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ADDITIONAL MATHEMATIC PROJEK PAPER 2015NAME: Nathaniel Ng BujangIC NO.: 980503-06-5823FORM: 5-AmanahCANDIDATE NO.:TEACHER NAME: Abdul Halim Bin Nanyan

BIODATAName: Nathaniel Ng BujangDate Of Birth: 3 May 1998Address:A-8-1 Perumahan Anngkatan Tentera Jalan U-Thant, No.44, Jalan 1/76 OFF Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55100, WPKLAmbition: DoctorTarget For SPM: 6A, 4BTarget For SPM Add. Maths: BCONTENTNOTITLEPAGE1APPRECIATiON2HISTORY3OBJECTIVE4FLOW CHART5

PRESENTATION -PART A -PART B -PART C8FURTHER EXPLORATION9REFLECTION10CONCLUSIONAPPRECIATION Firstly, a thousand of thanks also I present to my Additional Mathematics teacher, En. Abdul Halim bin Nanyan @ Othman for the guide, useful giving and important information for me to complete this project work. Secondly, on the same time, also a thousands of thanks I like to present to my parent and family for their encourage and supportment. Lastly, also a special thanks to all my friends for their help and co-operating in searching for information and competing this project work.HISTORY TheHistory of statisticscan be said to start around 1749 although, over time, there have been changes to the interpretation of the wordstatistics. In early times, the meaning was restricted to information aboutstates. This was later extended to include all collections of information of all types, and later still it was extended to include the analysis and interpretation of such data. In modern terms, "statistics" means both sets of collected information, as innational accountsandtemperature records, and analytical work which requiresstatistical inference. Statistical activities are often associated with models expressed usingprobabilities, and requireprobability theoryfor them to be put on a firmtheoretical basis: seeHistory of probability. A number of statistical concepts have had an important impact on a wide range of sciences. These include thedesign of experimentsand approaches to statistical inference such asBayesian inference, each of which can be considered to have their own sequence in the development of the ideas underlying modern statistics.Statstic TodayDuring the 20th century, the creation of precise instuments of agriculture research, public health concerry (epidemidogy and biostatistic, etc), industrical control and economic and social purpose necesiated substantial advance in statistical practices. Today the use of statistic ha broadened for beyond its origin. Invidual and organizations use statitics to understand data and make informe decisions throghout the natural and social science, medicine, business and other areas.Statistics id generally regarded not as a subfield of mathematics but rather as a distinet, albeit allied, field. Many universities maintain separate mathematics and statistics departments. Statistics is also thaught in department as diverse as physcology, education and public health.OBJECTIVE The main objective of HES are to collect information on the level and pattern of consumption expenditure by households on a comprehensive range of goods and service. This information served as the basis for determining the good and services to be included in the basket of the Consumer Price Tax (CPI). It was also used to represent the expenditure pattern of households in Malaysia. However, over the years, demand for data from the survey ha increased and it is now used for several purpose. HES ha become an invalueble source of information for government and private sectors, researchers and university studentsFLOW CHARTPRESENTATIONPART A i)

MONTHLY INCOME (RM)NUMBER OF FAMILY MEMBERSCATEGORIESALOCATION OF INCOME (RM)ALOCATION OF INCOME (%)4,9007FOOD80016.3UTILITY1,30026.5TRASPORTATION4008.2EDUCATION60012.3RECREATION50010.2OTHERS1,30026.5TOTAL4,900100 ii) MCATEGORIESALLOCATION OF INCOMEFood800Utility1,300Transportation400Education600Recreation500Others1300Mean816.7Standard Deviation X X800130040060050013002x(x-x)80013004006005001300- 2MONTHLY INCOME (RM)NUMBER OF FAMILY MEMBERSCATEGORIESALOCATION OF INCOME (RM)ALOCATION OF INCOME (%)50004FOOD90018UTILITY2,50050TRASPORTATION2004EDUCATION70014RECREATION50010OTHERS2004TOTAL5000100MONTHLY INCOME (RM)NUMBER OF FAMILY MEMBERSCATEGORIESALOCATION OF INCOME (RM)ALOCATION OF INCOME (%)FOODUTILITYTRASPORTATIONEDUCATIONRECREATIONOTHERSTOTALMONTHLY INCOME (RM)NUMBER OF FAMILY MEMBERSCATEGORIESALOCATION OF INCOME (RM)ALOCATION OF INCOME (%)FOODUTILITYTRASPORTATIONEDUCATIONRECREATIONOTHERSTOTALMONTHLY INCOME (RM)NUMBER OF FAMILY MEMBERSCATEGORIESALOCATION OF INCOME (RM)ALOCATION OF INCOME (%)FOODUTILITYTRASPORTATIONEDUCATIONRECREATIONOTHERSTOTALMONTHLY INCOME (RM)NUMBER OF FAMILY MEMBERSCATEGORIESALOCATION OF INCOME (RM)ALOCATION OF INCOME (%)FOODUTILITYTRASPORTATIONEDUCATIONRECREATIONOTHERSTOTALiii)iv)EducationRecreationNathaniel's Family12.310.2Mun Wai's Family1010Jin Hao's Family3216Ross's Family1410Ivan's Family1025Hakim's Family1114Mean14.883333314.2Std Deviation8.523008085.85149554Standard Deviation (Education)xx(x-x)12.31032141011- 2 2Standard Deviation (Recreation)xx(x-x)10.21016102514- 2 2Part Ci)FAMILYMONTHLY INCOME (RM)CATEGORIESALOCATION OF INCOME (RM)WEIGHTAGE( ) FoodUtilityTransportationEducationRecreationOthers FoodUtilityTransportationEducationRecreationOthers FoodUtilityTransportationEducationRecreationOthers FoodUtilityTransportationEducationRecreationOthers FoodUtilityTransportationEducationRecreationOthers FoodUtilityTransportationEducationRecreationOthers Nathaniels Family 58.8 : 95.5 : 29.4 : 44.1 : 36.7 : 95.5 Rosss Family 64.8 : 180 : 14.4 : 50.4 : 36 : 14.4ii)CATEGORIESALLOCATION OF INCOMEl2015l2016%FoodIncrease by 10%10011030UtilityIncrease by 5%10010522TransportationUnchanged10010015EducationIncrease by 3%10010310RecreationDecrease by 2%100985OthersIncrease by 10%10011018Further ExplorationsList Of Richest Countries In The World And Literacy RateNOCOUNTRYINCOME (USD)LITERACY RATE1Qatar2Luxembourg3Singapore4Norway5Hong Kong SAR6Brunei Darussalam7United States8United Arab Emirates9Switzerland10Kuwait11Austria12Netherlands13Australia14Canada15Sweeden16Ireland17Taiwan Province Of China18Iceland19Germany20BelgiumL32List Of Poorest Countries In The World And Literacy RateNOCOUNTRYINCOME (USD)LITERACY RATE1Democratic Republic Of Congo2Liberia3Zimbabwe4Burundi5Eritrea6Central African Repubic7Niger8Malawi9Togo10Madagascar11Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan12Guinea13Ethiopia14Sierra Leone15Mozembique16Mali17Guinea-Bissau18Comoros19Haiti20UgandaREFLECTION From this project, I have learnt the importance of perseverance as time had been invested to ensure the completion and excellence towards this project. Similarly, I have learnt the virtue of working together as I have helped and receive bundle of help from my fellow peers in the production of the projects sharing knowledge is vital in achieving a single goal. Also, I have learnt to be thankful and appreciative. This is because, I am being able to apply my mathematical knowledge in my daily life and appreciate the beauty of mathematics. All and all, I have spent countless hours doing this project. I realized that this subject is a compulsory to me. Without it, I cant fulfill my big dreams and wishes>CONCLUSION After doing research, answering questions, drawing graphs and some problem solving , I saw that the usage of statistics is important in our daily life. It is not just widely used in markets but also in interpreting the condition of the surroundings like the air and sea. In conclusion, statistics is a daily life necessity. Without it, surveys cant be conducted , the surveys cant be interpret and many more. So,we should be thankful of the people who contribute in the idea of statistics. Also while I was conducting the project , I have learnt and practiced lots of moral values. Some of them are that we should be patient when doing any work or project. This is to ensure our work is completed by time. We also should be calm when any source that we are trying to find comes out fruitless. Furthermore, we should always be happy so that whatever work we do can be done easily without any tension or panic. Last but not least, a teamwork is very important when we are doing a group project. Now, I can apply the concept and skill that I have in solving additional mathematics problems. This project undoubtedly has gave me massive beneficial.