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DAYTELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD (128740-P)___________________________________________________________________TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD (128740-P)__________________________________________________________TELEEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD (128740-P)___________________________________________________________TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD (128740-P)___________________________________________________________________TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD (128740-P)___________________________________________________________________TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD (128740-P)________________________________________________________________________________________TELEEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD (128740-P)______________________________________________________________BILPU IDDESCRIPTIONSUNITDAY NIGHTAPPENDIX III- 4APPENDIX III- 6APPENDIX III- 7APPENDIX III- 8APPENDIX III-9APPENDIX III- 10APPENDIX III-31100900DIRECT BURIED COPPER CABLE FOR LESS THAN 150 METEREA1,200.001,440.002100901DIRECT BURIED COPPER CABLE FOR 150 METER AND ABOVE (SUBS. LENGTH)M6.007.20PUWI-01DSR FORMPUWS-013100902EXTEND EXISTING IRON/CON POLEEA60.0072.00WORK ORDER INSTRUCTIONDISTRICT STORE REQUESTION FORMDISTRICT STORE REQUESTION FORMQUALITY CHECKLISTTELEKOM MALAYSIAMINI JKH- DOCUMENT SUBMISSION CHECKLISTWORK ORDER SURVEY4100903INSTALLATION OUTDOOR ANTENNA, (EG: CDMA)EA30.0036.00(RNO Maintenance Work Using RNO Schedule of Rate)FILLED UP BY CONTRACTOR(manterial return ti Mini Stor RNO)ACCEPTANCE TEST CERTIFICATE(RNO Maintenance Work Using RNO Schedule of Rate)5100904LAYING PVC DUCT W/O CON WITH MIN DEPTH 1220MM MORE THAN 12 METERSM4.955.94BREAKDOWNFIBER CUTPROVENFILLED UP BY CONTRACTORMAINTENANCE / Purchase Order No: M31/KN/ZFT/NIMN/PCO/14/15/101Contract No : 3400006525Contractor Name:NIMN ENTERPRISE6100905LAYING PVC DUCT WITH CON WITH MIN DEPTH 1220MM MORE THAN 12 METERSM11.4213.70Contract No :3400006525Location of Work : JALAN KUARI BUKIT BULOHMaintenance Order No : M31/KN/ZFT/NIMN/PCO/14/15/1017100906PREPARE SURVEY REPORTEA300.00300.00Maintenance Order No :M31/KN/ZFT/NIMN/PCO/14/15/101Name of Work :BAIKI/TUKAR KABEL DSIDE ROSAKExchange : MACHANGCab.NoMAG_010_DP No's0MAINTENANCE / PURCHASE ORDER NO:M31/KN/ZFT/NIMN/PCO/14/15/101Name of Work:BAIKI/TUKAR KABEL DSIDE ROSAK8100907RECOVER ANY POLE FITTING/ACCESSORIESEA1.611.93Name of Work : BAIKI/TUKAR KABEL DSIDE ROSAKMaintenance Order No :M31/KN/ZFT/NIMN/PCO/14/15/101Name of Work :BAIKI/TUKAR KABEL DSIDE ROSAKName of Work :BAIKI/TUKAR KABEL DSIDE ROSAKEXCHANGE :MACHANGLocation of Work : JALAN KUARI BUKIT BULOHContract No :34000065259100908REERECTING FALLEN CABLE AND TERMINATE ON POLEEA18.0021.60Location of Work : JALAN KUARI BUKIT BULOHContractor Name :NIMN ENTERPRISECABINET & DP NO :MAG_010_PTT /Zone : KELANTAN SELATANSurvey date:5/May/15Maintenance Order No :M31/KN/ZFT/NIMN/PCO/14/15/10110100909TRACE AND LOCATE MISSING MANHOLEEA40.0048.00=IF(A21="","",IF(A21=A20,"SAME ABOVE",LOOKUP(A21,AU2:AV1150)))Contract Name :NIMN ENTERPRISEDate of Request :Contractor Name :NIMN ENTERPRISEPLANNED START DATE :27/May/15Exchange : MACHANGCabinet/DP No:MAG_010_Name of Work :BAIKI/TUKAR KABEL DSIDE ROSAK11100910TRANSFER OF EXISTING STAY TO NEW POLEEA15.2318.28PTT / Zone :KELANTAN SELATANSurvey Date 5/May/15Date of Request :Quality Checklist (for TM use)REQUIRED COMPLETION DATE (RFS)27/May/15Planned Start Date : 27/May/1512100911TRANSFER OF EXISTING STRUT TO NEW POLEEA15.2318.28=IF(A20="","",LOOKUP(A20,AU2:AV1150))Exchange :MACHANGCabinet / DP No : MAG_010_Quality Checklist ACTUAL COMPLETION DATE :27/May/15Required Completion Date (RFS) :__________________27/May/15Actual Completion Date:FALSELocation of Work :JALAN KUARI BUKIT BULOH13100912S/I CADWELDEA32.0038.40=IF(A21="","",LOOKUP(A21,AU3:AV1151))Palanned Start Date :27/May/15Please Rate as following (1=Poor, 2=Average, 3=Good or NA)RatingRemarkCATEGORY OF WORK :REHAB / KEMAS / MAINTENANCE*Revised Completion date : Contractor Name :NIMN ENTERPRISE14100913S/I COPPER STRIP IN CONCRETE OR TARMACM32.0038.40Required Completion Date(RFS) :27/May/151. Straightening of Pole, Stay & Strut NAME OF WORK :BAIKI/TUKAR KABEL DSIDE ROSAKPTT/Zone :KELANTAN SELATAN15100914S/I COPPER STRIP IN NORMAL SOIL OR IN GRASSM28.0033.60'=IF(A27="","",LOOKUP(A27,AU9:AV1157))Actual Completion Date :27/May/152. Drop Wire Tensioning & AccessoriesLOCATION :JALAN KUARI BUKIT BULOH*RATING (1-3)Exchange:MACHANG16100915S/I EARTH CHAMBER IN GRASS OR CONCRETEEA105.00126.00'=IF(A28="","",LOOKUP(A28,AU10:AV1158))=OR(EXACT(B2, A2:A4))3. OH Cable Tensioning / Termination1: Not submitted, 2: Submitted but partially complete, 3: Submitted and complete or NACabinet No :MAG_010_DP No:017100916CONCRETE HACKING ON MANHOLE COVEREA75.3390.40'=IF(BC23=FALSE,BE23,IF(BC23="ID SAMA",""))301130ERECT AERIAL IB CABLE 50PR 0.5mmNOPlant Unit IDDescriptionUnitPriceQuantityTotal (RM)No. Material No.Material DescriptionQuantity RequiredIssued UnitNo. Material No.Material DescriptionQuantity Return4. Cable Jointing / Pair Testing ResultThe above have been tested and found to comply with Telekom Malaysia Berhad NoAPPENDIX IN SLADESCRIPTIONRATING*18100917RETENSIONING EXISTING STAY WIREEA12.8015.36'=OR(EXACT(A20, A21:A35))FILTERM0.77414301130ERECT AERIAL IB CABLE 50PR 0.5mmM0.7710077.00115. UG Cable PullingWork Specifications.1Appendix III-3Work Order surveyPlanned Survey Date:5/May/15191010001 WAY PVC DUCT W/O CON IN GRASS 1220mmM6.047.25301130ERECT AERIAL IB CABLE 50PR 0.5mmM0.7777678401210TERM IB CABLE ON DEAD END IRON POLEEA18.008144.00226. Condition of Manhole & Ducting2Appendix III-4Work Order InstructionSurvey Completion Date :201010102 WAY PVC DUCT W/O CON IN GRASS 1220mmM8.099.71FALSEFALSE401210TERM IB CABLE ON DEAD END IRON POLEEA18144415301140ERECT AERIAL IB CABLE 30PR 0.5mmM0.7010070.00337. Condition of Cable RouteCERTIFIED BY :3Appendix III-5Work Order Completion211010204 WAY PVC DUCT W/O CON IN GRASS 1530mmM12.3614.83FALSEFALSE301140ERECT AERIAL IB CABLE 30PR 0.5mmM0.770905503121STR JT PLA CABLE PEUT 30PR FOR ALL GAUGEEA73.922147.84448. Condition of DP/ Cabinet & Locked4Appendix III-8Quality Checklist221010306 WAY PVC DUCT W/O CON IN GRASS 1530mmM15.5318.64FALSEFALSE503121STR JT PLA CABLE PEUT 30PR FOR ALL GAUGEEA73.92147.84904503111STR JT PLA CABLE PEUT 50PR FOR ALL GAUGEEA81.572163.14559. Condition of Termination Block5Appendix III-9Acceptance Test Certificate231011001 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 1220mmM14.4317.32FALSEFALSE503111STR JT PLA CABLE PEUT 50PR FOR ALL GAUGEEA81.57163.141108901020CUTTING OF BRANCHESTRE27.338218.646610. Condition of Jumper Wire6Material Settlement Report (MLRN)241011102 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 1220mmM18.2021.84FALSEFALSE901020CUTTING OF BRANCHESTRE27.33218.641109901021CUTTING OF CREEPERS BY POLEPOL6.83640.9877Average rating =(Testing officer/RNO Supervisor )7Appendix III-6District Store Requesition Form (DSR)251011204 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 1530mmM27.8233.38FALSEFALSE901021CUTTING OF CREEPERS BY POLEPOL6.8340.981124901104TENSIONING OF EXISTING O/HEAD CABLE 30PM0.70150105.00Quality Check on Work at Site(average rating)/ 3x0.15) =Date :8Material Return Form or ML_RM_11261011306 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 1530mmM36.1443.37FALSEFALSE901104TENSIONING OF EXISTING O/HEAD CABLE 30PM0.71051125901105TENSIONING OF EXISTING O/HEAD CABLE 50PM0.70150105.00Requested by : Issued By RNO SupervisorReturn By : Received By RNO Supervisor9Invoice271011408 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 1680mmM39.4147.29FALSEFALSE901105TENSIONING OF EXISTING O/HEAD CABLE 50PM0.71051128901108TENSIONING OF EXISTING O/HEAD OFCM1.05150157.5010Extension of Time Approval281011509 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 1680mmM42.1850.62FALSEFALSE901108TENSIONING OF EXISTING O/HEAD OFCM1.05157.53100902EXTEND EXISTING IRON/CON POLEEA60.004240.00SignatureSignatureSignature :_______________________Signature:_____________________Contractor'sInspected by RNO/BSQM11Test Result2910116012 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 1680mmM50.1460.17FALSEFALSE100902EXTEND EXISTING IRON/CON POLEEA602401147905405REC AERIAL IB CABLE 50PRM0.9110091.00NameName :Name : _______________________Name : _______________________Representattive :Supervisor:APPROVED BY :12Photo before(3pcs) and after (3pcs)3010117016 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 1830mmM60.7272.86FALSEFALSE905405REC AERIAL IB CABLE 50PRM0.91911146905403REC AERIAL IB CABLE 30PRM0.8710087.00I/C No.Designation :I/C No : ______________________Designation :___________________13As Built / Red Mark in Straight Line Drawing (SLD)ContractorRNO Supervisor3110118020 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 1830mmM71.4385.72FALSEFALSE905403REC AERIAL IB CABLE 30PRM0.8787Date :DateDate : ______________________Date: _________________________NameName14CPAS pair changes3210119024 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 1980mmM77.6393.16FALSEFALSEContractor Stamp :Contractor Stamp :Average rating =Signature:Signature:3310120030 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 1980mmM91.97110.36TRUEID SAMASignatureSignature(RNO Head/Executive )Documentation Submission Performance:(Average Rating)/3 x100% =Name:Name:3410121036 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 2130mmM105.89127.07TRUEID SAMATotal Amount (RM)1647.10Date : 3510122042 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 2290mmM120.97145.16Date:Date:3610123048 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GRASS 2440mmM134.47161.36ContractorRNO SupervisorRNO ExecutivePrepaired by :3710123460 WAY PVC DUCT CON IN GR 2740mmM164.13196.96Date :381012401 W PVC DCT W/O CON BF SAND IN GR 1220mmM13.9816.78391012422 W PVC DCT W/O CON BF SAND IN GR 1220mmM18.1021.72Signature :Signature :Signature :*Please delete if not applicable401012444 W PVC DCT W/O CON BF SAND IN GR 1530mmM24.3929.27Name : __________________________Name :__________________Name :______________________411012466 W PVC DCT W/O CON BF SAND IN GR 1530mmM25.3330.40Date : __________________________Date : __________________Date : ______________________421012681 WAY PVC C