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  • 1.SULIT 4541/1 Kimia Kertas 1 Ogos 2007 1 jam4541/1BAHAGIAN SEKOLAH KEMENTERIAN PELAJARAN MALAYSIA ______________________________________________ PEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAAN SPM 2007 Kertas 1 Satu jam lima belas minitJANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI HINGGA DIBERITAHU 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 50 soalan. Jawab semua soalan Jawab dengan menghitamkan ruangan yang betul pada kertas jawapan Bagi setiap soalan hitamkan satu ruangan sahaja Sekiranya anda hendak menukar jawapan, padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat. Kemudian hitamkan jawapan yang baru. Rajah yang mengiringi soalan tidak dilukiskan mengikut skala. Anda dibenarkan menggunakan kalkulator saintifik yang tidak boleh diprogramkan.Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 19 halaman bercetak 4541/1[Lihat sebelah SULIT

2. SULIT1Which of the following processes, proved the kinetic theory of matter? A B C D2proton number nucleon number relative atomic mass relative molecular massWhich of the following substances is a covalent compound? A B C D5NH4SO4 (NH4)2SO4 (NH3)2SO4 (NH4)3(SO4)2Elements in the Periodic Table are arranged according to an increase in A B C D4Diffusion Photosynthesis Respiration NeutralizationWhich of the following is a chemical formula of ammonium sulphate? A B C D34541/1Copper Ammonia Lead(II) oxide Sodium chlorideWhich of the following substances is an electrolyte? A B C D4541/1Hydrogen chloride in methyl benzene Molten aluminium oxide Glucose solution Copper(II) carbonate powder2[Lihat sebelah SULIT 3. SULIT 6Which of the following statements is true about alkali? A B C D7Weak alkali is an alkali that undergoes high rate of ionization. Strong alkali has low pH value Alkalis are bases that are soluble in water. Alkalis are not corrosiveWhich of the following is a soluble salt? A B C D84541/1Lead(II) iodide Copper(II) carbonate Barium sulphate Sodium hypochloriteThe body of the car shown in the diagram below is made of alloy T.Alloy TWhat is alloy T? A B C D4541/1Steel Brass Bronze Duralumin3[Lihat sebelah SULIT 4. SULIT 94541/1Which of the homologous series is correctly paired to its functional group? Homologous series AAlkeneCAlcoholD10EsterBFunctional groupsCarboxylic acidWhich of the following statements correctly explains the meaning of effective collision? A B C D11The collision which takes place before reaction. The collision where its energy is less than the activation energy. The collision that can causes reaction. The collision that has the highest energy. Bromine water Acidified potassium manganate(VII) Acidified potassium dichromate(VI)Which of the following is true about the substances? A B C D4541/1Reducing agent Oxidising agent Dehydration agent Hydration agent4[Lihat sebelah SULIT 5. SULIT 12Which of the following processes occurs when ice changes to water ? A B C D13Endothermic Exothermic Neutralization FreezingParacetamol is used for A B C D144541/1reducing pain reducing anxiety destroying of bacteria controlling the level of glucose in bloodThe diagram below shows the molecular formula of glucose.C6H12O6 What is the empirical formula for glucose? A B C D15CH2O CH2O2 C2H4O2 C6H12O67Which of the following is the atomic structure of lithium atom, 3Li ? AB 3p3pCD 4p4541/14p5[Lihat sebelah SULIT 6. SULIT 164541/1The figure shows three elements in Period 3 of the Periodic Table.XYZWhich of the following is true about the properties of oxide formed? A B C D17Which of the following substances is made up of ions? A B C D18Sulphur Naphthalene Sulphur trioxide Potassium chlorideWhich of the following ions are present in copper(II) sulphate solution? A B C D19The oxide of Z is basic The oxide of Y is acidic The formula of oxide Y is YO The oxide of X reacts with an acid to form salt and waterHydrogen ions and hydroxide ions Copper(II) ions and sulphate ions Copper(II) ions ,hydrogen ions, suphide ions and oxide ions Copper(II) ions, hydrogen ions, sulphate ions and hydroxide ionsDry hydrogen chloride gas is passed through methyl benzene for a few minutes. Which of the following statements is true about the liquid produced? I II III IVit has a pH value of less than 7 it consists of hydrogen chloride molecules it changes blue litmus to red it does not conduct electric currentA B C DI and III only II and IV only I, II and III only IV only4541/16[Lihat sebelah SULIT 7. SULIT 204541/1The diagram shows part of a polymer molecule CH3 H CH3 H CH3 H CCCCCCHHHHHHWhich is its monomer? AC21BDNitric acid will change to nitrate salt when hydrogen ions are replaced by I II III IVcopper ion hydroxide ion carbonate ion ammonium ionA B C DI and II only I and IV only II and IV only I, III and IV only4541/17[Lihat sebelah SULIT 8. SULIT 224541/1The graph shows the volume of carbon dioxide gas produced against time for the reaction of calcium carbonate and sulphuric acid.Volume of CO2 gas / cm3Time / second The gradient of the graph decreases with time because A B C D23catalyst is not used volume of mixture decreases temperature of reaction decreases concentration of sulphuric acid decreasesThe equation below shows a chemical reaction.Based on the equation given, name the reaction. A B C D 4541/1Hydrogenation Polymerization Halogenation Substitution 8[Lihat sebelah SULIT 9. SULIT 244541/1The diagram below shows the electrolysis process of copper(II) sulphate solution using copper as an electrode.Copper Copper(II) sulphate solution H = +181 kJWhich of the following substances are oxidized and reduced in this cell? Oxidised A B C D25ReducedHydroxide ion Hydroxide ion Copper atom Copper atomCopper(II) ion Copper atom Copper(II) ion Hydrogen ionThe reaction between nitrogen and oxygen can be represented by the following equation: N2 (g) + O2(g) 2NO(g)H = +181 kJWhich of the following energy level diagrams represent the above reaction? ABEnergy N2 (g) + O2(g)Energy 2NO(g) H = +181 kJH = +181 kJ2NO(g)CN2 (g) + O2(g)DEnergyEnergy2NO(g)N2 (g) + O2(g) H = +181 kJH = +181 kJN2 (g) + O2(g)4541/12NO(g)9[Lihat sebelah SULIT 10. SULIT264541/1The diagram shows a label on a bottle of orange juice.SUKARAMAI ORANGE JUICE Ingredients:water, sugar, X , sulphur dioxide, aspartame, vitamin A and DX is one of the important ingredients to make orange juice last longer. What is X? A B C D27Sodium nitrite Sodium nitrate Ascorbic acid Benzoic acidThe figure shows the arrangement of particles of a substance that undergoes the change of state through process XWhat is process X ? A B C D4541/1Melting Boiling Freezing Sublimation10[Lihat sebelah SULIT 11. SULIT 284541/1The equation below shows the reaction between sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide solution. H2SO4 + 2KOHK2SO4 + 2H2OWhat is the number of moles of sodium sulphate salt produced if 0.2 mol of sodium hydroxide is used? A B C D290.10 mol 0.05 mol 0.22 mol 0.25 molThe table shows the electron arrangements of atoms of four elements. Element Electron arrangementFAlClK2. of the following is the correct arrangement of the elements according to increasing order of electronegativity? A B C D30F, Al, Cl, K F, Cl, Al, K K, Cl, Al, F K, Al, Cl, FThe number of valence electrons of atoms X and Y are 2 and 7 respectively. Which of the following chemical formulae and types of bonding are true for the compound formed between X and Y?A B C D4541/1Chemical Formula XY2 XY2 X2Y X2YType of Bonding ionic covalent ionic covalent11[Lihat sebelah SULIT 12. SULIT 314541/1The diagram below shows the set-up of the apparatus for electrolysis of concentrated solution of sodium chlorideWhat is the product formed at the anode and cathode?A B C D32Anode O2 Cl2 Cl2 O2Cathode H2 H2 Na Cl2The diagram below shows 5 steps for preparing a standard solution of sodium hydroxide, NaOH but not in correct order. P- Transfer the solid sodium hydroxide into volume into the volumetric flask. Q- Weigh the mass of sodium hydroxide R- Add distilled water until the graduation mark. S- Rinse the weighing bottle and pour the solution into the volumetric flask. T- Shake the volumetric flask. Which of the following steps is correct? A B C D4541/1Q, S, P, R, T R, Q, S, P, T Q, P, S, R, T R, Q, S, T, P12[Lihat sebelah SULIT 13. SULIT334541/1The diagram below shows the test tubes containing lead(II) nitrate solution and potassium carbonate solution but without a label. Which of the following solutions can be used to distinguish both solutions?Potassium carbonate solutionI II III IV34Sodium nitrate Sodium iodide Dilute nitric acid Potassium sulphateA B C DLead(II) nitrate solutionI and II only II and IV only II, III and IV only I, II, III and IVWhich of the following is the alcohol produced from the alkaline hydrolysis of oil? A B C D4541/1Ethane-1,2-diol Glycerol Cyclohexanol Buthane-2-ol13[Lihat sebelah SULIT 14. SULIT4541/135 Volume of H2 gas / cm340 36 30 20 18 10 060120180240300time / sA group of students carried out an experiment to determine the rate of reaction of zinc metal with dilute hydrochloric acid. The diagram above shows the graph for the total volume of gas collected against time. The average rate of reaction for the whole experiment is : A B C D 36When a mixture of 2-butanol, CH3CHOHCH2CH3 and concentrated sulphuric acid is heated, gas X is produced. Which of the following is the molecular structure of X? A B C D370.3 cm3/s 0.25 cm3/s 0.17 cm3/s 0.13 cm3/sCH3CH=CHCH3 CH3CH=C(CH3)2 (CH3)2CHCH=CH2 CH3CH2CH=CH2The diagram below shows the changes of the sulphur in Contact Process. SSO2SO3H2S2O7Which of the following are the correct changes in the oxidation state of sulphur? A B C D 4541/10 0 1 1+4 +4 +3 +4+6 +6 +6 +6+6 +7 +8 +6 14[Lihat sebelah SULIT 15. SULIT 384541/1The following equation shows the formation of water H2(g) + O2(g) H2O(l) , H = 287 kJmol Which of the following is true regarding the above equation? A B C D39Activation energy for the reaction is high If 1 mole of oxygen reacts 574 kJ of heat energy is absorbed Combustion of 1 mole of hydrogen releases 287 kJ of heat