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TOTAL MARKS = 40 + 80 + 40 = 80 (A) 2

PAPER 3 QUESTION 2 ( 17 m) The rate of photosynthesis is influenced by different environment factors. Based on the above situation, plan a laboratory experiment to determine the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis. The planning of your experiment must include the following aspects: Statement of identified problem ( 3m) Objective of study Variables (3m) Statement of hypothesis (3m) List of materials and apparatus (3m) Experimental procedure (3m) Presentation of data (2 m) Conclusion

KESALAHAN TEKNIK MENJAWAB SOALAN SPM 2010 No. 1(b) Students answer: The function of RER is to transport protein to Golgi apparatus and the function of Golgi apparatus is to sort, modify and pack protein. So without RER and Golgi apparatus, extracellular enzyme cannot be synthesized. Correct answer: (1)( No production of extracellular enzyme) because( without S protein cannot be transport to Golgi apparatus) through transport vesicles.(3)Without Golgi apparatus, the protein cannot be modified) to form extracellular enzyme. The(4)( protein cannot be sorted), (cannot be packaged) into secretory vesicle.(5) No enzyme will be released out of the plasma membrane. Note: protein -enzyme (x)

No.1 (c) Students answer: Because sperm need to swim toward the fallopian tube during fertilisation. Correct answer: (1)( Mitochondria generate energy/site of cellular respiration)(2) (Sperm need more energy to swim toward ..)

No.2(c) Students answer: The cell shrink. Water move out of the cell. Correct answer: (1)( The cell is flaccid/ plasmolysed). (2)(The solution is hypertonic to the cell sap) so(3)(water diffuse out of the cell)(4)( via osmosis).(5)( The plasma mrmbrane pulls away from cell wall//Cytoplasm/ vacuole shrink)

No.2(d) Students answer: A The food can last longer./ D Can cause diabetes/ not good for health Correct answer: A The method inhibit the growth of microorganism// less spoilage of food and can keep longer/last longer. D - The food loss nutrient content Change in natural colour of food Change in taste of food

No.3(b) Students answer: Nuclear membrane disintegrates and spindle fibres start to form. Correct answer: (1)(Homologous chromosomes come together)/Pairing of homologous chromosome(2)( to form bivalent) through a process called (1)(synapsis).(3)Crossing over occur between homologous chromosome.

No. 3(c) Students answer: Sperm combine with ovum to form zygote. Correct answer: (1) Sperm and ovum are haploid. (2) Sperm fused with ovum to form diploid zygote.

No. 4(e) Students answer: Enzyme denatured at high temperature. Active site of enzyme is broken down. Correct answer: (1) At high temperature, 65C protein denatured. (2)Structure of protein change/broken and the(3) shape of change that cause silk crumples in hot water.

No.5(c) 1. Triceps muscle is thinner and longer than biceps 2. At least 3 tendons No. 5(d) (1)(Difficulty in movement/walking) ,(2)( pain at joint) due to (3)( excessive wear and tear of X). This old person experience(4)( arthritis.) No. 5 (e) (1)To increase temperature of mucles (2) enabling more efficient use of energy/increase the production of ATP(3) and increase heart to supply more oxygen. This activity is to prevent injuries to muscles / muscles cramp//allow muscles to be stretch easily.

ESSAY Tulis dengan lengkap. Markah tidak akan dipotong jika jawapan tidak ada kaitan dengan soalan Pemeriksa akan mencari isi-isi yang berkaitan dengan soalan Soalan compare mesti merangkumi similarities and differences.Asingkan jawapan bagi similarities dan differences. Jawapan bagi differences lebih mudah dapat markah jika ditulis dalam table. Jika soalan berdasarkan rajah berasingan, jawapan mestilah berasingan.Contoh 9(b).

Contoh: (6)(a)(ii) When the intake of water is too little, blood osmotic pressure increase. Osmoreceptor in hypothalamus detects the change And produces impulse Which stimulates pituitary gland To release more ADH ADH increase the permeability Of the collecting duct/ distal tubule More water is reabsorbeb into blood stream Blood osmotic pressure decrease back to normal Urine produced is less /more concentrated

FOCUS :1. Cell structure and cell organisation Draw cell structure Organelles and their functions( Refer Q: 9)

PLASMA MEMBRANE2. Movement of substances across the plasma membrane(Q:3) Structure of plasma membrane Osmosis Faccilitated diffusion Active transport

Osmosis :Q3&4Solution : Hypotonic Hypertonic Isotonic

Movement of Water : Diffuse In Diffuse Out

Condition of Cell : Plant Cell (1) flaccid >> plasmolysis (2) turgid Animal Cell (1) Haemolysis (2) Crenation

Enzymes Synthesis of extracellular enzyme Lock and key hypothesis

Chemical composition of the cell SPM Q1

Q2 &Spm Q:34. Cell division

Mitosis and meiosis Arrangement of stages in mitosis and meiosis Chromosome behaviour

Q:85. Nutrition Digestion, absorption and assimilation Eating habits (SPM 9(b) Photosynthesis

WHAT ARE THE CLASSES OF INVOLVE IN DIGESTION? *Carbohydrates * Proteins * Lipids

PARTS OF ALIMENTARY CANAL THAT INVOLVE IN DIGESTION Mouthamylase : Starch +water -----------> Maltose pepsin : Protein + water --------> Polypeptides


Milk protein (Caseinogen) ---rennin-> Casein

DIGESTION :SPM 9(a) Duodenum : Starch Polypeptides + water -trypsin--> peptides Lipid droplets + water - lipase---> fatty acid + glycerol : Maltose Sucrose Lactose Peptides + water -peptidase-->amino acid Lipid droplets + water - lipase---> fatty acid + glycerol


Soalan 9 (c) (i) Enzyme / protein (ii) To pack the product that has been modified by the Golgi body To release the substances out of the cell to be secreted (d) Mitochondria as the main site where ATP / energy is generated through the enzyme action // glucose oxidisation. Sperm cell need more energy to swim actively to fertilize the ovum in the fallopian tube.

SOALAN 3(a)(ii) Process at R: Active transport P1: The movement of particles/molecules/ions againts the concentration gradient across the plasma membrane/ from the lower concentration of particles to the higher concentration of particles P2: The process requires energy provided by ATP (b) P allows small water soluble molecules, lipid soluble molecule and gaseous to move across the plasma membrane while Q has specific shape and charge that only allow specific ions/molecule to pass through.

SOALAN 3(c) F : Solution outside the cell is hypotonic to cell sap. E1 :Water molecules diffuse into the cell (causing it to swell up and burst. E2 :The plasma membrane is too thin to with stand the osmotic pressure that develops within the cell. (d) F : The soil solution become hypertonic than the cell sap of the roots E1 : water diffuses out from the cell sap into the soil by osmosis E2 : the cell are plasmolysed

Soalan 4(c) In (b)(i) distilled water is hypotonic to the plant sap. Water molecules diffuse into the plant cell via osmosis thus cause the cell becomes turgid. In (b)(ii) sucrose solution is hypertonic compare to the plant sap. Water molecules will diffuse out from the plant cell to the solution outside causes the cell become plasmolysed

SOALAN 8 F1 : no / less secretion lipase E1 : no / incomplete lipid digestion F2 : no / less secretion amylase E2 : no / less starch digestion F3 : no / less secretion trypsin E3 : no / less protein digestion

SOALAN 8(d)(ii) 1. Avoid / Reduce the intake of oily food 2. Avoid / Reduce the intake of food that high carbohydrates /sugar 3. Reduce the intake of food which high protein 4. injections of insulin 5. pancreas implantation

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