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BAHASA INGGERISFORM 2PEPERIKSAAN PENGGAL 1MEI 20142 jam_______________________________________________________________________________________ARAHAN:1. Kertas soalan ini mempunyai 12 mukasurat.2. Jawab semua soalan di dalam kertas ini.3. SECTION A (40 soalan) merupakan soalan objektif dengan pilihan A, B, C dan D. Sila BULATKAN jawapan anda.4. SECTION B adalah soalan berbentuk esei. _______________________________________________________________________________________SECTION AQuestion 1-10Each question in this section is followed by three or four possible answers. Choose the best answer from the answers marked A, B, C or A, B, C and D. Then write the answers that you have chosen in the space provided.

Question 1


1. Which of the following best describes the label?A. This product is for children onlyC. Only adults can used this medication

B. This medication is to be taken daily D. This product should not be consumed


2. The proverb above would apply to a situation where a person should notA. let go of opportunities to enrich oneself

B. give up the chance of collecting gold that glitters

C. be taken by situations or things that are too good to be true

D. be looking for gold that could make a person to be self-centred

Question 3Endangered species are plants or animals which are in danger of becoming extinct. Their numbers are usually low and they need protection in order to survive.

3. Why do endangered animals need protection?A. They need to stay aliveC. They need to be looked after

B. They have no place to liveD. They face other dangerous animals

Question 4ATTENTION TO ALL PARENTS!RIGHT AT YOUR DOORSTEPTUITIONFOR YOUR KIDS! Reliable and qualified teachers Reasonable fees Classes at a convenient time Personal attention

4. Parents would enrol their children for classes because of the following exceptA. teachers attend to the students personallyC. teachers arrange a suitable tuition time

B. teachers teach the children at their homesD. teachers charge according to their qualifications

Question 5

5. The sign tells visitors

Question 6

6. Lift 1Floors 10 and belowLift 2Floors 11 and aboveLift 3For service goods onlyLift 4For staff only

A postman wants to deliver ten parcels to the 15th floor. Which lift should he take?A. Lift 1B. Lift 2C. Lift 3D. Lift 4Question 7

7. What would the boy be saying to the blind man? A. Watch out! B. Where are you going? C. Ill help you cross the road D. You should use the traffic light

Question 8

HC BrothersMOVING OUT SALE Everything must go! Clothes and accessories up to 70% discount Early bird special: additional 10% off all itemspurchased before 12 noon on first day of sale SALE period: 31st May 30th June

8. If you want to buy clothes at a discount 80%, you must go to the storeA. before 12 noon on 31st MayC. at 12 noon during the sale period

B. before 12 noon on 30th JuneD. at 12 noon on the first day of the sale

Question 9


9. According to the headline, the public A. will have to pay more for the cough medicine B. are advised to stop using the cough medicine C. will not be able to buy the cough medicine D. can only buy the cough medicine from the authoritiesQuestion 10Please tell all the club members that the meeting at 4pm is on unless it rains

Yes, Pn Rosie

10. The meetingA. may not be held that dayC. will be held if it does not rain

B. will be held even if it rainsD. will definitely be held at 4pm

Questions 11-15Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.

Delima's StoryWhen I was a baby I didn't have a mother and was kept in a small cage by my owners. They never let me out to play. It was in a place called Lubok Antu, a small town near the Kalimantan border.One day in February 1989, when I was about two years old, some men from the forestry department came and took me away. They took me to a nice place called Semenggoh Nature Reserve. Here I was allowed to climb trees near the clinic and play with other orang utans. They even let me sleep out at night in the forest.After 10 years living here, Semenggoh is now my home. I like to visit the display area in the sanctuary and meet visitors. However, if you come close I will take your bag and climb up the nearest tree. I usually look inside to see what it holds. The visitors think it is funny when I throw down the money and small plastic cards in the bags I snatch.I like this sanctuary, and hope the other animals and I get to live here for a long time.(Adapted from the Semenggoh Nature Reserve information sheet)

11. As a baby, Delima was A. caged all the timeC. caged with other animals

B. caged with her motherD. caged with other orang utans

12. How old is Delima now?A. Less than two years oldC. More than fourteen years old

B. About twelve years oldD. Less than ten years old

13. Why does Delima like Semenggoh?A. He can sleep in the trees C. He can play with other orang utans

B. He has freedom and company D. He has enough food to eat

14. What do the visitors find funny? A. The young orang utansC. The orang utans' behaviour

B. The orang utans' looksD. The orang utans' way of climbing

15. We can tell from the passage that visitors to SemenggohA. must not bring bagsC. must not laugh at the orang utans

B. must not stay in the display areaD. must not go too near the orang utans

Questions 16-20Read the advertisement below and answer the following questions.


Imagine you are on a sinking ship and had to swim to a nearby island.Which five things would you take with you?Find these items in the newspaper, cut them and paste them on an A4 sheet of paper to form a collage. Beneath each item, explain why you would choose to bring it with you. The five most creative and expressive entries will each win a RM100 Ringtel Top Up Card.Rules This contest is open to all secondary schools students in Malaysia. Entries must be done on a piece of A4 paper. On the back of your entry, state clearly your full name, age, IC number, school, home address and telephone numbers. Send your entries to : The 'Five Things I'd Take With Me' contestThe Education Editor BorneoPost Publication, Jalan Padungan,81290 Kuching, Sarawak Entries must reach us by July 31, 2007. Results will be announced in all major English dailies in August, 2007 Prizes are sponsored by Ringtel.

16. This contest requires a student to be good in A. Art onlyC. English and Living Skills

B. Art and EnglishD. Science and Mathematics

17. The names of the winners will be printed in the following newspapersI. The Star II. Chinese Press III. The Malay Mail IV. Berita Harian V. The New Straits Time

A. I, II, III and VC. I, II and V

B. II, III and IVD. I, III and V

18. The rules require the following exceptA. reach the organizer by the end of JulyC. open to secondary school students

B. be done in any sized paperD. find items in a newspaper

19. Thirteen-year old Geetha Arunasalam's entry was rejected by the organizer because A. she pasted each item on a piece of A4 paper

B. it was received at 12.00 p.m. on the 31st of July 2007

C. she had written her IC number on the back of the entry

D. she forgot to explain briefly the reasons for each of her choices

20. The word dailies means A. newsC. programmes

B. magazinesD. newspapers

Questions 21-28Each question in the text below refers to a numbered blank. For each question, choose the best answer from options A, B, C and D to fit the numbered blank. John's school, SMK Bahagia introduced a programme called 'Love Our Trees'. The students in the school __(21)____encouraged to know the various trees in the Lake Gardens.John and his classmates ___(22)___ to the Lake Gardens next Saturday. That is why they __(23)___up on the different kinds of trees now. They __(24)___their research in the school library.Besides that, they can also surf the Internet to get more information about the different types of trees in Asia. The Internet ___(25)___ a good source of information and they ___(26)___ get a lot of information there.When the students ___(27)___the Lake Gardens next Saturday, they will have learned a lot about trees already. They ___(28)___ much problem identifying the trees. It will be a productive trip for them as they would have done their research before going there.

21. A. beC. are

B. isD. will be

22.A. goC. went

B. goesD. will be going

23. A. readC. is reading

B. readsD. are reading

24.A. doC. will do

B. doesD. are doing

25.A. isC. are

B. beD. was

26.A. canC. should

B. mustd. might

27.A. visitC. visited

B. visitsD. will visit

28.A. do not haveC. will not have

B. did not haveD. does not have

Questions 29-31Read the conversation below and choose th