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BAHASA INGGERIS014/1Kertas 150 minitLima puluh minit



1. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan.

2. Jawab semua soalan.

3. Tiap-tiap diikuti oleh tiga atau empat pilihan jawapan A, B dan C atau A, B, C dan D. Bagi setiap soalan, pilih satu jawapan sahaja. Hitamkan jawapan kamu pada kertas jawapan objektif yang disediakan.

4. Jika kamu hendak menukar jawapan, padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat. Kemudian hitamkan jawapan yang baru.

___________________________________________________________________________Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 15 halaman bercetak dan 1 halaman tidak bercetak.[Lihat sebelah

Each question in this paper is followed by three or four possible answers. Choose the best answer from the answers marked, A, B, and C or A, B, C and D. Then on your answer sheet, blacken the answer that you have chosen. 2

Tiap-tiap soalan dalam kertas ini diikuti dengan tiga atau empat pilihan jawapan. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik daripada pilihan A, B dan C atau A, B, C dan D. Hitamkan jawapan yang telah anda pilih di kertas jawapan.

SECTION AQuestion 1 4 Choose the best word to fill in the blanks. Pilih perkataan yang terbaik dan isikan tempat kosong.

1After the rain, the funfair ground was muddy and there were ________ of water everywhere. A footsteps B puddles C facesD tins

2 The restaurant was rather crowed. A _______ came over and poured tea into our glasses hastily. A cook B waitress C helper D maid

3 The maid looked down at her rough hands and tears began to form in her eyes and then roll down her ________. A noseB face C cheeks D hands

4 The firefighters rushed to the scene of the fire in three A ambulances B fire enginesC speedboatsD motorcarsQuestions 5 7 3

Study the pictures carefully and choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph. Lihat gambar dengan teliti dan pilih rangkai kata yang terbaik bagi melengkapkan perenggan di bawah.

Mrs Kumaran always orders on the phone from Lings Grocery Stone. She is now

_______________ (5) to order some groceries. Mr Ling is not in,

so his ___________ (6) takes down the order. Later, Mr Ling

gathers the things ordered by Mrs Kumaran ___________ (7)

and takes them to Mr. Kumarans house.


A going to the shopB telling her maidC on the line 76

A shop assistant B shopkeepers boy C good neighbour D regular customer

A in a bagB into a boxC form his shop D on to his van

Question 8 10 4

Study the pictures carefully. Then choose the best answer. Lihat gambar dengan teliti. Pilihan jawapan yang terbaik.


A The monkey is climbing up the coconut tree. B It is plucking coconuts for its owner. C it is throwing coconuts down. D The monkey is falling onto the ground.


A Rama is looking out od the window. B He is dreaming in the class. C The boy is talking to his friend. D He is playing the fool in class.



A Mrs Suppiah is preparing to fry fish. B She is cooking curry for her family. C The lady is adding some salt to the dish.D She is scooping out the curry.

Question 11 - 15

Choose the best answer to fit the situation shown in the pictures.Lihat gambar dengan teliti. Pilihan jawapan yang terbaik.


A Im so glad to see you. B I want to go home. C I feel much better. Thank you.D Dont worry. I will recover soon.



A I failed my mathermatics test. B I should not have copied in the test. C I will ask Mr Lim to give me marks.D Mr Lim says that Ive done well.

A My mother is going shopping. B I ll be home alone. C I won a prize in the contest.D Miss Lee is not coming school.



A Im still angry with you.B Lets remind your father.C We shall eat out tonight. D Thank you for the lovely flowers.

A Aunt Rose, this is my classmate, Doreen B Aunt Rose, do you know my friend? C Aunt Rose, can she come in? D Doreen has not taken her lunch.


Question 16 20

Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat-ayat berikut.

16 Peter packed his things ______ as his father was waiting for him.

A angrilyB hastily C alowlly D orderly

17 The thief hid ____ the bridge for a long time.

A against B from C under D in

18 The players ______ come for practice if they want to win in the match.

A ought to B will C can

19 The teacher could not recognise her ex-pupils ______ she has not seen them for five years.

A if B as C and D altough

20 Meng : What ______ your father usually do at weekends? Ann : He _______ swimming in the sea.

A do, go B did, went C does, goes D will, is going

Question 219

Choose the word that has the same meaning as the word underlined. Pilihan perkataan yang sama erti dengan perkataan yang bergaris.

21 Zahid, the mischievous son of my uncle has left for Japan to further his studies there.

A clever B naughty C arrogant D lucky

Question 22 23

Choose the answer with the correct spelling.

Berdasarkan gambar-gambar di bawah, pilih perkataan yang mempunyai ejaan yang betul.

22I went to the bakers to buy a loaf of

A breed B braed C bread D braid

23This _______ goes very fast and does not stop at small stations.

A tren B train C trian D trean

Question 24 2510

Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. Pilih ayat yang mempunyai tanda baca yang betul.

24A I lost my big new white Italian leather handbag. B I lost my big, new, white, Italian, leather, handbag. C I lost my big, new, white, Italian, leather handbag.D I lost my big new, white Italian leather handbag.

25A Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare.B romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare.C Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare.D Romea and Juliet was written, by William Shakespeare.


Question 26 30

Look at the picture and read the passage carefully. Based on the picture and the passage, choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

Lihat gambar dengan teliti. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik berdasarkan gambar dan teks yang diberi.


Last night Puan Sarajini picked daughter up outside the tuition centre. Halfway home, Puan Sarajini felt her car wobbling. She stopped __________ (26) the roadside and got down to inspect the car. To her ___________ (27) she found a flat tyre. ___________ (28) of them did not know how to change a tyre. There were people who just drove past them without ________ (29). Eventually, a good ____________ (30) stopped and got down to offer help.

26A on B by C atD to

27A surpriseB horror C dismay

28A Both B Those C Two D None

29 A seeing B asking C inquiring D stopping

30 A person B worker C Samaritan D mechanic



Question 31 35

Read the letter below carefully and answer the question that follow.

Baca petikan di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan berikut.

Dear Amy, I have a wonderful story to tell you.

Do you remember I told you that my borthers and I were planning a big surprise for our mother on her birthday? Well, it turned out to be such a great fun!

We told our mother that we were going to treat her the whole day. First, we took her to her favourite restaurant for breakfast.

Guess what! We had a big party planned for her at the park. We drove her there and she thought that we had taken the wrong turning and landed up at the park instead.

You should see her face when she saw the people there as soon as we parked our car. Everyone cheered and shouted Happy Birthday.

Mothers brothers and sisters were there, and so were their children. We also invited her friends. Mother almost cried when she saw everyone.

We led her to the main table set under a huge white tent. There were lots of presents on one table, all for her. There was also plenty of food. We spent the whole day at the park. We organized games for the children. The adults enjoyed themselves talking and eating.

I miss you. I wish the holidays are not so long. I cant to get back to our classes. I hope youre enjoying yourself at your uncles farm.

All the best, Kathy

31 Kathys wonderful story is about 13

A celebrating the whole dayB celebrating her mothers birthdayC meeting her mothers friends at the parkD talking her mother to a restaurant for her birthday

32Kathy and Amy are probably

A sistersB cousinsC neighboursD school friends

33Mothers brothers and sisters in paragraph six refers to Kathys

A cousinsB godparentsC uncles and auntsD nephews and nieces

34 Which of the following statements is incorrect?

A Kathy saw her cousins at the birthday party. B Mother cried and was upset to see her friends. C Kathy had told Amy before about the birthday party. D Kathy and her brothers planning the surprise birthday party.

35The sentence I cant waits to get back to our classes implies that Kathy is

A sad B active C homesick D impatient

Question 36 4014

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