbut on their browsthere was not a sign of despairThe whole day and night just passedthey had to brave the horrendous floodin the water all the timebetween bloated carcassesand tiny chips of tree barksdesperately looking for their sonsalbino buffalo that was never foundThey were born amidst hardshipand grew up without a sigh or complaintnow they are in the kitchen, makingiokes while rolline their cisarette leaves a) When did they retum home?(lmark) b) What is unusual about the buffalo? mark) c) Whioh phrase in stanza 3 shows that the family is cheerful amidst the hardship?Il mark)I*" d) What would you save first when you are caught in a flood ? Give a reason for youranswer,(2 marks) [Lihat halaman sebelah [email protected] 2011 Hak Ctpta MPSMNSSULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 17. L4SULIT ttt91233. The following are the novels studied in the literature component in English Language.Step by Wicked Step Anne FineThe Curse Lee Su AnnCatch Us if You Can Catherine MacPhailChoose any one of the novels above and answer the question below.Based on the novel that you have read, write about one character whom you like. Give reasons whyyou like the character. [Lihat halaman [email protected] Hak Cipta MPSMNSSULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 18. 15SULIT nt912[Lihat halaman sebclahttlglz @ 201 t Hak ctpta MPSMNS SULIT http://edu.joshuatly.com/ 19. 16SULITttt912KERTAS SOALAN TAMATName : Class : ANSWER SHEET FOR SECTION ACIRCLE the correct answer for each question. 1A B C D9AB CD 2A B c Dl0A B CD 3A B C D11 AB CD 4.AB C Dt2A B CD 5A B C Dt3A B CD 6A B c Dt4A B CD 7A B C D15A B C D 8A B CD SectionMarksA 15B 10c 25D 20Total 70 lll9/[email protected] Hak Cipta MPSMNSSULIThttp://edu.joshuatly.com/ 20. zN !Dr!s2n^"!:9aT6;itrJ+= Nt=:.t-r::-l14g aztof.-- FP+v! -6 t. Fl rfl!x :c -t.. 6P< r :iq 4 t:-a> -l6 :-- l!;ts>Ei t!-a)z7xqri! z6 ZFzallr. 3 =ls -= dB> lqol:>F!=-"1:.-3PPAaz 6Zn dd .P !? t! AZr>u)t9 z| (t) Fi !F ey,r!:,t,_9)c9a:J2 r 2N ,t ,q=.=,!.j. 2?4K* n F ?4 (o oN:;r.Desz ;- t orr> ..,"i.e:P:-p-- s liaFbJoo>oUol!http://edu.joshuatly.com/ r;g >e I e p$EE E2i>izi,+otn+1 :d Raz.i E,g Uato>>UoIc-FI 21. ?>79;E GPtj:Eee:. E:; ! F Eqi A x s=axlZdr I aqa3..... qi= a zI -!C tr =;3 gr-;=Pi;62 == di a !gBt=az3 aa3. z>@a a H }ffF za >af P>P>;O!:T2-"P od9d .e E4 ?;i"En;E= 3.4;or ?ai6F2i G2 s = 1; aiSe A ia i7? t-*a9 9 2 a2b o!3;" 2d ka=-f = k-D;daF !" gits9rPl! E at: ; *k:=l46 3*.9is3aa} R.E c! genl ra?aa=u 6!:q.. ra a e 6 -lqs Ni- -471 ? P itz4{=qsz=;_ aa4z 4 . . .H - [email protected] a ? 6 a i1d EF;=!d3qiH! = = -http://edu.joshuatly.com/6s z = - ? ,E3F-edd:;adl= z =.1izts- * i ?.85;,2=: ; 3 +:+v72 -- -;+ea1d=e^>9:t 22.3E{2 o: : q #P,+;. I -; i alliraCi rFF ;= : d30c N -=i.+-caa;d =1;-.=e t,- = "t! iri E i ale;, g F;;:+a 3;d*B :+a sl a -E N 5 i:l a.J::D-- tt! i.. -H a61lo.,ih d i 9r d 9a O2 q=: I--z? I q! 596 9 9;ve L TaLv *eT6 :id