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    An Arab royager 11.111 I~hordac lz l~eh846 S .D .) n .rote in h is .Kitab nl-masc~.lik cn-l nza?nalik of an islallcl called '(Rila11 " nrhicl~contaiilecl ./,in lai?zesand ban l l~oo orest s. Another i i r ~ l )croyager-Snlaiman ( 8 5 1 A D ) , editecl ai~out 20 A D . b y o n e i k l ) ~ ~aiil ofSi ra l , wra tc of "

  • 8/7/2019 History of Kedah - Merong Mahawangsa


    (Elagden, J. R . A. S. , Jnly 1901) . One ma.y a(1d to these in-stances In dr ap nr a th e 0.ld court i la~lne for Pal lang. T h e t e r mLallglrasulia now surviues onljr as the n.ame of a slnall tr i1 ~ u t a .r ~ot h e upp er reaches of the Fe ral < river . 'CIYle flt. illal-ong ALccha-zoangsa relates hour Sri l 'lal~~anrangsa,h e th ir d r ul er of ICeclall,r e n ~ n ~ l e dto Se rol ial~ l) fro111 Langl;asulia, because i t lvas too f a rfro111 he sen.. (J . R. A. S., S. B. 72, p. 64) : " i t l y lear Gnnong-Je ra i" (ib. K O . 53, 12. 1 4 s ) . The Javanese poem, the ATctqa?-n-.X.?.etci.gc~nzci.olllposecl in 1365 A.D., ~liellt io ns both Iieilall alldLang1;asnlra alno llg a. li s t of I?e ~l illsulnrsettlellieilts tributary toi\!Itxja~rllit i b . 1111. 145-9 ) . B L I ~hough Laagkasulia 7vns an oldnalne for Iiedah, the Chinese Langa-jra-hsiu is more likely to haveIseel1 Tenasserim.Of tlle prevalence of the BndcLhist religion eviriilence exists in

    certa iil illsc riptio ns f ou nd i n Kecfa h ailcl Prooiilce TT'elleslejr, go ingba.cl; according to Kern to 400 A.D. ( i b . No. 49, pp. 95-101) andha vin g :a.S o ~ ~ t h e ~ nllcliail S an sk rit a1,phabet; anil ag ain in inscribedclay tablets fou nd in l

  • 8/7/2019 History of Kedah - Merong Mahawangsa


    A n d th e lil

  • 8/7/2019 History of Kedah - Merong Mahawangsa


    -32 HISTORY O F ICED9H.The l i s t of the ear ly J ~u ha ~n m ac la i 'cings given in those

    ." Annaols " is as f ollo~vs-l l ~ ~ c l z a f f a lhah (Phraong Iviahawangsa.)I I I~ u a z x a ' mS h a h R a j a ~ f u h k m a d h a h s n la ir n& S h ah(re igned a t Icota Palas) ( ruled Langkapur i )


    ( ? h4ans11r Shah)I

    ~ a l l m u ' d h ahISnla i lnan Shah*(carried to Acheen 1619 A.D.)I t mns i n the reigx wf 1Sulta.n Mua.zza.lll Sha h , th e seconcl RIuham --m a.dan ru ler of l

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    HISTORY O F KEDSH. 33carelessness. All of th e crew were severely woundeil an d t . 1 ~.scounclrels cou,ld n o t be overta1;en.' Gold ca.me f ro m Ke dah a n delephents. I n the f i rs t qua r ter of t . l~e18th century Vale i l t i jnwrites thaf ' everal offices, to w it l'eirah, ICedah, 'Uj an g Bnlangand 1nc l r : ag i r i a r e ~~bc rd ina teo the Govern~lzent f Jfnlacca" (J.R.. A. S'., IS. B. 67, pp. 5'7-SiL)-

    I n spite 0111aving clone no th in g to w ard off t h e aggression ofPort ngu ese; Achinese aiicl D ut ch , 8ia1n sti ll cla.imed suze raintyover l

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    34 HISTORY OF KEDA.H.pr in ted in J.It.A. E., 8.B. 7 2 , and von de Wall's M,S. nonr i n t h elibrary of the Ba twia . Society (van RonkeYs "Ca.tal,ogns," Ver--hnndelingen van het Bataviaasch Genootscl~,apDee1 L V I I , pp. 290-294) all give the same list of the Muhamlnacl~anrulers of ICedahdown to Ahm ad Ta.juJd-din who ascended in IS20 A.D. A f t e rSulaiman Shah, nrho died at Acheen the list continues :-.S.~ l'la.iinan 11ah(cl. 1620 A D . )I.Ri aln'd-din Shell .(M arh u m N ag a)IM uhigyu'cl-din 3 f : a . n ~ ~hah(,Marhum Sena )

    ID.ziyau7d-din M uka rram Shall(; \Inrl~uinhi lir ntcr.2~1Ia .rhu m ka.-badaiIAta'11'1lci11 I1\ICuha.mntadBhah(14 rhum Blukit P i n a n g )I~ ~ u h a ~ r n n a ~ c li ~ r a ainnl-abidin Muazzarn Shall(Marhmn IZEyangan. Movecl to Alor Star. 1741"-l'i'78)II I'Al~clullaliad-&I~~.karranlShah Dniiu'd-din Muzzam S ha h( N a r h ~ u n vIucla, Bnlii t Pi na ng ; (M arh um Iii5yanga.n; 799 1

    a. 1798) abdicated af te r 2 yea-rs: . 1818)IL!llmacl 'Ta.jn'd-din H ali in Sllaah(3la rhu m 1falacca ; SO-I-: d. ?1S44)IZainu'l-Rlasl~id .Sha ll'. Li' (d. ci~aca,185-2)I

    I , A ~ l l n ~ a c lajn'cl-din. M u l i ~ r f a ~ n ~hah(cl. 1879)I r I!JiZainu'l-Easlii>d Al)cln'I-Eamid Abdu'l-Aziz,BSuta.zaam .S ; l~ ~ a l~ . .I-Ialim shah. Raja n'Iuda.(d. 1881 ) (.d. 19 07 )Ke~r~bolcliT7es the cli-~tes or 17luhaiilmacl Jinw %8inal-al>idin ancl'Al~dul l r l lb u t seam to h av e g o t th e fain.ily relationshil~swrong.For the nam es a nd dates a ft e r Ahme,cl Tajn'd-din, ~v11o died ab ou tIS44 KT)., I ail1 indebted to a l is t conlpiled for M r. E. A. G. S,tuart

    " There is a coin of ' th is ru le r da ted 1154 A.R. = 1741-2 (Mil l iesr' R e c h e r c h e s snr les l l o c l ~ n i e scles Ind igsnes de 1'Archipel In d i en e t deP en i n s u l a Malaise' ( l g ' i l ) , p. 133 ancl plate. Cf. J. Ib. A . S., S. B., NO-27, p. 132). Jour. Stl-aits Branch

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    i_ HISTORY 017 I