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JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU Arahan 1. 2. 3. 4. Tulis nombor kad pengenalan d a n a n g k a g ilira n yang disediakan. a n d a p a d a ru a n g

Kertas soalqn ini mengandungiempat bahagian: Bahagian A, Bahagian B, Bahagian C dan Bahagian D. Jawab semua bahagian dalam kertas soalan ini. Soalan-soalandalam Bahagian A mempunyai empat pilihan jawapan. Jawab setiap soalan dengan menghitamkan ruang yang betul di halaman 20.

Instructions 1. 2. ,. 3. 4. Writeyour I.C. number and index number in the spaceprovided. This questionpaper consists of four sections: Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D. Answer all sections in this questionpaper. Questions in Section A have four options. Answer each question by blackening the correct space on page 20.

Kertas soalanini mengandungi20 halamanbercetak dan2 halariiantidak bercetak. [Lihat halaman sebelah111912 @ 2010 Hak cipta Kerajaan Mataysia SIJLIT



) Section A ll5 marksl lTime suggested:25 minutesl


Suntyre Malaysia aims to raise RM2OOTOO

KUA LA P A H A T:S unty reM a la y s iah a s s e t u p a c a m p a ig n o r a is e t RM200,000 aid floodvictims. to The FloodRecovery Drivewill use partof the fundfromthe saleof tyreson 31 January 2010to buyfoodand clothing to be distributed the victims. to Suntyre alsoofferfinancial will assistance of RM10,000 repairthe to KualaPahatOld FolksHomewhichwas badly damaged the floods. by-t

Basedon the extract,the flood victims will A B C D receivedonationsof basic items participate in the Flood Recovery Drive obtain some cash to buy food and clothing take shelter at the Kuala Pahat Old Folks Home

I realise that not many concertshave been staged when it comesto classical m u s i c . n yp e o p l e Ma do not appreciate them. I couldn'tagree more but contemporary and pop m usic concerts not do face the same situation.

From the dialogue above, we know that contemporaryand pop music concertsare A B C D costly unique favoured infonhative SULIT


o 2010 Hak cipta Kerajaan Malaysia


Are you interested in toking part in o mcrothon?Hereis someadvicefor you as you trainfor it. Don't start off with heavy is trainingschedule necessary. A personal onlyafterhavinghad a day of rest. Go exercise. the full distance

Which of the following best shows the sequencein preparing for a marathon? ABCD

Full distance

Full distance


o 2010 Hak cipta Keraiaan Malaysia

[Lihat halaman sebelah SULIT


trtgt2 The Moloysion contingent wos in the running or five gold medols f but, of the end of the doy, it hod only one to show, thonks to L5-year-old sqilor,RufinoTon.The korote teom hod high hopeswhen . the f our competitors mode it to the f inol However,even ou? fovourite, Khomisworon, failed of the f inol hurdle.

is Which of the following statements true? A B C D The four karate exponentswere better than their opponents. Malaysia in sailing. Khamiswaran represented Malaysia won five gold medals. Rufina Tan won her event.

Every Step CountsD o y ou l i k e jo g g in g ?No w y o u c a n jo g a n d m a k e it of beneficial a charity your choice. to Thanks exercisenet! to and statethe causeyou would Justsign up at its website will liketo helpand exercisenet matchthat with a sponsor for who is willing makedonations your activity. to routines the website on and yoursponsor Log your exercise in covered yourjog. will donate20 sen for everykilometre to Get yourfriends join you. www.exercisenet.com

When you sign up at the exercisenetwebsite, you will be A B C D making a donation supporting a charity meeting other running mates paid 20 sen for every kilometre you jog


@ 2010 Hak cipta Kerajaan Malaysia




Com m o n c o l d s y m p t o m s)

Day I. nose & throat discomfort secretion clear and watery . sneezing

Da y 2. runny nose

Da y 3. fever

secretion yellowish-green and thicker (Adapted from Pearl Magazine, Nov.2000)


Based on the information above, which of the followine statementsis true? A B C D There will be less secretion after the first day. Secretion from the nose is thicker on the first day. When a person starts sneezing,he will have a fever. The first symptom is discomfort in the nose and throat.


@ 2010 Hak Cipta Kerajaan Malaysia

[Lihat halaman sebelah ST]LIT




of and has the strength threemen- but weighs 400 pounds A gorilla gorillasare in serioustrouble Mountain it still needsyour protection. They are also losing they get caughtin trapsset for otheranimals. as you thereis something can do their homesto illegallanduse. However, to hel p. Y ou c an ei th e r a d o p t a g o r illa o r s e n d u s a c h e q u e . patrols will Your contribution be used to expandour anti-poaching programmes. and conservationFrom the extract, one way we can help the gorillas is by A B C D providing homes for them setting up the anti-poachingpatrols donating to the conservationprogrammes getting rid of the animal traps set in the jungle

The water that feeds your plant m a y a l s o b r e e d th e Ae d e s mosquito. It takes only 7 days for t h e m o s q u i t oe s to b r e e d . If yo u s p a r e 3 0 m in u te s e ve r y we e k to clear their breeding grounds, it will keep dengue away.

The most suitable heading for the advice above is A B C D Aedes Can Kill Stop the Breeding Check Your Plants Weekly Watering of Plants


@ 2010 Hak cipta Keraiaan Malaysia




Questions 9 - 15 are based on the following passqge. Choose the best answer to fill in each blank. Although I was born in Goa, India, I was brought up and educatedhere, in Malaysia. 9 For me, Malaysia is a wonderful country. We are with natural beauty - pristine greenery and an abundanceof flora and fauna. beaches,refreshing Not only is our country beautiful, but the people here are also warm and friendly. 10 Although they are of diverse races,they live peaceand harmony. This outstanding feature of racial harmony is found in only a few countries in the world. 11 In the towns and cities, we first-class facilities ranging from five-star hotels, advancedtransportationsystems,excellent sporting facilities to shopping complexeswhich 12 are well-stocked with products of international standard. We lack here and everything is at an affordable price. 13 No matter where I go, I can't stay away for more than two weeks. homesick, I have to refurn home. As soon as I arrive at the Kuala Lumpur International 14 Airport, I always sigh relief. Home sweethome. As I love Malaysia so much, the idea of settling down in another country has never crossedmy mind. Some of my friends migrated a few years ago to seek greenerpastures. 15 , a few have returned as they found that life there was not as easy as they had thought. I think they must have finally realised that there is no place like home. (Adapted from the New Straits Times,2006)



bless blesses blessed blessingon

13 A B C D

Feeling Feels Feel Felt

l0A B C

14 A B C D 15 A B C D

of for with from Therefore Moreover Besides However

in aT

Db v11 A B C Dl2 A B C Dll1912

enjoy enjoys enjoyed enjoyngsomething nothing anything . everything@ 2010 Hak Cipta Kerajaan Malaysia

[Lihat halaman sebelah ST]LIT


8 Section B


fiO marksllTime suggested:25 minutesl

16 Questions - 25 Readthefollowing poster and completethe table opposite.


parkand the premier national Negara Malaysia's is Taman largestprimaryforest in the country.It coversthe statesof It old Terengganu Pahang. is a l35-million-year and Kelantan, paradise floraand fauna. of with a unique collection the nation's will i F i s h i n g n t h u s i asts fin d Su n g a T a h a na n a n g le r ' s e activity can haven.Bird-watching BukitTeresek be an exciting at rafting poses species watch. White-water to with over 350 If Tembeling. you on upstream Sungai of the challenge travelling you love jungle-trekking, have the choiceof doing it during in the day or night.Swimming the crystalclearwater is also You long day of jungle-trekking. can also go an optionafter a whereyou will encounter awesome at cave-exploring GuaTelinga, rock formations and a varietyof life within the cave. indigenous is TamanNegara alsothe homeof Malaysia's peopfe, the Orang Asli,They are shy and gentle peoplewho Toursare still preferto livethe way they havelivedfor centuries. to alsoarranged theirvillages.


@ 2010 Hak cipta Kerajaan Malaysia


lltg/2 16 Questions - 25 Using the information from the poster on TamanNegara, completethe table below.


Inhabitants:Kelantan Terengganu Pahang

Water-based activities 1822

Other activities



)n P l a ce' Sungai Tahan


Place . Bukit Teresek 25lI0 marksl [Lihat halaman sebelah STTLIT



a 20i0 Hak cipta Kerajaan Malaysia

10Section C 125 marks) lTime suggested: 50 minutesl Questions 26 - 3l are based on the following passage.


Pay It Forward is a book, written by Catherine Ryan Hyde, which was later m a d e i nto a movi