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Environmental Health

Environmental Health1By:Othman adil


2Environmental HealthPlanet supplies us with: food, water, air, and everything that sustains our life.Historically environmental health focused on preventing infectious diseases spread by water, waste, food, rodents, and insects.Expansion of the modern day definition.Encompassing all the interactions of humans with their environment and the health consequences of these interactions.

Water Pollution

3Causes: Rapid growth of human populationIndustrial outputs

Contaminants:toxic chemicalshuman and animal excrements heavy metals pesticides silt fertilizers

Sources of pollution:Point sourcesNon-point sources


Groundwater resources are valuable: Purity Dependability Costs of Transportation Treatment costs Groundwater pollution: Waste storage, treatment or disposal facilities Septic systems Pipes, materials transport and transfer operation4


5Water Contaminants1. BiologicalBacteria : Typhoid fever, Cholera, Shigella (dysentery), Salmonella and E. coliViruses: Hepatitis A, poliomyelitis and Rotavirus.Resistant to disinfection by chlorinationProtozoans: Giardia Lambia, Cryptosporidium, amoebic dysentery.Resistant to disinfection by chlorination

2. ChemicalIndustrial solvents, pesticidesLeadNitrates

6Waste DisposalHumans generate large amounts of waste.SewageSeptic systemHeavy metal like lead, mercury etcPolychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)Solid wasteGarbage like newspapers, plastic bags etc.Sanitary landfill

Why does sewage need to be treated?


To improve the quality of wastewater so it can be discharged in waterways without seriously disrupting the aquatic environment or causing human health problems.

8Recreational Waters

In the year 2000, there were 1,266 beach closings, in Southern California, 92% due to elevated bacteria of undetermined causes. The remaining 8% was due to rain advisories and known sewage discharge.

9Global Air Pollution IssuesMajor causes:Introduction of atmospheric pollutants in unusual amountsChanging the concentrations of natural atmospheric components

Significant impacts:Ozone depletionGlobal warming

10Air Pollution in Los AngelesWe have some of the worst air in the nation, and the highest number of emergency visits caused by smog and air pollution

Air pollution contributes to heart disease, lung disease, asthma and lung cancer

Air Pollutants with Greatest Impact on HealthOutdoorOzoneCarbon monoxideAirborne particlesNitrogen oxidesLeadSulfur oxidesDiesel emissionsIndoorSmokingMoldDust mitesRadon gas11


Solid WastesClassificationMunicipalHazardous

Disposal methodsUnacceptableAcceptableAlternatives

13Factors That Contribute to Population Growth

High fertility ratesLack of family planning resourcesLower death ratesPopulation

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