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  1. 1. SMK GELANG PATAH 1 Guru 1 Kajian Tindakan Topic : 6 Steps scaffolding approach to teaching writing Name : YOUGARANI A/P SUPPIAH IC No : 820121-05-5352 Subject : Bahasa Inggeris
  2. 2. A. Maklumat daripada Buku Rekod Mengajar / e-Rekod Tarikh : 21.06.2015 Waktu : 12.30 -1.50 Tingkatan / Kelas : 3RK2 Tajuk PdP : Writing Objektif PdP : Refleksi PdP (salin daripada BRM / e-Rekod) 15/22 students were able to write a speech. 7 students were not able to write a speech. These 7 students were not able to write essay because they do not have enough ideas. The students are also weak in vocabulary related to the topic. LEARNING OBJECTIVES : 2.3 a. Write a speech about how to take care of our health SUCCESS CRITERIA : 1. Brainstorm for ideas and outline ideas into paragraphs 2. Applying process writing skills
  3. 3. B. Pelaksanaan tindakan yang saya jalankan ialah : Scaffolding to teach writing Step 1 I used the circle map to let students write all words related to the topic healthy mind and body. Students were also provided with dictionary to search for words related to the topic. Step 2 The students were then asked to choose 3 main ideas related to the topic. Step 3 The students were then asked to outline ideas into paragraphs. Paragraph 1 - Introduction Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Content Paragraph 4 Paragraph 5 - Conclusion Step 4 The students must use 5W1H technique to elaborate the ideas. Step 5 Students have to think of suitable idioms, proverbs, sayings or quotes related to the topic. For example an apple a day, keeps the doctor away, health is wealth, prevention is better than cure Step 6 Students write the essay on the topic healthy mind and body
  4. 4. C. Hasil pelaksanaan tindakan ini ialah :
  5. 5. Form this action research, the students have been able to write an essay on the topic given using the 6 steps scaffolding approach. The students were more confident to write after using the approach. The activity was carried out during the teaching and learning period. However, 3 students were still reluctant to write because they do not have enough vocabulary. Continuous writing will be given to help them master the writing technique.