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JULY 2010 issUE 4MALAYSIA PP 9865/10/2010 (025460) SINGAPORE MICA (P) 061/10/2009

Your Ideal Choice for Vitality & WellnessKuala Lumpur Distributor Rally cum Diamond Award Presentation of May-Exciting Flashback

Kuala Lumpur Distributor Rally cum Diamond Award PresentationDate :12/12/2010(Sunday) Venue :DewanWawasanConvention&ExhibitionCentre, Level4,Tower1,MenaraPGRM,KualaLumpur,Malaysia.Scheduled to be held on 12th December, the second Distributor Rally of Shuang Hor for this year will feature a couple of outstanding leaders being ushered on to the stage and be awarded in recognition of their successful promotion one level up in Shuang Hor Business. Equipped with their admirable track records, they are poised to show youhowShuangHorbusinesshastouchedtheirlifeandtransformedit tobecomeextraordinary! Weextendyouthewarmestwelcometoattendthisupcomingevent with even more of your new friends. Together, we shall witness the success stories of these high-fliers and have our dreams turbocharged withanevengreaterimpetus!

Shuang Hor Caf Great Deal is


Ever since its launch in the Indonesian market, Shuang Hor Caf has been met with overwhelmingresponsebyourextensivebaseofdistributorsandlocalconsumersalike.As a gesture of reciprocity for the support from all, the Buy-Coffee-Get-Free-Coffee Offer is back!Now,witheverypurchaseof:

10boxesofShuangHorCaf,FREE1box 20boxesofShuangHorCaf,FREE3boxes PromotionPeriod:22/5/201031/7/2010*ThefreeitemsarenotentitledPV

July 2010

issUE 4

The Sure-Win Feat for Success The Uncommon Freedom of Shuang Hor Business


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ACTiViTY fLASHBACKKuala Lumpur Distributor Rally cum Diamond Award Presentation The 92nd New Vice Manager Leadership Seminar

PRODUCT COLUmNThe Combination for Vitality and Wellness VitaKing, Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder, and Jia Hor Calcium Plus Tablets The Natural, Bioactive Nutritional Food Pollen Protection for Daytime, Nourishing at Night Vcare Day Cream & Vcare Night Cream Retards Skin Ageing Vcare Refining Serum

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HeALTH TOPiCWhat You Should Know about Cancer Prevention

SHUANG HOR TRANSfORmS YOUR LifeVice Manager Ms. Chai Yein Luan Vice Manager Couple Wong Chyi Feng & Low Chean Siong Vice Manager Mr. Lee Sai Hong Achievement Roll (March & April 2010)

SPeeCH eXCeRPTRoad-show Seminars by System Leader Ku Cheng Chun & Tsai Ai Li ~ The Power of Singularity Ordering Details

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The Sure-Win Feat for Success

The Uncommon Freedom of Shuang Hor BusinessKu Cheng ChunSystem Leader

Q: A:

What is the difference between attaining success through Shuang Hor Business and through a conventional business?Generally speaking, the definition of attaining success through a conventional business is nothing more than making lots of money. As for Shuang Hor Business, our pursuit for success extends beyond building wealth it also includes other aspects that make it come closer to what we call lifes fulfilment. After all, self actualization from the perspective of fulfilling a higher level of human needs is not limited to making money alone.

Q: A: Q: A:

If that is the case, what does attaining lifes fulfilment refer to in the context of Shuang Hor Business, then?Success in Shuang Hor Business covers three key aspects, which are Wealth, Time, and Health. In other words, success in Shang Hor Business also implies earning a passive income while having lots of quality time with family and friends and enjoying holistic wellness.

Could you please elaborate on these three key aspects? These three key aspects fully identify the definite purpose that differentiates Shuang Hor Business from a conventional business.For a boss who runs a successful conventional business, the more wealth he earns, the less time he will have with family and friends. He becomes constantly tied up. As the scale of the business grows, there will come a time when the production facilities have to be upgraded to cope with the growth. The cash flow requires more precise projection and control than ever before. Personnel management turns more and more sophisticated, while social responsibility becomes heavier by the day All these point to the need for a great deal more time to cope with, to plan, and to manage. And this constraint in time freedom translates to stress, both physically and mentally, which will eventually take its toll on the health of the poor boss. The bottom line is, in a conventional business, you may make all the money you want, but it is achieved at the sacrifice of your time freedom and good health. As the saying goes, you cant have your cake and eat it as far as running a conventional business is concerned. In contrast, achieving success in Shuang Hor Business is a manifestation of the prophetic three-in-one package. This is because: Firstly, Shuang Hor is a force to be reckoned with in the health food industry. The great majority of our distributors join Shuang Hor Business simply for the fact that they have been convinced by the marvellous efficacy of our products. In other words, Health comes first as the top priority of what we offer and assure. It turns out that this much cursed weakness of a conventional business is the strength of Shuang Hor Business (Enjoy Health). Secondly, an individual who succeeds in Shuang Hor Business is one who produces good sales results and earns good money fast (Build Wealth). Thirdly, we are talking about a passive income that is generated from a distributor network of a respectable size. This works in much the same way as running a franchising business the franchisor earns a passive income generated by a substantial number of franchisees recruited by the franchisor. In the case of Shuang Hor Business, you do not have to come out with what a franchisor has to: huge capital outlay, a network of outlets, production plants, machinery, facilities, staff, and various business tools in addition to the hassle of managing the business. In Shuang Hor Business, the only business tool you need is your distributor network. Your downline distributors apply their duplicated skills in building their networks, which in turn become automated production lines translating into sales figures. More so, these distributor networks have the capacity to multiply and grow in size, even with the absence of your assistance or involvement as an upline.JULY 2010


As an upline who has succeeded in achieving this level, you would have all the leisure or time freedom on which you can leverage to continue working hard, to surf on the momentum almost effortlessly, or to simply sit there and reap the harvest. Whether you do it by way of working or sitting, a passive income automatically flows into your pocket (Have Time Freedom). For this realm of success that brings Wealth, Time, and Health, we have come up with the term Uncommon Freedom.

Q: A:

What do you think is the biggest difference between Shuang Hor Business and a conventional business?Operationally, the two differ from each other in many areas, of which the biggest difference is the risk factor. The difference between risk and zero risk: To a traditional business, the risk factor is as good as inherent. The bigger the projected profit, the higher the risk becomes, as the capital outlay involved would be higher. In other words, risk and investment are Siamese twins, and it takes only a mistake for a business failure to happen. As for Shuang Hor, the risk factor is zero. Since no capital outlay is needed, it does away with investment risk. The only difference is: you reap what you sow. The more effort you put in, the more you will earn. It is also worth pointing out that even if you chose not to put in any effort at a certain stage, you would still be raking in profit in the form of passive income.

Q: A:

What is the difference between the prerequisite for success in Shuang Hor and in a traditional business?In a traditional business, the prerequisite for success can take many forms. Apart from personal effort, you also require capital, skills, experience, management (human and financial resources), supportive business partners, a booming economy, and the list goes on. Moreover, almost all of these become part and parcel of what it takes to achieve success.

There is no such thing as: - Having put in a serious personal effort alone is good enough; - Having come out with a big capital outlay alone is good enough; - Having exceptional skills alone is good enough; OR - Having immense experience alone is good enough; Rather, it could well be a scenario of: - The business runs into trouble due to differences or conflicts among the shareholders; - The business runs into difficulties due to an economic downturn; OR - The business has to wind up due to a failed reinvestment exercise.It goes without saying that the fulfilment of a complete prerequisite for success is close to impossible for any traditional business. We can draw the analogy of a machine that does not have its screws properly fastened. This may not affect the smooth running of the