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    KERTAS 1

    Satu jam lima belas minit


    1. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 50 soalan.2. Jawab semua soalan.3. Jawab dengan menghitamkan ruangan yang betul pada kertas jawapan.4. Bagi setiap soalan hitamkan satu ruangan sahaja.5. Sekiranya anda hendak menukarkan jawapan , padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat.6. Kemudian hitamkan jawapan yang baru7. Satu senarai rumus disediakan di halaman 28. Penggunaan kalkulator saintifik yang tidak boleh diprogramkan adalah dibenarkan

    Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 23 halaman bercetak

  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    The following information may be useful. The symbols have their usual meaning.

    1. v2 = u2 + 2as

    2. a =t


    3. s = ut +2


    4. Momentum = mv

    5. F = ma

    6. Kinetic Energy = mv2

    7. Gravitational Potential Energy = mgh

    8. Elastic Potential Energy =2


    9. =V


    10. Pressure in liquid, P = hg

    11. Pressure, P=A


    12. Heat, Q = mc

    13. Heat, Q = m


    PV= constant

    15. E = mc2

    16. v = f

    17. Power, P =Time




    19. =D


    20. n =r




    21. n = real depthapparent depth

    22. Q = I t

    23. V = IR

    24. Power, P= IV

    25. g = 10 ms-2

  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    Each question is followed by three, four or five options. Choose the best option foreach question then blacken the correct space on the answer sheet.

    1. Which of the following is the most accurate equipment?

    A. Ruler

    B. Vernier callipers

    C. Micrometer screw gauge

    D.Measuring tape

    2 Which of the following measurements of length is the longest

    A 2520 cmB 0.252 kmC 0.252 GmD 0.00252 MmE 2520000 mm

  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    3 Diagram 3 shows the reading of a part of vernier callipers when measuring thethickness of a book.

    Diagram 3

    What is the thickness of the book?

    A 0.51 cmB 0.41 cmC 0.91 cmD 1.01 cm

    4. A student carries out an experiment to study the relationship between the lengthof a pendulum and a period of oscillation. Which of the following statements isnot true about the experiment?

    A. The length of the string of the pendulum is the manipulated variableB. The responding variable is determined by a stopwatchC. The period of oscillation is the x-axis when plotting the graphD. The mass of the pendulum used must be the same


    Diagram 5

    Based on the velocitytime graph above, calculate the total distance travelled.

    A 6 mB 16 mC 24 mD 30 mE 46 m

  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    Time (s)

    Velocity (v)

    Time (s)

    Velocity (v)

    Time (s)

    Velocity (v)

    Time (s)

    Velocity (v)

    6. Which of the following graphs represents the correct relationship for velocity thatis directly proportional with time?





  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    7. Which of the following shows an object moving with decreasing acceleration ?

  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    8. The diagram shows a coin is placed on a cardboard covering the top of abeaker. When the card is quickly pulled horizontally , the coin falls into thebeaker.

    Diagram 8

    Which property of the coin makes this possible?

    A DensityB InertiaC VolumeD Thickness


    Diagram 9

    Diagram 9 shows two identical balls moving towards each other with velocities uand collides with a perfect elastic collision. Which of the following is true aftercollision?

    Velocity of P Velocity of QA Zero ZeroB Less than u in direction of R Less than u in direction of SC More than u in direction of R More than u in direction of SD Equals to u in direction of R Equals to u in direction of S




  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    2 kg

    0.1 m s-1

    6 N

    10. Which of the following objects acted on by a pair of forces will accelerate?

    11. A box of mass 2 kg moves with a constant speed of 0.1 m s-1 when a force of 6 Nis applied.

    Diagram 11

    What is the frictional force acting on the box?

    A 0 N C 3 NB 2 N D 6 N

  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    3600 N2000 N

    12 The diagram shows a high-jumper falls on a thick mattress.

    Diagram 13

    The purpose of putting a mattress after the bar is to

    A decrease the impulsive forceB decrease the stopping time of the high-jumper.C decrease the velocity of the high-jumper.D decrease the jumping time of the high-jumper.

    13 A boy in a moving lift feels that his weight has become lighter. Which one of thefollowing statements is true ?

    A The lift is accelerating upwardsB The lift is accelerating downwardsC The lift is deceleration downwards

    14 A car of mass 800 kg is being driven along a level road. The engine supplies aforward force of 3600 N and the total resistive force is 2000 N.

    Diagram 14

    What is the acceleration of the car?

    A 2.0 m s-2

    B 2.5 m s-2

    C 4.5 m s-2

    D 7.0 m s-2

  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT



    Diagram 15

    Diagram 15 shows a container with a hole. When it is filled with oil, the oil willflow out from the hole .If the same experiment is carried out on the Moon, whatwill happen to x?

    A unchangedB increasedC decreased

    16 A pendulum bob is hang on a string at a fixed point. It is displaced from position 1and then released. It oscillates several times with decreasing amplitude beforestopping at position 2.

    Diagram 16

    Where does the ball have the highest kinetic energy ?

    A At position 1B The first time at position 2C The last time at position 2D At position 3

    17 A dry battery can deliver 3000 J of energy to a small 2 W electric motor beforethe battery is exhausted. For how long does the motor run ?

    A 1500 minutesB 100 minutesC 50 minutesD 25 minutes




  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    20 N

    18 Table 18 shows the input and useful output energy of three motors.

    Table 18

    Which one is the most efficient?

    A PB QC R

    19 A spring of 10 cm length extends by 6 cm when a load of 30 N is attached to it.

    Diagram 19

    When two identical springs are used to carry a 20 N loads, as shown in Diagram19, what is the length of the spring system?

    A 2 cmB 4 cmC 6 cmD 12 cmE 15 cm

    20 The height of the mercury column of a simple mercury barometer will decrease if

    A the glass tube is tiltedB the diameter of the glass tube is increasedC air is filled into the vacuum region above the mercuryD the barometer is taken to the bottom of a swimming pool

    Input energy/ kJ Useful outputenergy /kJ

    Motor P 80 20Motor Q 40 14Motor R 60 45

  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    21 Equal masses of oil are poured into four different containers as shown.

    Diagram 21

    In which container is the pressure exerted by the oil on the base of the containeris the least?

    A WB XC YD Z

    22 Diagram 22 shows the water levels in a water manometer used to measure thepressure of a gas supply.

    Diagram 22

    How much greater than the atmospheric pressure is the pressure of the gassupply?

    A 2 cm waterB 5 cm waterC 10 cm waterD 12 cm water

    W X Y Z

  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    23 The diagrams below show a simple barometer. Which diagram correctly showsthe measurement taken to determine the atmospheric pressure?





  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    hydraulic fluid

    24 Diagram 24 shows a simple hydraulic jack. The cross-sectional area of thesmaller piston is 5 cm2 while the cross-sectional area of the bigger piston is25 cm2. When a force is applied to the smaller piston, it moves down a distanceof 6 cm.

    Diagram 24

    What is the distance moved by the larger piston?

    A 0.4 cmB 0.8 cmC 1.2 cmD 1.6 cmE 2.0 cm

    25 Diagram 25 shows an object floating on the surface of water. Which of thefollowing statements is true?

    Diagram 25

    A The density of the object is greater than the density of the water.B The volume of water displaced is equal to the volume of the object.C The weight of water displaced is equal to the weight of the object.D The mass of the object is equal to the buoyant force on the object.





  • SULIT 4531/1

    4531/1 SULIT


    26 Diagram 26 shows a ping-pong ball that does not fall when the water flows .

    Diagram 26

    Which principle explains the diagram ?

    A Pascals principleB Bernoullis principleC Archimedes principle

    27 Which of the following statements loses the highest heat in cooling to 10C?

    A A kettle filled with water at 60CB A glass filled with boiling waterC A swimming pool filled with water at 30C.

    28. Water is suitable to be used as a cooling agent because of its

    A high heat capacityB high densityC high latent heatD high adhesive force between the molecules

    29. The heat required to raise the temperature of 0.05 kg of a solid from 20oC to40oC is 2100 J. What is the specific heat capacity of the solid?

    A 1400 J kg-1 oC-1

    B 2100 J kg-1 oC-1

    C 3200 J kg-1 oC-1

    D 4200 J kg-1 oC-1

    Filter funnel Water

    Ping pong ball

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