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    Objective Questions (25marks)

    1. Which of the following drinks is harmful to the feotus when consumed by a pregnantwoman?A. Soya bean milkB. Carrot juiceC. TeaD. Whisky

    2. Which of the following brings about a harmful effect on the mind?A. Drug and alcohol abuseB. Keeping a positive attitudeC. Doing exercise regularlyD. Taking a balanced diet

    3. What do you call a condition in which a person's body cannot function without consumingdrugs?

    A. Drug abuseB. Alcohol abuseC. Drug dependenceD. Withdrawal symptom

    4. Which method of consuming drugs can lead to transmission of AIDS and hepatitis B?A. Consuming the drug through the mouthB. Inhaling the drug through the noseC. Sharing the needles with infected personsD. Taking more medicine than needed

    5. How do you classify a drug such as sleeping pills that can cause drowsiness and slow downthe body's responses?

    A. StimulantB. DepressantC. HallucinogenD. Nacrotic drug

    6. What is the basic unit of inheritance of living things known as?A. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)B. ChromosomeC. AlleleD. Gene

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    7. What is produced at the end of the cell division called mitosis?A. Two sex cellsB. Two daughter cellsC. Double the number of chromosomesD. Half the number of chromosomes

    8. In which part of the cell is a gene found?A. In a small segment of the DNA moleculeB. In the cytoplasm of the cellC. In the cell membrane of the cellD. In the nucleus of the cell

    9. How many daughter cells are formed at the end of meiosis?A. One daughter cellB. Two daughter cellsC. Eight daughter cellsD. Four daughter cells

    10.What is the exchange of genetic materials between homologous chromosomes duringmeiosis known as?

    A. Crossing-overB. ReplicationC. DuplicationD. Reproduction

    11.What do you call the basic unit of inheritance that passes down the traits of parents to theiroffsprings?

    A. DNAB. GeneC. ChromatidD. Chromosome

    12.The diagram 1 shows the different phases in cell division in mitosis.

    Diagram 1

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    Which is the correct sequence in the mitosis?

    A. P, Q, R, SB. Q, R, P, SC. R, S, Q,PD. S, P, R, Q

    13.The figure 2 shows the chromosomes found in the cells of human body suffering from agenetic disease.

    Figure 2

    A. 1B. 6C. 21D. 23

    14.The figure 3 show the inheritance of height of pea plants.

    Figure 3

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    Which offspring has a correct pair of genes?

    15.Diagram 4 below shows the inheritance of height in a type of plant.

    Key ( Kekunci)

    T Tall dominant gene

    t - Dwarf recessive gene

    Diagram 4

    What is the ratio of the number of tall young plants to the number of dwarf young plants in

    the filial generation?

    A. 1 : 0B. 1 : 1C. 1 : 3D. 3 : 1

    16.Which of the following is the correct sequence of the mitosis stages?

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    17.Which of the following statements is correct about meiosis?A. Involves all types of cellsB. Involved in growthC. Halves the number of chromosomesD. Genetic contents of daughter cells and parent cells are similar

    18.The diagram 5 shows a first generation of cross breeding of two cats

    H represents the dominant genes for black fur

    H represents recessive genes for white fur

    Diagram 5

    What are the genes for the parents?

    19.T he diagram 6 above shows the movement of chromosomes to the opposite pole in the cell.

    Diagram 6

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    The step above occurs in the process of

    I. meiosisII . fertilisation

    III. crossing over

    A. I onlyB. I and IIC. II and IIID. I,II,and III

    20.The son inherits the Y chromosome fromA. his fatherB. his motherC. his grandfatherD. his grandmother

    21.Which of the following is true about this stage of mitosis?A. The cytoplasm dividesB. Each of chromosomes double to become pair chromatidsC. The centromere splitsD. The chromosomes line up at the equator

    22.Diagram 7 shows a type of cell division.

    Diagram 7

    What is the chromosome content in P and Q?

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    23.Diagram 8 shows how the genetic material in a nucleus is made up.

    Diagram 8

    Based on Diagram 8, what do X and Y represent?

    X Y

    A. DNA Chromosomes

    B. Chromosome DNA

    C. Centriole Chromatid

    D. Chromatid DNA

    24.Two flowering plants which produce different colours of flowers are cross-bred.The genes that produce blue flowers are dominant over the genes that produce purple


    Based on the information given, which of the following shows the resultsof the cr

    A. All are plants that produce red flowersB. All are plants that produce yellow flowerC. Three plants produce red flowers while one plant produces yellow flowersD. Two plants produce red flowers while two plants produce yellow flowers

    25.Mr and Mrs Tan's first child is a boy and the second a girl. What is the chance of their thirdchild being a girl?

    A. Not possibleB. 25% chanceC. 50% chanceD. 75% chance



    Total marks :





    1. 132 14

    3 15

    4 16

    5 17

    6 18

    7 19

    8 20

    9 21

    10 22

    11 23

    12 24


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    Subjective Question ( 15 marks)

    Answer all 4 questions

    1. Diagram 9 shows several phases in cell division that occurs in human.

    (a) (i) State the type of cell division in Diagram 9?

    ( 1mark )

    (ii) Explain your answer in (a)(i).

    ( 1mark )(b) What happens at stage K?

    (1 mark )

    (c) How many daughter cells will be produced at the end of the process in 1 (a)?

    ( 1 mark )

    (d) Name one organ in humans where this cell division occurs.

    ( 1 mark )

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    2. Diagram 10 shows 23 pairs of chromosomes in a male


    What is the 23


    pair of chromosomes containing X and Y chromosomes called? ( 1 mark)

    3. Diagram 11 shows a process of a cell division

    (a) (i)Name the type of process shown in Diagram 11 (1 mark)

    (ii) Give two reasons why the process in 2 (a)(i) important (2 marks)

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    (b) What happens to spindle thread before cytoplasm divides in process R (1 mark)

    (c) What can be concluded about the daughter cells in terms of(i) Number of chromosomes? (1 mark)(ii) Genetic information? ( 1 mark)

    4. An experiment was conducted to determine the result of a cross between a dominant purebreed red flower (RR) pea plant and recessive pure breed white flower (rr) pea plant.


    Complete the cross below ( 2 marks )

    Red flower White flower


    Parents :

    Gametes :

    First generation F1 :

    (b) What type of flowers will be produces in first generation F1 ( 1 mark )

    -THE END -

    GOOD LUCK!Science may set limits to knowledge, but should not set limits to imagination.

    -Bertrand Russell

    RR rr
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