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8/9/2019 QorvisLabs Brochure Rm

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8/9/2019 QorvisLabs Brochure Rm

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Qorvis was founded to provide

a better way of conducting


We created a company that o

every available communication

and the experience to choose

 the right ones—whether your

requires a traditional approac

media campaign or a mixture

and old.

Supporting this mission is QoLabs, which is dedicated to

proposition that “new media,”

media” and “digital media” are

media—a rich, evolving set of w

communicate your message, f

branding to crisis communicat

Qorvis Labs

In today’s new media environment there are numerous ways of getting

 your message across—blogs, search strategies, consumer-generated video, mobile apps, rich online user experiences,

 traditional media, branded content and more. This gives you options and

flexibility, but also creates clutter.

How will you ensure your message is heard?

Digital Media Center of Excellence

8/9/2019 QorvisLabs Brochure Rm

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First iPhone A

Post, Qorvis d

software deve


First Agency

 to conduct Tw

URL shortner

First Automo

was named on

 the Advertisin


From well-established global brands to sovereign nations, Qorvis has developed

innovative, award-winning and—most importantly—effective campaigns that

incorporate social, mobile, search and website design methods that have broken

new ground in our industry. Every day, Qorvis conceives new strategies that blend

emerging and traditional communications tools. And the result s are clear.

First Foreign Diplomat to Adopt Twitter Qorvis produced the first

Twitter campaign for a sovereign embassy, as part of our broader social

media program for the Government of Mexico.

First iPhone and Blackberry Mobile App for a Presidential Inauguration

Webby for Best Mobile App, New York Times’ “Phone App of theWeek,” and hailed by CNN, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal: Qorvis’

Navigating Washington Mobile App.

First QR-Code

Qorvis deploye

Show—the ind

support the O

Unmatched Digital Success

8/9/2019 QorvisLabs Brochure Rm

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The Best of Big and Small

Qorvis represents the best of big and small: t he reach and resources of alarge agency and the quality customer attention of a boutique firm.

Since Qorvis was founded in 2000, the company has grown to become the

sixth-largest independent communications firm in the United States. We are

rapidly becoming one of the largest advertising agencies in the region.

Qorvis has more than 100 employees in our core office in the greater

Washington area, as well as more than 500 grassroots field operatives

 throughout the nation.

Qorvis’ international partners help us preserve our client service-

focused culture on the global level, as we operate in more than

a dozen countries worldwide.

Qorvis succeeds for two big reasons. R

 than keeping time sheets and billing by the

Qorvis negotiates monthly retainers with c

along with a scope of work and performan

benchmarks. This puts the emphasis on be

successful rather than busy, Petruzzello sa

Words Around Washington

8/9/2019 QorvisLabs Brochure Rm

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Qovis is unique. Most rms sell tactics.

PR firms sell media hits. Marketing 

agencies sell ads. Gassroots rms sell

letters. And so on.

 At Qovis, we create integated market-

ing and communications strategies,

plans designed collaboratiel with

our clients and tailored to their 

specific needs.

So when ou need to be heard—when ou need our message to break 

 through the media clutter—our Qovis

strateg will guide ou efficientl 

and effectiel.

Social Media Marketing

Qovis integates Social Media stategies

—online networking, mobile connec-

 tiit, blogging and other emerging 

communications methods—to stat

conersations that achiee our clients’

goals, for banding, marketing, public

relations and public aairs alike. We

incorpoate sophisticated sentiment

analsis and inuencer analsis—of 

 those who are leading c onersations

and those who are emerging—to

measure peformance and rene our 

strategies and tactics.

Digital Public Relations

Pitching stories has become personal

in a media enironment stratified b 

formal outlets, bloggers and sites that

feature user-generated content. To

effectiel span this range of media,

Qoris has sought out a dierse set

of specialists—indiiduals who hae

sered at the highest leels of man-

agement in Fortune 500 c orporations

and associations, in goernment, fromCapitol Hill to the White House—who

immerse themseles in news and

content. e cultiate and maintain

relationships across all disciplines to

ensure our clients’ stories are told and

messages are heard.

Social Media Training

Sometimes ou know when ou’re

going to be “on.” Sometimes ou don’t.

 With the adent of social media, eey-

one has become a potential journalist.

So being prepared, staing on message

and knowing how our words ma be

interpreted is critical. That’s wh at

Qoris we take a holistic approach to

media taining. Our media specialists,

 who hae spent decades as journalists

 themseles, hae prepared presidents,

members of Congress, celebrities, pro-

fessional athletes, corpoate executies

and een Nobel Laureates for media 

or public appeaances. At our state-

of-the-art media traini ng

 Washington, D.C., Qoris w

 ou to face the toughest s

and to tell our stor the

 want to be heard.

Mobile Apps and th

Mobile Web

Mobile connectiit is the n

 You can make sure our m

in the palm of our audie

For iPhone, Blackberr an

deices, Qoris has dee

successful and award-win

apps than an other comm

agenc. We’e done so for

associations in the world

influential American bra

most prominent nations. W

ated a mobile app for our o

—which receied a Webb

Mobile App” from the Inte

 Academ of Digital Arts a

Qoris’ abilit to concept

create a mobile app, then

downloads through soph

promotional programs is


Digital Communications

8/9/2019 QorvisLabs Brochure Rm

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 Interactive Strateg

Producing a great website

step in creating a compreh

munications stateg, but i

not enough. e plan Qov

for a new website is as un

client’s organization. Ee

is informed, not onl b i

research, but also b wha

 tell us about their needs. Se

optimization, blogs, social

sites, destination sites, a

games are complementa

 website and a natual exte

oerall communications

 think of ourseles as digit

because we helped create

space. Qoris specializes

sustainable businesses an

online. Since 2000, we’e b

a process that combines th

eful aspects of research, d

nolog and marketing. Eac

Qovis begins with a belief

user-centered design can p

role in growing our client’s

Online Reputation


The Internet has become the frontline

of reputation management. This is

  where information—both positie

and negatie—is housed in perpetuit.

It is all aailable for eerone to see:

customers, potential customers,

members, partners, emploees, etc.

 All one needs to do is Google our name.To take control of this situation, Qovis

emplos a process that incorporates

an understanding of how each search

engine weights the alue of web pages.

Our process helps ou and our orga-

nization manage our online profile,

ensuring audiences receie our 

messages unfiltered and unaffected

b andom, negatie online commentay.

Qoris will help reduce our exposure

b diminishing the prominence of 

negatie i nformation.

Online and Mobile


 We hae a simple philosoph when it

comes to adetising: know risk, know 

reward. The consumer is inundated

 with adetising, and to break through

 this clutter ou hae to make sure our 

message doesn’t blend in with the

rest of the crowd. That means taking 

chances–not simpl for the sake of 

standing out, but with the objectie

of standing apart. When ou do that,

 things happen. People respond. The 

deelop anities for bands that touch

 them, and that allegiance follows them

 to the cash register. When it comes to

new-media adetising, be it online or 

on the Mobile Web, Qovis Labs™ can

custom tailor a solution for our orga-

nization. B identifing the right mix 

of elements to achiee our campaign

goals, we can help ou communicate

 our message in a wa that resonates with consumers and increases our 

conersion requirements.

Search Engine Optimization

and Marketing (SEO

and SEM)

 A Google search has become the basic

unit of knowledge about a product or 

reputation. Wheneer anone anwhere

has a question, the search it. Con-

 trolling the results when it comes to

 our compan, our issues and our 

products is a large part of controlling 

public opinion and common knowl-

edge. Qoris Labs™ will help our 

organization identif opportunities

for search engine optimization and

marketing to maximize return on

inestment and proide ou with

ranking that clearl communicates,

 to the marketplace and the world,

 our positions and policies. This, in

 turn, will help ou achiee our 

business goals.

Digital Communications

8/9/2019 QorvisLabs Brochure Rm

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Innovative Thinking

Qorvisoptimizes the process by which


strategies are developed, executed, measured and refined.

Since 2000, every Qorvis team member has been active in researching

and developing strategies to help tell our clients’ stories better—

blending emerging communications tools with the latestmethods of measurement.


Free of billable hours, our team is encour

 to take time each da to conduct R&D—e

new tactics and examine emerging strate

a dnamic, eoling media enironment,

one of the most critical aspects of suppli

latest, most effectie solutions to our clie


Free of practice areas and silos, our team

 to share best practices in achieing succe

 which consists of both driing r esults an

suring them. Our weekl compan-wide m

ings proide opportunities for us to upda

other on the latest case studies and onlin


 With access to the complete communicati

 toolbox, our team benets from haing ee

at its ngetips. If ou can imagine it, we c

ate it—from mobile apps to adanced algo

designed to assist search engine results.




8/9/2019 QorvisLabs Brochure Rm

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Case Studies Feld Entertainment:

“Engaging Moms Who Blog”

Social Media, Interactive, Strategic Consulting

Qovis works with Feld Entetainment, the worldwide leader in produc-

ing and presenting lie entetainment, including Disne On Ice and

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baile Circus, as their publicist in the

 Washington, D.C. area. Recognized as a hard news market, media in D.C.

are oen dicult to woo to eents. Feld turned to Qovis to determine

 the best approach to execute a sociall releant media blitz that would

gain local attention and geneate additional ticket sales, during a time of slight decline.

To reach the main driers behind famil acation decisions, it was essen-

 tial to formulate a stateg to connect with and empower women as the

“memoy makers.” Qovis worked extensiel with Disne On Ice and

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baile Circus to speak directl to this audience.

Qovis reached out to local bloggers with an initation to Opening Night

at the Patriot Center. B targeting well-known bloggers within the D.C.

communit, we were able to stat a social media conersation. With

personal cameas in hand, our bloggers snapped photos and quickl 

updated their Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and personal blog postings. is

proed aluable as our bloggers’ own relationships spurred additional

adio and teleision coeage, just in time for weekend ticket sales.

rough the word of our bloggers, we were able to organicall garner ke 

adio and teleision hits of signicant ad alue.

Case Studies

“Positive Messaging Through Social Media

Research, Media Relations, Public Affairs, Grassroots O

Event Management, Advertising

Mexico hired Qovis to conduct a comprehensie online, soc

communications campaign to improe the nation’s image. A

confrontation between the goernment and the narco-terror

drug catels created a constant barage of negatie news co

in the rst week of the campaign, the goernment faced an e

immediate public relations crisis in the form of the H1N1 inubreak, which was rst detected in Mexico.

 Within das, the Qovis team set up an aggressie social med

for positie messaging, including an information site plus Yo

Facebook applications. is ensured that the positie and ag

steps being taken b the goernment to protect its own citize

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

8/9/2019 QorvisLabs Brochure Rm

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Case Studies SaveNetRadio

“Results Through Netroots”

Coalition-Building, Public Relations, Grassroots Lobbying,

Web Communications, Advertising

 When the Copright Roalt Board, an obscure arm of Congress, das-

 ticall aised the roalt ates paid b Internet adio webcasters b a 

 whopping 300%-1200%, the industy came to Qovis to help them reerse

 the decision and sae them before the bill c ame due. Qovis mobilized

and within t wo weeks created SaeNetRadio, a broad-based coalition of 

more than 100,000 webcasters, listeners, atists and labels that catapult-ed the issue onto front pages across the c ounty.

Using our poweful combination of coalition-building, public relations,

gassroots lobbing and web communications, Qovis kept the issue

alie and kicking in the press and helped the coalition bring groups of 

Internet adio executies and independent atists to Capitol Hill to tell

 their stories. e testied in the House, held sta briengs, met with

members of Congress and their sta and held concets on the park 

grounds of the Senate, right i n front of the U.S. Capitol.

e campaign geneated more than 1 million calls and 400,000 letters

 to Congress in less than three months, and the oehelming response

forced Congress to introduce the “Internet Radio Equalit Act” in both

 the House and the Senate. Congressional staers hae ca lled SaeNetRa-

dio the “gassroots campaign of the ear” and it was a national nalist

for PRWeek’s Crisis/Issues Management Campaign of the Year.

Case Studies

“Under the Hood of Digital Media”

Mobile, Digital Media, Social Networking, Advertising

To reach and engage millennials who lacked familiarit with

band, Qovis deeloped a mobile application for the Apple iP

Google Android phones. Called iGAAUGE, the application tur

phone into a mobile automotie diagnostic tool that lets them

nose common car problems, nd information about local t a

 the nearest gas stations, and look up the recommended main

schedules for their paticular automobile. Helping people na trick and oen expensie world of automotie repair, iGAAU

users expet adice and connects them with AAMCO’s nation

and respected network of total car care technicians with the

button. In addition, users receie exclusie AAMCO deals an

aailable ia the application.

8/9/2019 QorvisLabs Brochure Rm

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Focus Washington

Imagine a combination of Mee

Press and YouTube – that is F

Washington, Qorvis Labs’ onlin

affairs channel. Hosted by Qo

 Vice Chairman Chuck Conconi

Washington interviews leading

figures, corporate CEOs, even

heads of state.


How can thought leaders discu

hottest policy debates unfilter

  traditional media? PolicyView

an outlet for discussion on pub

policy, and is search optimized

reach key influencers.

Qorvis Video Network 

Provocative discussion in an

innovativesetting. That is what

 you find at Qorvis Labs’ Focus Washington, a series of dedicated

 YouTube channels filmed at the Qorvis in-house studio. Focus

Washington brings together top thinkers and doers, and interviews them

about the top issuesof the day. Hosted on YouTube, the second-

largest search engine in the world, Focus Washington allows your messages to

be carried on a wide variety of social media platforms, and rank highly 

in online searches of policy debates.

8/9/2019 QorvisLabs Brochure Rm

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The Qorvis Guarantee

We Promise Only What We Can Deliver and Deliver All That We Promise.

At Qorvis, we believe no one should be paid for trying. This understanding gives us

an exceptional incentive for clearly identifying the exact expectations of our clients,

setting defined benchmarks and timetables, and then executing the agreed-upon

strategy. It has also shown clear results. Since 2000, we’ve grown from a dozen

dedicated individuals to one of the largest independently-owned communications

firms in the nation, winning numerous industry awards and accolades.

Public and media relations, public affairs, investor relations and financial services

communications, grassroots campaigns, marketing and advertising, Internet-based

campaigns, social media strategies, and research and opinion surveys.

This brochure was written, designed and produced in-house by the Qorvis

Communications team.



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