dua al iftitah

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  • A great dua

    Word of Imam Mahdi (a.s.)

    Advised by the Imam to recite Every Night of the

    sacred month of Ramadhan

    The Angels hear the Dua and seek forgiveness for

    the reciter


  • In the Name of Allah

    the All Beneficent the All Merciful www.zainab.tv

  • O Allah!

    I begin the lauding by Your praise www.zainab.tv

  • And

    by Your favors You guide to the right


  • And I am convinced that indeed

    You are the Merciful of the merciful www.zainab.tv

  • In

    amnesty and forgiveness


  • But stringent

    in punishing and disciplining the offenders www.zainab.tv

  • And the Absolute Sovereignty

    in the realm of pride and greatness www.zainab.tv

  • O Allah!

    You allowed me to supplicate and to ask You www.zainab.tv

  • Therefore listen

    O Hearer of my praise! www.zainab.tv

  • And respond

    to my pledge O Merciful! www.zainab.tv

  • And wave

    my sins O Forgiver!


  • O, my Allah! innumerable are

    the miseries You have alleviated me from www.zainab.tv

  • And

    the grieves You have driven away from me www.zainab.tv

  • And

    afflictions You have lightened me of www.zainab.tv

  • And

    mercy You have showered www.zainab.tv

  • And aborted

    the onslaught of misfortune around me


  • All Praise be to Allah

    Who has not taken for Himself a wife or a son www.zainab.tv

  • And

    has no partner to His Reign www.zainab.tv

  • Nor does He have a friend to save from disgrace

    so Magnify Him with all Greatness www.zainab.tv

  • All praise

    be to Allah, with utmost praises www.zainab.tv

  • For

    His blessings, all of them www.zainab.tv

  • All praise be to Allah

    who has no opponent to His rule www.zainab.tv

  • Nor

    a challenger to His commands


  • All praise be to Allah

    who has no partner in His creation www.zainab.tv

  • Nor

    is there a like of Him in His Greatness www.zainab.tv

  • All

    praise be to Allah www.zainab.tv

  • Whose command is evident

    in His creation and to Him is praise www.zainab.tv

  • Evident is His grandeur through His kindness

    His hands open in generosity www.zainab.tv

  • Whose

    treasures never lessen www.zainab.tv

  • And does not increase His intense

    bestowing but generosity and kindness www.zainab.tv

  • Indeed

    He is the Dear and the Most Merciful www.zainab.tv

  • O Allah! I ask You for a little from the plenty


  • Although my need to it is great www.zainab.tv

  • And Your needlessness to it is from ever and that to me is a lot www.zainab.tv

  • And that to You is minute, easy


  • O Allah!

    Certainly Your forgiving my sins


  • And Your excusing my faults


  • And

    Your overlooking my tyranny www.zainab.tv

  • And

    Your covering my wrong doings


  • And

    Your forbearance from my numerous crimes www.zainab.tv

  • Committed

    by me by mistake or by purpose


  • Yet I am tempted to ask You

    for what I do not deserve from You www.zainab.tv

  • That

    You provided to me by Your Mercy


  • And You showed me by Your Might


  • And

    You made me know by Your acceptance www.zainab.tv

  • Therefore

    I persist in calling You with faith www.zainab.tv

  • And I ask You in a familiar way

    least afraid nor being shy www.zainab.tv

  • Rather

    with my pledges I approach You demurring www.zainab.tv

  • And if my needs are delayed

    I blamed You due to my ignorance www.zainab.tv

  • May be

    such a delay could be better for me www.zainab.tv

  • Because

    You know the consequences of all matters www.zainab.tv

  • I

    have not seen such a Benevolent Master www.zainab.tv

  • Who is more patient

    than You on a low servant like me


  • O my Lord!

    Certainly You call me and I turn away from You www.zainab.tv

  • And

    You befriend me and I hate You www.zainab.tv

  • You extend Your love to me

    but I do not accept from You www.zainab.tv

  • As if

    I am demurring You


  • Despite

    that You do not suspend


  • i.e.

    bestowing blessings and favors on me


  • And

    emanating from Your mercy and generosity www.zainab.tv

  • So

    have mercy towards Your ignorant servant www.zainab.tv

  • And

    bless him by Your great generosity www.zainab.tv

  • Certainly,

    You are Generous, Kind


  • Praise be to Allah, the absolute Sovereign

    Regulator of the arc (of existence)


  • Creator

    of the winds, causes the break of dawn www.zainab.tv

  • Judge of the Day of Reckoning

    Lord of the Worlds www.zainab.tv

  • All praise be to Allah

    for His forbearance - after His knowledge www.zainab.tv

  • And all praise be to Allah for

    His amnesty - after His Omnipotence www.zainab.tv

  • And all praise be to Allah

    for His lasting tolerance despite His wrath www.zainab.tv

  • And

    He is Powerful over what He wants www.zainab.tv

  • All praise be to Allah, the Creator of all creation

    the provider of sustenance www.zainab.tv

  • The separator of dawn

    possessor of Glory and Honor


  • And

    the Favors and the Blessings www.zainab.tv

  • Who is far and cannot be seen

    yet nearest that He witnesses the whisper www.zainab.tv

  • The

    Glorified and Exalted www.zainab.tv

  • All praise be to Allah

    Who has no one parallel to challenge Him www.zainab.tv

  • Nor a like worth-comparing with Him

    nor a helper to assist Him


  • He tames the violent by His Honor

    and low before His Greatness are the great www.zainab.tv

  • So, He with His power

    accomplishes what He wants www.zainab.tv

  • All praise be to Allah

    Who replies when I call Him www.zainab.tv

  • And He covers my faults whence I defy Him www.zainab.tv

  • And

    magnifies His bounties on me and I dont reward


  • How many of Your lively favors

    have You given to me www.zainab.tv

  • And

    how many dangers you saved me from


  • And

    numerous amazing joys You showed me www.zainab.tv

  • Therefore, I laude Him

    and remember Him with exaltation www.zainab.tv

  • All praise be to Allah

    Who none can transpire His cover www.zainab.tv

  • And His door never closes

    His seekers never sent back www.zainab.tv

  • And

    the hopeful ever disappointed www.zainab.tv

  • All praise be to Allah

    Who gives protection to the frightened www.zainab.tv

  • And gives salvation to the pious

    and raises the weak www.zainab.tv

  • And

    destroys the atrocious www.zainab.tv

  • And ruins the rulers

    and replaces them by others


  • And all praise be to Allah

    Breaker of the oppressors www.zainab.tv

  • Eliminator of the tyrants

    perceiver of the fugitive www.zainab.tv

  • Punisher of the tyrants

    assistance to those who seek Him www.zainab.tv

  • The centre of fulfilling the needs of the needy

    the Trust of the faithful www.zainab.tv

  • All praise

    be to Allah, He by whose fear www.zainab.tv

  • The skies

    and its dwellers tremble www.zainab.tv

  • And

    the earth and its inhabitants shake www.zainab.tv

  • And oceans in which whatever swims

    floats in excitement www.zainab.tv

  • All praise be to Allah

    He who has guided us to this


  • And we would not have been guided

    had Allah not guided us